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Broadhead target review



Messages posted to thread:
DPS 07-Jul-09
reeltight79 07-Jul-09
RNO 07-Jul-09
Matt 07-Jul-09
CAS_HNTR@UC 08-Jul-09
reeltight79 08-Jul-09
Rex Featherlin 08-Jul-09
Rex Featherlin 08-Jul-09
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From: DPS Date: 07-Jul-09

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Just saw this video on YouTube about the King target from American Whitetail Inc. I thought it was interesting. I have no affiliation with the company, just have been reading all of the reviews lately trying to figure out which BH target to get. Any opinions on this target??

Broadhead target test

Have a great day! Douglas

From: reeltight79 Date: 07-Jul-09
I've been looking for a new broadhead target myself, I just watched the video you posted and I bought one! Thanks for the post! The range king is on sale for $90 with free shipping. It's 28"x28"x20".

From: RNO Date: 07-Jul-09
I have seen that video and considered buying one as my next BH target. The 18 - 1 is doing fine out to 40 yards. I also want to sight in for 60 yards but I would like a little more meat to aim at, ya know what I mean.

The only con on the King for me is BH only according to the video. I do like having the FP / BH option with the 18 - 1.

I will probably have the King next year.

From: Matt Date: 07-Jul-09
I would be more impressed if they tested the Rinheardt 18-1 as well. Perhaps the lack implies who the closest competition is?

From: CAS_HNTR@UC Date: 08-Jul-09
If you look at some of the comments on the video, you can see what the "tester" had to say regarding the Rineheardt targets....Here is his comment:

"The Rinehart target costs much more than the King target so we really don't compete with it. It's really a different type of target"

I own an 18-1, and I wouldnt say it is that much more that any of the other targets regarding cost....maybe what Matt said was correct...too much competition, thus left out.

From: reeltight79 Date: 08-Jul-09
Here is the King-Rinehart review. The King cost $50 the Rinehart is over $100.

From: Rex Featherlin Date: 08-Jul-09
It is a pain to try a pull a field tip out!! I'll stick to just using broadheads on mine. :>)

From: Rex Featherlin Date: 08-Jul-09
It is a pain to try a pull a field tip out!! I'll stick to just using broadheads on mine. :>)

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Subject: RE: Broadhead target review

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