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Hunting in Japan?



Messages posted to thread:
Bushman45269 24-Apr-09
The Old Sarge 24-Apr-09
Gunny 24-Apr-09
chip 24-Apr-09
Gunny 24-Apr-09
chip 24-Apr-09
Thunderflight 24-Apr-09
Gunny 24-Apr-09
tonyo6302 24-Apr-09
whitetailer 24-Apr-09
Medicine Bow 24-Apr-09
Africanbowhunter 25-Apr-09
IowaBowGuy 25-Apr-09
tonyo6302 25-Apr-09
greatwhiteelkhunter 29-Apr-09
Kayama Yasaemon 01-May-09
Kayama Yasaemon 01-May-09
fen tiger 01-May-09
tonyo6302 01-May-09
greatwhiteelkhunter 01-May-09
fen tiger 02-May-09
Yabanjin 22-Nov-10
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Chip T. 07-Dec-10
The Old Sarge 07-Dec-10
Haigsaide73 02-Aug-16
fubar racin 02-Aug-16

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From: Bushman45269 Date: 24-Apr-09
I heard in Okinawa there's bowhunting but you're also allowed to use a shotgun. Any other game on that island besides wild boar.

From: The Old Sarge Date: 24-Apr-09
I was stationed on Okinawa for 4 1/2 years ('86-'91) and never once heard of any legal hunting. The only way you could even possess, let alone use, a shotgun was through a system of permits, either through the Japanese authorities or the US military if you were a GI. The Japanese government is VERY strict on weapons of any kind. I'm pretty sure archery equipment would be treated as weapons and that the permitting process would also apply.

Everyone I knew that did any hunting while on Okinawa, besides trips back to the states, were some that hunted pheasants in Korea ... most often Cheju-do Island. I'm not saying there is no hunting on Okinawa. However, in 4 years of asking, I never found any.

Are you in the military? Which branch?

The Old Sarge

From: Gunny Date: 24-Apr-09
I was last stationed in Oki ’99-01. I brought my bow back on the plane my first trip home on leave. That was before 9/11, not sure if you can bring it over on the plane now. But I know you can TMO or mail it. There is an archery club on Kadena that has a shoot damn near every weekend. Check out the Okinawa Archery club website. I’m sure they could steer you in the right direction . I know they do some bow fishing on Oki. There are wild pig there, but I am not sure on the hunting regulations.

From: chip Date: 24-Apr-09
Spent 79-80 as an MP stationed in Sukiran. Bought a Franchi 12 guage which I kept in the ammo room and would take it out down by the beach south of Kadena and shoot some type of rail birds. There was some type of boar hunting back then but I am assuming things have changed over the years.

From: Gunny Date: 24-Apr-09
My first tour was in 84, and I seem to remember a pawn shop outside the Camp Foster gate (Kitame gate), that sold guns. That was before I got married and there was only two things on my mind at that time. A buddy of mine retired over there. I sent him an email asking about the hunting. He does alot of scuba diving and deep sea fishing. Okinawa has some of the most beautiful snorkling in the world. I think even prettier than Hawaii.

From: chip Date: 24-Apr-09
When I was a youngster I made a model of a B-52 and always remembered the real high tail. Arrived at Kadena and first thing that caught my eye where the B-52's and the SR-70 spy plane. Will never forget the daily B-52 runs to Nam.

From: Thunderflight Date: 24-Apr-09
I know in Iwakuni you can hunt boar and sika deer, but it's gun only.

From: Gunny Date: 24-Apr-09
Just had my buddy return my email. He was no help, all he kept talking about was "two legged Dears". He said in the summer time they "yard up" on the beach, and are easy pickin's.

I'm assuming you will be stationed there soon? If so take your bow, at least you can hang out with fellow archers, and keep your skills sharp. Also, Kadena is a great place to take a MAC flight to other countries where you can hunt different animals. Take advantage of that while your over there.

From: tonyo6302 Date: 24-Apr-09
My last trip to Iwakuni Japan, mainland (Honshu), was in 1994. Back then, being Military, you had to have 2 or 3 year orders to even qualify for a hunting license and gun permit. ( Status of Forces Agreement "SOFA" applied for Military Personnel ) Six month Unit Deployment orders did not count. You could only possess a shotgun, as no rifles were allowed. I was also told it took over a year to get a gun permit.

