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Now that's a big Wolf!



Messages posted to thread:
Bear Track 22-Jun-09
Spencer Broshko 22-Jun-09
elmer 22-Jun-09
Spencer Broshko 22-Jun-09
jay 22-Jun-09
nijimasu 22-Jun-09
Rupe 22-Jun-09
HuntinHabit 22-Jun-09
Spencer Broshko 22-Jun-09
HuntinHabit 22-Jun-09
buckiller 22-Jun-09
Extreme 22-Jun-09
nijimasu 23-Jun-09
Dave Bent Arrow 23-Jun-09
ElkHuntr 23-Jun-09
Pete In Fairbanks 23-Jun-09
bb 23-Jun-09
HerdManager @ Work 23-Jun-09
Reaper 23-Jun-09
Gundy 23-Jun-09
Pete In Fairbanks 23-Jun-09
Huffskies 24-Jun-09
nijimasu 24-Jun-09
Sito 24-Jun-09
Norseman 24-Jun-09
bowriter 25-Jun-09
kellyharris 25-Jun-09
Gundy 25-Jun-09
Sarge 26-Jun-09
heavy hitter 26-Jun-09
Norseman 26-Jun-09
kent rock 26-Jun-09
The Old Sarge 26-Jun-09
cjgregory 26-Jun-09
Shoots-Straight 26-Jun-09
Bill in MI 27-Jun-09
Pig Doc 27-Jun-09
TD 27-Jun-09

A Badger Tried to Climb my Ladder Stand!
by Bowhuntress
by Bishop Archery

71# Morrison ILF Max 1 limbs.
by pdk25

VPA Non-Vented Broadhead Flight
by Bishop Archery

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From: Bear Track Date: 22-Jun-09

Bear Track's embedded Photo

Bear Track's Supporting Link

I got this in an email today and it's one of the biggest wolves I've see ever. If you zoom in on it, you'll see a snare hanging.

From: Spencer Broshko Date: 22-Jun-09
It was shot near drayton valley by my uncles friend. They were just sitting on a big cut line when wen it passed by.

From: elmer Date: 22-Jun-09
where is Drayton Valley.

From: Spencer Broshko Date: 22-Jun-09
Sorry, it is in alberta close to edmonton.

From: jay Date: 22-Jun-09
talk about a monster I wounder how many elk he ate in the last year

From: nijimasu Date: 22-Jun-09
I thought this photo was supposed to be a fake- is it really real,, Spencer?

Anyone know the weight?

From: Rupe Date: 22-Jun-09
That's a dire wolf.


From: HuntinHabit Date: 22-Jun-09
So where are the guys who claimed on the other thread to KNOW that this was a photoshopped picture?

From: Spencer Broshko Date: 22-Jun-09
huntinhabit-- It forwarded to me by him, trust me its real.

From: HuntinHabit Date: 22-Jun-09
Thanks for comfirming Spence, my point on the other thread was that it was real and was not photoshopped. Others claimed there was no way it was a real photograph.

From: buckiller Date: 22-Jun-09
hope they shoot some more...

From: Extreme Date: 22-Jun-09
Its has to weigh more than the guy holding it.

From: nijimasu Date: 23-Jun-09
I think I might be packing some bigger broadheads next fall...

From: Dave Bent Arrow Date: 23-Jun-09
How large is the man holding the wolf? DAVE

From: ElkHuntr Date: 23-Jun-09
4'11", 105 pounds, I would think...

From: Pete In Fairbanks Date: 23-Jun-09
You can guess all you want!

I have trapped, shot and weighed a lot of wolves. The heaviest wolf I ever weighed was 122 pounds.

It was a male, overall just over 8 feet long and had a belly full of moose meat.

The point is that they are "rangy" and don't weigh as much as you would think.


From: bb Date: 23-Jun-09
The head on that wolf in the photo looks like it would weigh 122lbs

From: HerdManager @ Work Date: 23-Jun-09
Could be real, but something about that photo looks odd. If the wolf is only 110-120 pounds, the guy in the photo is no more than 100 pounds.

