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Where is location of the TURKEY FRIES?
Contributors to this thread:
Elk Hollow 09-Apr-09
OT Man 09-Apr-09
Elk Hollow 09-Apr-09
Bowman_No4 09-Apr-09
IA-Booner 10-Apr-09
Crooket Arrow 11-Apr-09
From: Elk Hollow
We had a fish and turkey fry at work today and someone mentioned eating turkey fries (testicles).

I've cleaned many a turkey but do not know where the "fries" are located.

Can someone here on Bowsite tell me the location?

Also how many of you turkey hunters eat the "fries"?

Are they anything like "Mountain oysters"? Of which I really do enjoy.

From: OT Man
Someone tried to describe turkey fries to me, and they said they were located internally, under the wing, and about 3" long.

Sounds more like turkey gizzards to me.

I love gizzards, though. I ain't opposed to eating diffrent kinds of animals balls, but if I had my choice, on what cut of meat to take off a bird, I'll take the breast or gizzards.

From: Elk Hollow
Well one of the guys at work actually did say that he had heard they were located under the wing. He does'nt hunt and I thought he was just "BS ing" so I did'nt mention it in the original thread. It would be funny if he was right.

From: Bowman_No4
I used to get "Bull Fries" in a bar in Colorado and they were awesome! Turkeys do not have the same kind of "fries". It is a muscle next to the gizzard that helps move the gizzard against the crop. Not enough to really mess with if you ask me. More trouble than it is worth to access and remove.

From: IA-Booner
They do exist! Are very rich and are unreal deep fried! We have a turkey processing plant here and they sell them in 10# boxes!! Thats a bunch of turkey fries!! They are also exspensive!!!

Turkeys do have fries,under the wing is kinda right.It is a mussel related to the gizzart.I knew and old guy that used all his gobblers every year. I've seen how many comes from a gobbler.It take a couple of seasons for an exra large.

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