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Big Mule Deer



Messages posted to thread:
hook&cook 09-Jun-09
'Ike' 09-Jun-09
Gray Ghost 09-Jun-09
Watts 09-Jun-09
Ki-Ke 09-Jun-09
Charlie Rehor 09-Jun-09
Gray Ghost 09-Jun-09
Watts 09-Jun-09
G.R. 10-Jun-09
The Old Sarge 10-Jun-09
Bronc@work 10-Jun-09
Ki-Ke 10-Jun-09
hook&cook 10-Jun-09
elkcalln8 10-Jun-09
elkcrzy1 10-Jun-09
SkipDogg 10-Jun-09
G.R. 11-Jun-09
hook&cook 12-Jun-09
greatwhiteelkhunter 12-Jun-09
jay 12-Jun-09
greatwhiteelkhunter 12-Jun-09
SkipDogg 12-Jun-09
desertbucks 13-Jun-09
elkcrzy1 13-Jun-09
SkipDogg 14-Jun-09
mkmgbble 14-Jun-09
mkmgbble 14-Jun-09
Jaquomo_feral 15-Jun-09

Huge CO muley
by TheSaint

South Dakota archery mule deer
by Dakota

South Dakota archery mule deer
by Dakota

South Dakota archery mule deer
by Dakota

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From: hook&cook Date: 09-Jun-09
Which and where do you go to find sure enough big mule deer?

From: 'Ike' Date: 09-Jun-09
You looking for states or pictures?

From: Gray Ghost Date: 09-Jun-09
My back yard.


From: Watts Date: 09-Jun-09

Let's see, Mapquest to Mark Teter in Colorado.........and, Bingo! Cool, know where I'm hunting this fall! :^)

From: Ki-Ke Date: 09-Jun-09

You go to "Mark" Teter's, I'm going to "Matt" Teter's. I bet I'll kill a bigger buck than you......

From: Charlie Rehor Date: 09-Jun-09
Geez, I thought I was already booked 1x1 Mulie hunt at Matts!LOL! C

From: Gray Ghost Date: 09-Jun-09
Beware of the dogs fellas. They're rather protective.



From: Watts Date: 09-Jun-09
Ki-Ke, HAAA! You'd probably kill a bigger buck than me if you were to go to downtown Los Angeles! I suck!!!! ;^)

Dogs? They're kind of like deer.

From: G.R. Date: 10-Jun-09

G.R.'s embedded Photo

Hook & Cook ,

I could help you out here in south eastern Alberta!!

Bowsite sponsor and I only have a couple of hunts left for 2009 .

Graham Brigden Outfitting 403-893-2147

From: The Old Sarge Date: 10-Jun-09
"... sure enough big mule deer?"

There're big racks and then there're big bodies. Course there's deer with both also. Around the area I hunt in Idaho there are some real monsters body-wise but only a few true record book racks. Most of the places in Idaho with the really big racks tend to have fewer total deer and tend to be on the remote, remote, remote side. Some of the best hunting in Idaho for big racks is draw only.

The Old Sarge

From: Bronc@work Date: 10-Jun-09
Big mule deer are tough to find any time. I love to scout but they must get their proclamation in the mail just like the rest of us. Huge buck here one day and gone the next.

From: Ki-Ke Date: 10-Jun-09

That's just wrong! You invite us to hunt big suburban Mulies in your AO then threaten to sic the dogs on us??!!

No love, no love.

From: hook&cook Date: 10-Jun-09
My question should have been more clear. Where would you go to hunt mule deer with big horns? I am sure there are pockets of deer around and plenty of outfitters claiming big deer. Is there some places that consistantly produce big mule deer?

From: elkcalln8 Date: 10-Jun-09
time gets you a big buck. lots of time

From: elkcrzy1 Date: 10-Jun-09
Yeah Alberta like he said, Colorado too. Check Boone & Crockett website that will tell you where they are coming from and even the counties.

From: SkipDogg Date: 10-Jun-09

SkipDogg's embedded Photo

Colorado for is my unit 61 buck

From: G.R. Date: 11-Jun-09
well , if your talking about places that "consistently" produce quality deer, you don't want a place that produces a whole whack of 120-150 bucks and 5 or 6 bucks scoring 190 plus. You want a place where the average would be in the 170 range or better. Not sure if this came out right but I think you can understand.

From: hook&cook Date: 12-Jun-09
What I do know is that you can hunt alot of hours, days and years, but if the deer are not there you are not going to get a chance at a good deer. And that applies everywhere. Most of you already know this, but when you hunt out of state, that first hunt is more of an investment in a particular unit/area. Then if your lucky enough to draw that same unit again, the hunt is much different, your now hunting instead of scouting around. The advice about BC is very helpful, thanks elkcrzy1, because I didn't even think about that. Last year, my hunting buddy and I drew Unit 15, New Mexico (elk). Tremendous unit and I would be happy to share what I saw and learned about that unit. Like alot of you I am waiting on the draw results to go back to unit 15 for that different hunt. Funny how tight lipped we fellow bowhunters are about states and units that hold quality animals. I have bow hunted out of state (Colorado/New Mexico) for five years and have yet to see another hunter while hunting, except driving on a road.

From: greatwhiteelkhunter Date: 12-Jun-09

greatwhiteelkhunter's embedded Photo

Colorado!!! This buck was a public land DIY hunt I did in 2007. We saw 3 bucks this size and took this one. Gross 202 6/8. My money is on Colorado every time now that I see the kinds of bucks we do.

From: jay Date: 12-Jun-09

From: greatwhiteelkhunter Date: 12-Jun-09

greatwhiteelkhunter's embedded Photo

Here is a picture of the mount :) and my daughter. Drew another buck tag for this year :) guess where I'm going?

From: SkipDogg Date: 12-Jun-09

SkipDogg's embedded Photo

Again, Colorado kicks is the other side of my wall.

From: desertbucks Date: 13-Jun-09
AZ Kaibab or the strip has good solid bucks.

From: elkcrzy1 Date: 13-Jun-09
Theres a book out called "colorados biggest bucks and bulls" by Jack and Susan Reneau. Great stories, tells the counties and in some cases the place of the kill, check it out. Kansas DOW website has a list of B&C deer killed and counties. Other states probably have something similar, do a search on it maybe ? Gary

From: SkipDogg Date: 14-Jun-09

SkipDogg's embedded Photo

elkcrzy1's right...I've read the book. Lots of bucks on the western slope are in it. The "Black Canyon Monument" has more record scoring bucks than any where in the state. Problem is, you can't hunt it. You have to wait for them to come out, and they do!!!! Check out Crawford Co. on your map...

From: mkmgbble Date: 14-Jun-09

mkmgbble's embedded Photo

heres a AS muley

From: mkmgbble Date: 14-Jun-09

mkmgbble's embedded Photo

heres a wyoming ringer

From: Jaquomo_feral Date: 15-Jun-09
Love these "My weiner is bigger than yours" threads!

My vote is wherever Randy Ulmer is hunting.

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