Did a quick search on this wolf, and it has been killed in many different places by many different people. Alaska, Canada, you name it.......

Spencer, are you saying your uncle witnessed this wolf being shot and he took the picture? When was it killed?

From: Reaper Date: 23-Jun-09
I have killed and seen many dead wolves. I would say this one is about 135 to 145 pounds. The largest one I have ever seen weighed 144 pounds and this one looks quite similar.

From: Gundy Date: 23-Jun-09
From wikipedia:

"The largest wolf on record was a male Alaskan wolf (Canis lupus pambasileus) which weighed 175 pounds. This is the largest wolf subspecies (up to 3 feet tall at the shoulder), but this individual was exceptional - they normally weigh no more than 130 pounds, occasionally up to 150."

From: Pete In Fairbanks Date: 23-Jun-09
I have noticed that most of the wolves that weigh 200 lbs or more (and there are lots of them) are usually killed in bars....!

From: Huffskies Date: 24-Jun-09
You can watch the video of the guy shooting it on The video is called 1st wolf or first wolf.

From: nijimasu Date: 24-Jun-09

nijimasu's Supporting Link

I believe you have to be registered to watch this, but here's the link Huffskies is talking about. I don't think it's the same guy or the same wolf, though.

From: Sito Date: 24-Jun-09
No that's not the same wolf or the same guy in the video, but it is a wolf and a guy. If you take your wolf to the carnival... they can guess it's weight?

Cool pic Bear Track, thanks for sharing!

From: Norseman Date: 24-Jun-09
Spencer give us the details, weight, length.... You can't just say it's real because a sister's cousin's best friend's uncle's dog knows the guy who's friend's pet octopus took the picture.

I say this because the pic looks slightly odd. Odd in the sense that unless the guy is Kiko the dwarf with his side kick mongo the giant wolf the photo is B.S.

From: bowriter Date: 25-Jun-09
I thought this had been determined as fake a long time ago.

From: kellyharris Date: 25-Jun-09
I had a golden retreiver that died from something like giantism disease... He was 142 lbs when he died and he was about the same size as this wolf!!!!

I miss ole JAKE

From: Gundy Date: 25-Jun-09

Gundy's embedded Photo

Like Pete said, wolves are long, tall and rangy. No doubt in my mind the pic is real. It looks huge because of it's thick pelt.

Some may remember this pic of an Idaho wolf that got "managed" from the air. Look at the length.

From: Sarge Date: 26-Jun-09
Using my Trig and Calculas, the shadow length and time of day, shows that the man is 5'4" and weighs just over 136.


From: heavy hitter Date: 26-Jun-09
i'm guessing a guy that can't spell calculus correctly almost certainly doesn't know how to use it.

From: Norseman Date: 26-Jun-09
Cut Sarge some slack he's old. I'm guessing "calculas" is a combination of calculus and the abacus. When I get that age I just hope I can type ;)

From: kent rock Date: 26-Jun-09

kent rock's embedded Photo

This may help....I'm 5'10" 185lbs, trapped this wolf back in January and it weighed 126lbs.

From: The Old Sarge Date: 26-Jun-09
Gee, Kent ... he looks cold. Maybe you should take him inside to warm up. :0)

From: cjgregory Date: 26-Jun-09
How much does a prime pelt like that bring Kent? where do you get a stretcher for it anyway? lol You would have to make your own or something.

From: Shoots-Straight Date: 26-Jun-09
You SOB, you trapped my dog Nola. Nice doggy.

From: Bill in MI Date: 27-Jun-09
Now THAT'S a wolf-i-kil. lol

Bill in MI

From: Pig Doc Date: 27-Jun-09
I call BS on any post with "uncle's friend" in it. I've seen this picture at least 10 times with different stories every time.

From: TD Date: 27-Jun-09
Obviously none of you guys have ever taken any fishing pictures. =D

I doubt it's photoshopped, but different lenses and angles can do many things way before photoshop ever existed. Likely a true picture is my bet.

Big animal none the less. Imagine being a bull elk or moose in the snow with a pack of those chasing you....

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Subject: RE: Now that's a big Wolf!

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