I am totally unaware of what rules and laws apply to private american citizens who wish to hunt in Japan.

The Marines I spoke to who were able to qualify for hunting and gun permits told me it was real restrictive. You HAD to find and keep each expended round you fired out of your shotgun. The Japanese Police could, and would, arrive without notice at any time of day or night to check your weapon and inventory your ammunition and spent rounds. You had to account for both. I was also told back then no bowhunting allowed, so I never asked if you even needed a permit for a bow.

The good news was that in and around Iwakuni, the landowners welcomed deer hunters, so land access was no problem.

Waterfowl hunting was great. Lots of em, and no hunting pressure.

Largemouth Bass fishing on the mainland was also great back then. Gen MacAuther was an avid bass fisherman, and when he supervised the Marshall Plan back in the 1940's, he stocked just about every pond and stream on the mainland with Florida Strain Largemouth Bass. You don't even need a fishing license. At that time, 1994, the Japanese considered Bass as trash fish, so the pressure on the bass was non-existant. However, Bass Fishing Tournaments were just starting to catch on.

My experinence was from a long time ago, but I hope it helps you. I can only "assume" mainland and Okinawa are simular in laws and regulations.

I suggest you contact the Japanese Embassy for the current laws and permits required for both hunting and gun permits. Military Administration offices may not be the best source for such information.


From: whitetailer Date: 24-Apr-09
In 1970 our air crew was at Kadena. Went to the "Cosa Castle hotel". When I left, I said all that for 10.00..... My AC said, you are a "cherry" we all paid 3.50............. ha ha ha

We picked up alot at Guam, I know they hunted pigs there.... Anderson AFB......

" Never get out of the boat"

From: Medicine Bow Date: 24-Apr-09
Funny this should come up. I just returned from Japan a couple hours ago. As far as I can tell there is no hunting in Japan. If there is, it's not well publicized.

From: Africanbowhunter Date: 25-Apr-09

Africanbowhunter's embedded Photo

Africanbowhunter's Supporting Link

There is a lo of Sika deer hunting in Japanhaddako island Prov- they are actually having an over population of sika deer due to BS on gun permits

bowhunting is legal too. very difficult but legal

Tink Nathan

From: IowaBowGuy Date: 25-Apr-09
I was there in '90 and '91. A friend of mine had his folks send over his compound which he kept in his barracks and used strictly for target shooting. In my 18 months on the rock I never heard a peep of any legal hunting allowed on the island.

While I was there I did see this old bird stick a banana.....oh never mind! 8^)

From: tonyo6302 Date: 25-Apr-09
People have mentioned Guam, so I will pipe in on this too.

My company sent me to Guam in December 2006. I looked around the island and finally talked to some Air Force security personnel at Anderson AFB. The pig hunting there is mainly on the Air Base there, and is open only to Active Duty and Retired Military personnel for the most part. The pig hunting there is great with high hunter success.

They also have Rusa Deer there, but they are extremely hard to hunt, so I am told.

No permits needed to bring in a bow, but you must register all firearms brought into Guam.

To get a hunting license on Guam, you must attend a hunter safety course given only at the University there.

I had a contact that would let me fedex my bow if I ever got back there, but alas, he has transfered.

Going to Guam commercial is not cheap. Try catching a Mac flight if eligible.

The fishing at Guam, Tinian, and Saipan is just unbelievable.


From: greatwhiteelkhunter Date: 29-Apr-09
I'm currently station on Okinawa. I'm a member of the rod and gun club and participate in gun sales events for the club BUT I can tell you forget about hunting!!! Never happen! Except for going back to Colorado to elk hunt, these days I hunt Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, marlin.........

Everything all the others said is true. The government here will not let you hunt.

Even the gun sales events here are very strictly controlled and we have to have a government vehicle to transport our guns no POV's. If your coming enjoy the island, kill TONS of fish but forget about hunting.....



From: Kayama Yasaemon Date: 01-May-09

Kayama Yasaemon's Supporting Link

Actually, you can hunt certain animals in Japan (Swine, ravens, deer), but I think in Okinawa you cannot. However, on Honshu hunting is certainly legal. Unfortunately, it is very expensive to get a firearms license, and a shotgun will cost about 3000 US dollars. Rifles are more expensive. If you would like a firearms permit, you should ask the local police about how to procure one. I do not think that your military officers will know how, so you should ask the police instead.

