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From: Caribou
Years ago when Fred Bear was inviting bear dealers to come to grousehaven and spend some time with him and hunt, I purchased one of his limited edetion bows from him. He told me he planed on makeing 1000, but he died befor he made less than 160. I have never taken the bow out of the box and have kept it in the back of a closet. I had forgetten aboust it, until I started looking for something. I think the bow is 153 or so, but do not want to take it out of the box to look. I told my son that it could become vauable in the future. Have any of you seen one of these bow sell and how much did it sell for. The bow brings back great memories of my time with Mr. Bear and his camp Grousehaven. Thanks for any information you could give me.

From: bowdoc
somewhere between $2,500.00-$5,000.00 pending on who's buying that day.bowdoc

From: Jeeper
Caribou....I'm not sure whay you don't want to take it out of the box (not to shoot it, just to look at it)?

From: Kurve
if i were in fred's shoes, i'd be sad that you (or someone else) wasn't shooting and enjoying it.

From: Bush Pilot
If you what to know what it is worth contact Mr Dick Mauch in Bassett Nebr. I saw him last week and he has one.He was a Bear Dealer.He did a lot of hunting with Mr. Bear.

From: bowdoc
if you shoot that bow the value will be half of what they are actually worth.The top value of the bow is around 5,000.00 the low side maybe 2,000.00.What ever you do decide to do.You may want to avoid handling the gold plated sockets to much our at least make sure and wipe them clean after handling as those will tarnish real fast from the acid on our hands from sweat.bowdoc

From: Caribou
Thank you for the information, as for shooting it I think Fred did not intend the bow to be used. For you guys who have not seen how beautiful they are would understand why I do not handle it. I also have several that are takdowns he signed for me that I also have not strung. Just knowing that he gave them to me is good enough for me to remember him by. He started me bow hunting using a bear cub back around the early 50s and have had a great hunting life. Thank you Fred Bear were ever you are.

"Caribou"...Richard, your a lucky man indeed!...and a Good Friend too!

A several years back I was bidding on one, #5 I think, at a Pope & Young Club Convention live auction! I stopped around $3,500 (when I had some money) and 2 guys batteled it out went for $10,000!

That bow, the story was Fred gave it to one of his business associates....(which he did with many of them) was in a Presentation Case and very beautiful.........anyway, the man he gave it to, later on that mans son was in a bad car accident and needed extensive dental a friend of his bought it from him to help him with the dental costs(he wasn't a bow hunter) and he just stored it away in a closet!....forgoten thru time....after his death his wife found it in the closet and inquired about what to do with it from some other people. They advised her to donate it to The Pope & Young Club for Auction at their further promote Archery and Bow Hunting! that is what she did! (story as I know it anyway)

Glenn Hisey at The Pope & Young Club, or Glenn or sons Jay or Joe St.Charles, or Wade Phillips in Nebraska, can all give you a idea on VALUE....if that is trully what you are looking for!....The Pope & Young Club MUSEUM in Chatfield, Minnesota may be interested in it (possibly) but since they have all The Glenn St.Charles Collection they probably have one or 2 there already! a Tax Write could be donated? If you choose to do that!

Or you can sell it to a Private Collector and pocket the money (don't invest money----it'd be Buy GOLD!

Richard, you know as well as I, there are just some things money can't buy! A Treasure to You...may be a Treasure to someone else! Money just can't replace a Treasure! (some are just interested in the 'turn around' money value/profit).

You have many fine memories Richard and I do envy you for that! I think (tell me if I'm wrong) Fred would be 105 were fortunate to have spent some quality time with Fred hunting and able to have a business relationship with him also.....I kick myself even today for not taking the time to meet 'The Man' and talk to him. We crossed paths several times and I just never did....I regret all of that now! His son-n-law passed away a few years ago....I was planning on spending some time talking to Charlie about Fred and The Old Days....but he passed before we could meet again!....."The Good Old Days" are slipping by us all! We lived the Good Years I think Richard!

Good Luck on your venture....but I would call a few of them I listed above. Dick Mauch (you probably already know) was a good friend of Fred's and him and Carol got married in Fred's office down in Florida with Fred as Witness/Best Man! Dick is in Nebraska also! (Corn Huskers Bowstrings was their company and made strings for Bear Archery). Fred hunted at Dick and Carol's Ranch quite a few times also there in Nebraska. Bill Krenz, was the Manager at Bear Archery after Fred passed away owns and runs INSIDE ARCHERY Magazine....he'd probably know a PRICE/VALUE and/or a buyer!

I wish you well my friend! Spring is here so get out and enjoy life!.........Herm-}}}}}}}----------->

From: bigguy
They are a work of art. I have one as well, never been shot, but I do open the case on occasion just to take a look! Someday I will sell mine and use the proceeds to go on a special hunt, which will then become my memory of Fred Bear hunt.

I remember someone that knew Fred well telling me Fred examined/inspected each and every signature bow as it was done! (Quality Control)....if he found a flaw in any was scrapped and a new part made (limb, riser...whatever) All hand inspected by Fred himself!

Here's a little know fact (some might dispute...but true I think as was told to me by someone close to Fred)....Fred had a 'few people' at The Plant....hand picked by do his signature on items also! So Fred wasn't the only one signing Fred Bear on ALL the bear items....but Fred did sign these bows HIMSELF!

Fred Eichler worked at Bear Archery in Florida too, I bet he could tell some stories even though he's a young'n! Bill Krenz told me when he went to run Bear Archery sometime after Fred passed away, there were all kinds of Bear Memorabalia laying around the plant....some used for door stoppers and such....he salvaged a lot of those items for prosperity in the name of Fred Bear Archery! Also, after Fred passed away, his office was left AS WAS....and locked, just the way Fred Left Everything in it! We were invited to come down to Florida and the office was going to be opened for share in 'The Spirit' kind of...we never got to make that trip!

Escalade Sports out of Evansville,Indiana (old Indian Archery and then X-I Archery...and now Bear Archery Headquarters) and I doubt Escalade Sports knows much of The Fred Bear History and incidentals....Things change...and life goes on....but not always for the better!

Like Bass Pro buying and owning Fred Bears Mounts/Museum!....I think that is a down right shame.....jmho! I wish Cabela's would of bought them!

back up top.......

From: stagetek
Caribou, You are a "very" lucky man !

From: Caribou
Thanks Herm I can assure you that I would never sell this bow. I personally paid Mr. Bear for the bow befor it was made and he understood that it would always be a treasue of my time spent with him. I just wanted my son to understand the value and to always understand what it ment to me. When you were lucky enough to be invited to his camp each day after dinner he would break out the movie projector and relive his hunts for us. I think it gave him great pleasure in doing this, because he always seemed to get younger as the shows progressed. I also want the thank Henry Fulmer who worked for Bear and made this trip happen. He also arranged for my brother to go the next year. So Henry all the storys you told me about hunting with mr Bear made my hunting life a whole lot better. Thank you

From: wahoo
Man your a lucky man . If I had that thing I would shoot the Hell out of it. Congrats.

From: Burwell
My dad was offered a new truck back in 2000 or so at the Oklahoma gun show.

He did not take the offer, and we still have it today. They are worth lots of money. Great bow.

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