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how far will an arrow travel?
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Bear Track 23-Jun-09
From: mist-a-hog
I have an interesting question, has anyone experimented with how far an arrow will fly, across level ground? And would a 45 degree angle of the shot be ideal to get the maximum distance?

From: Purdue
"The furthest distance shot with any bow is 2,047 yards (1,871.84m) . This was shot by the late Harry Drake in 1988 using a crossbow. The furthest with a hand-held — and pulled — bow is 1,336 yds 1' 3" (1,222.01m) , shot by Don Brown with an unlimited conventional Flight bow in 1987."

43 - 44 degrees will get you a little more distance than 45 because the flight is not a true arc due to air friction.

From: cjgregory

At the top of the page you will see a link to flight shootng. When you get there, there will be other links to records and national and international events. Including USA archey olymic competitions.

Th world record is held by a longbow.

From: smarba
45-degree will give you farthest shot.

I've experimented and gotten ~350 yards.

Have to be in an area where you can easily find your arrows to retrieve.

When a kid we used to shoot them down the lake, then paddle our canoe out to get them - easy to find. This was a lake w/ no other people/boats on it.


From: mist-a-hog
We have a just planted corn field about 400 yds long, I think tomorrow I will be standing on one end of it. My DXT is shooting about 283 fps, any guesses how far my 360 grain arrow will fly?

From: Grizzlymike
Careful Woody you might get turned into a newt.

But is a witch heavier than a duck ?

From: Preacher Man
....yea and if mist-a-hogs arrow goes too far he may run into the 'Knights of Ni'....who are out and about looking for shrubery.

Until it hits something solid?

From: elkcrzy1
You could have your wife stay down at the other end of the corn and watch for it ?

From: cbeard64
I had a dozen travel all the way to Wyoming with me on my last hunt!


Dang it Clay you beat me to that one!!

From: RNO

RNO's Link
Here you go, all of the records.

From: kj
If you are shooting a 2 inch blazer, you will get good distance, if you shoot feathers, about 60 yards or more less, if you shoot a field tip, farther than if you shoot a blunt or a judo. I shoot a lot of archery golf and there are a lot of variables. I am shooting an Elite GT500, 30 inch draw, 70 lbs, 2 inch blazers, a field tip and 360 grain arrow. Optimum angle is 38 degrees and I get around 500 yards. The charts say I should get about 510. Feathers is 60 to 100 yards less and a judo tip or blunt is around 100 yards less and even less if you put feathers on the arrow with one of those tips. My Mathews LD at 70 lbs, 30 inch draw puts out an arrow at 43 degrees about 400 yards. The tough part is getting the right angle. I have figured out how to make a sight tape using a gap method and it is accurate out to 350 yards for my Elite. I could get more distance out of it if I had more room to place the sight tape up the bow. I shot 2 arrows at a 350 yard target into a head wind the day I tested it and landed less than 5 yards apart and 17 yards short of the target. The day of the golf match, the first hole was 340 yards away. I landed 5 feet to the left of the puck and 2 feet behind it. Needless to say, I tapped out on the first hole. I did this on 6 of the 9 holes. Most of the holes were 250 to 320 yards away. The longest was estimated at 1000 yards. All the bows got to the puck in 3 shots, mine over shot it by 27 yards in two shots. I am really impressed with the Elite GT500 binary cam system. I am sure if I got a smaller diameter arrow, smaller stiffer vanes and a lighter FOC, I could get over 600 yards out of this bow. Some of the computer archery programs will let you experiment with different weight arrows and such to see what the optimum variables are. The old T.A.P. program was one of them. The new T.A.P. program doesn't have that feature.

From: IaHawkeye
Purdue, I'm pretty sure Harry Drakes' world record was made using a footbow,not a crossbow. Please correct if I'm wrong.

From: mist-a-hog
Tried it this weekend, 377 yds. Shooting a DXT, 63#, 283 fps.

From: Purdue
All I know is what I copied from an internet site. I also can not verify what others have posted is true or not. I was not at any of the events.

From: fuzzy
in my experience shooting recurves and long bows with feathered fletch hunting weight arrows, "cast"in yards is about 20% more than chrono-speed in FPS. ie: my 51# draw 165 fps martin longbow would cast a 29" 2018 aluminum arrow about 195 yards, my 60# draw 185 fps Quillian longhunter would cast a 29" 2117 aluminum arrow about 215 yards, my 55# draw 190 fps recurve would cast a 29" long 2215 aluminum arrow about 220 yards.... so far as compounds I have no idea

From: x-man
Seems to me Kevin Strother just smashed the record a few weeks ago. Can't remember now where I saw that...

ROTFLMAO!!! That was very good lo!

From: Bear Track
Woody, that was funny!

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