500 yen bounty for ravens! Profit!

From: Kayama Yasaemon Date: 01-May-09

Kayama Yasaemon's Supporting Link

Actually, you can hunt certain animals in Japan (Swine, ravens, deer), but I think in Okinawa you cannot. However, on Honshu hunting is certainly legal. Unfortunately, it is very expensive to get a firearms license, and a shotgun will cost about 3000 US dollars. Rifles are more expensive. If you would like a firearms permit, you should ask the local police about how to procure one. I do not think that your military officers will know how, so you should ask the police instead.

500 yen bounty for ravens! Profit!

From: fen tiger Date: 01-May-09

Have lost an article that mentioned that the number of hunters left in Japan is around 250,000?.

As Tink noted crop depredation by critters in some areas is causing serious financial losses, and that deer hunters were very welcome. I am looking for a bowhunt on Hokkaido or? any help would be appreciated. Link to the expanding deer population and harvest numbers.

From: tonyo6302 Date: 01-May-09
fen tiger,

If I were going to set up a hunt, I would try to get on Miyajima Island, which I think is in between Hiroshima and Iwakuni on the east coast of Honshu.

I have been there, but not since 1994.

The axis deer on that Island are really really thick.


From: greatwhiteelkhunter Date: 01-May-09
You may ge to hunt on the mainland or other islands but again forget about Oki.

I participate in 2 gun sales events a year here with the rod and gun club. A firearms dealer comes from mainland to Oki and we buy from him. LOTS of shotguns and GREAT prices!! I have bought 4 guns so far 2 over and unders and 2 side by side 12 GA and have not spent more than 145 bucks per gun yet!!

Most are Japanese brands but I’m seeing more and more American models and of course Italian and Spanish models as well. Bottom line if your coming here to Oki I can hook you up with some GREAT guns sales, the way to legally mail then home, some AWASOME fishing at greatly discounted prices (100 bucks per full day charter) but forget about hunting here…..


From: fen tiger Date: 02-May-09
Tony, thank you

From: Yabanjin Date: 22-Nov-10

Yabanjin's embedded Photo

Hey! from mainland Japan! I posted a lot of info about hunting in Japan on my BLOG.. There is hunting in Japan! I just started my 8th year with both a Japanese Hunting License and a Japanese Firearms license. Unfortunastley, there is not bow hunting. I hope the info on my BLOG is helpful! See you in the woods! Yabanjin

From: tonyo6302 Date: 22-Nov-10
Nice Boar !

Hey, anyone heard from fen tiger lately ?

From: soldierbowman2 Date: 22-Nov-10
I heard they have a good dolphin season.

From: Two Feathers Date: 23-Nov-10
When I was in Oki I hunted lobster with scuba.

From: kloppasaursrex Date: 07-Dec-10
I am about to move to Okinawa. I would like to take my bow. Are there any regulations I need to be aware of to take my bow with me and keep it on base? Any help would be great.

From: Charlie Rehor Date: 07-Dec-10
Today is the anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack. Ironic that this thread poped up today! I'm just sayin! C

From: Chip T. Date: 07-Dec-10
klop- I spent 18 months on OKI, 68-70 as a MP in Sukiran. I bought a few guns and had to keep them locked in the arms room. Don't know about bows but you could try contacting the MP office on the base you are on now and see if they could get you the info.

From: The Old Sarge Date: 07-Dec-10
klop, it also depends on what branch of the military you're in. Japan has its own rules, but so do installation commanders. Kadena Air Base is not likely to have the same rules/restrictions as Camp Butler, etc., but they all have to abide by Japanese restrictions. Most bases are MORE strict than Japanese law.

Check with whoever is sending your hold baggage/household goods ... TMO, etc.

From: Haigsaide73 Date: 02-Aug-16
Hey Folks, 3rd time to OK and love it. My son is here with his wife and grandchildren so the hotel fees are . I've heard about the Rod n Gun club as well as Ski and Axis on the northern islands but I've had it re affirmed many times now that hunting anything with wings or legs is impossible to do. Regardless, spear and may be one hell of a hunt. A shout out to all the patriots who frequent this site.

From: fubar racin Date: 02-Aug-16
My brother is a marine on Okinawa he had to leave his weapons bows included with me when he left. Only (hunting) he can do is spear fishing.

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