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Best fluid head for Muddy camera arm...?



Messages posted to thread:
IowaBowGuy 12-Mar-09
dillkill 12-Mar-09
HeadHunter®........ 12-Mar-09
IowaBowGuy 12-Mar-09
IowaBowGuy 15-Mar-09
Africanbowhunter 15-Mar-09
HeadHunter®........ 15-Mar-09
Kansas Native 16-Mar-09
Iowa bound 16-Mar-09
IowaBowGuy 16-Mar-09

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From: IowaBowGuy Date: 12-Mar-09
I'm currently using a Canon HV20 video camera but plan to upgrade to an XHA1 sometime in the future. What fluid head would you recommend for that set-up?


From: dillkill Date: 12-Mar-09
Bogen 501.

From: HeadHunter®........ Date: 12-Mar-09
Stupid Question...What's a Fluid Head and also a Muddy camera arm ? and what does IT do?

From: IowaBowGuy Date: 12-Mar-09

IowaBowGuy's Supporting Link

Muddy camera arm. Watch the video.

From: IowaBowGuy Date: 15-Mar-09
Anyone have experience with the MANFROTTO 128RC? Looks to be a bit lighter in the backpack and on the wallet.

From: Africanbowhunter Date: 15-Mar-09

Africanbowhunter's Supporting Link

What does Muddy run? Thanks Looks good


From: HeadHunter®........ Date: 15-Mar-09
WHY is it called a 'fluid head' there a fluid in this product ?? like a shock absorber would have?

I have 2 different types of Camera Arms is by Stag Horn out of Indiana (no longer in production since the owner passed away) and another I have (can't think of the name of it off hand) even better than The Stag Horn Company one! It has CORK pads and bushings in it and it 'creeeeeks' sometimes!

Thank's for the info!

From: Kansas Native Date: 16-Mar-09
Bogen 501 or 503. They call it a fluid head because it makes fluid movements.

From: Iowa bound Date: 16-Mar-09
I have the 701HDV head on my, 3rd arm, camera arm works great and is smooth. Looked at the muddy arms at the Eastern Sportsmans Show. Only thing I did not like about this arm was the fact the arms were not very long. You could extend it yourself probably with a piece of aluminum stock, but for the money ($229) it appeared to be a good arm and light weight too. Arms can be pricey for the good ones. I've seen the arms go anywhere from $120 to $850 and that is without a good fluid head. I am looking at the muddy arm for this year as my "3rd arm" is too heavy for self filmed hunts.

From: IowaBowGuy Date: 16-Mar-09
Thanks. I considered the Hunter Cam Cradle but it just seems too heavy and cumbersome when compared to the Muddy unit. Size and weight are important and after looking at all of them the Muddy was closest to what I was looking for. It will handle the XHA1 I'm eyeing up too!

As for the fluid head the Monfrotto 128RC is able to handle 8.8 lbs. and it's pretty light weight. I doubt the XHA1 will weigh more than that even loaded down with an external shotgun mic. I'm going to try it if I can get a good deal on a used one.

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Subject: RE: Best fluid head for Muddy camera arm...?

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