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Bowtech Compound Bows
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From: Tweeter
Hi all. I am just looking for some insight. I will be purchasing a new bow after the first of the year. I narrowed down to 3 I wanted to shoot. So far I have shot a Mathews DXT and a Hoyt Alpha Max 35. Of the two I like the Max 35 best. The third bow I would like to try is the Bowtech Captain. I chose the Captain because I would like a slightly longer A2A. Does anyone have any personal experience with this bow (good or bad). Or just experience with any Bowtech. I have talked to a couple friends and they highly recommend them. The ads all say they are great but that is what the ad is supose to say. I was looking for some real personal experience. Thanks for the input in advance......


the last four bows i had were bowtech and the one im shootin now is a bowtech never one problem. i have had the justice vft, tribute, alliegence(spelling?), general and now the 101st airborne and i am wanting the airraid or admiral next. the alphamax is the best bow that hoyt has mr bro has the 32 and the best thing is how light it is. i had the drenalin not to faund of it not sure how the dxt is compared to it

From: Slade Rummel
In the fall of 2006 I purchased a Hoyt Powertec. I had constant problems with it tuning. It was returned twice. The first time Hoyt replaced the riser on it, and claimed it was shooting fine. It wasn't. I returned it again and even though they claimed it was fine they replaced the cams and string. They then claimed it tuned fine after they replaced that. When I got it back, it still wouldn't tune for me or the pro at our archery shop. I was fed up with hoyt. If nothing was wrong with it, why did they construct a brand new bow (minus the limbs). I bought a Bowtech General last year even though I new they had problems with their limbs. At least they are honest about it. It is the best bow I have ever shot. I like it even better then the Admiral or the Captain IMO. Bowtech makes a great bow.

From: x-man
You shouldn't really "choose" a bow from three choices.

Shoot all the bows you can, and let the bow choose you.

From: elkcalln8
I love both my Captains. great bows. but like the others said. shoot everything you can and pick the best for you

From: elk_horn
Bow tech is a great bow I just bought my 4th one just picked up the Airraid... Love it!

From: kyarcher27
i've had three, a tomkat, tribute, and a General. Had real good luck with all(still have the tribute and the general) I also have an alphamax 32, it too is a good bow(the general is quite a bit smoother and quieter). Shoot them all and decide which is best for you.

From: Tweeter
Thanks for all the great input. I shoot a 2007 Browning Myst now and I love it. I have pulled back many single cam and dual cam bows. I like the feel of the dual cam best. Probably why I liked the Max over the DXT. along with the weight. I plan on shooting other bows if one of these three don't do it for me. I just figured I would start with these first. There are so many brands now a days that it would be difficult to shoot all of them. Man I wish a dealer had every brand that would be nice to spend a day there lol. Thanks again all and please keep it coming.

From: Candor
I have had one bowtech. The upper limb started splintering. Apparently not an uncommon phenomena with bowtech. However, they replaced the limbs with no questions and considerable ease.

From: bad karma
I just bought an Admiral, and it shoots better for me than my beloved SBXT. Plenty fast, too, and fits very well.

One big advantage for me is that I can take it down without a bow press, so if I'm 5 miles in and need to replace the string, I can do it.

But the answer for you is to buy what shoots best for you. Don't take anyone else's advice on that.

From: Garbo
The archery shop explained the + and -'s of the Admiral, Captain, and Diamonds Ice Man. After shooting them, I chose the Captain. I like the longer A2A length.


From: TD
"Shoot all the bows you can, and let the bow choose you."

(sniff) That's beautiful man...


I am on my third bowtech and don't see myself switching anytime soon. I currently shoot an allegiance

From: Beachtree
Bowtech chose me.

From: Littlebuck
I currently have 2 commanders and an alli. love them all.

From: 'Ike'
I'm shooting two (2) Allegiances and now a SWAT...I feel and know a few others do to, the SWAT is a under-rated bow...It shoots great!

The Allegiance in my mind (LoL!) is one of the best that BowTech has made...

From: Tweeter
I heard that one year Bowtech had a recall for limbs breaking. Does anyone know what year and model bow. And has anyone heard of this recently occurring.

Yeah, last year they recalled the limbs on certain Generals becuase they were weak around the axles. They replaced or upgraded them all.

Better than companies who will not recall parts that should be.

From: hunter47025
I bought and shoot a General, had the limbs replaced when they notified me, no cost, no big deal. had a blow up last year a branch pulled my string off while hiking in the mountains, (not Bowtechs fault) used the back up bow to finish the hunt, dealer completly reset the bow with new string and cables no charge, wouldn't shoot anything else. Good bow, good company. Absoultly the quietest bow and smoothest bow i have ever shot, and i have been shooting for over 30 years.

those are all great bows. I would definately shoot the captain before you decide though. There is just something about those bowtechs.


From: Ermine
Long live Bowtech. I have been shooting bowtechs for years. Have owned alot of different models. No problems. Hoyt makes a good bow, but I just cant seem to shy away from the sweet technology that Bowtech offers. The Centerpivot bows are amazing to shoot.

From: Bill in MI
I agree the Alegiance is probably the best bow of their multi year line-ups that I have shot. The best balance of everything in a mechanical release bow. Now the guardian on the other hand is slower but quieter and smoother all the way thru the shot.

Bill in MI

From: im-ocd
Another vote for the Bowtech SWAT. I've had several different bows by different makers, but the Bowtech SWAT has everything I've come to want in a bow. String stop, draw stop, good strings & servings and a narrow but comfortable grip.

From: jcrew1922

jcrew1922's embedded Photo
jcrew1922's embedded Photo
this is my 09 admiral. was going to buy a reezen until i shot this.(reezen had alot of vibration, mathews has since fixed the problem, i still love my bow and shoot 5-6 times a week.) my previous bow was a 2002 hoyt magnatech.

From: Ambush
09 admiral. Shoot lots/ everyday. Draw Cycle is a little harsh for use with a trophy taker but manageable once you get used to it. Very quite. This is my favorite bow so far.

From: jtb1967
I miss the Allegiance too.

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