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average live weight on elk



Messages posted to thread:
joshlud 21-Jul-09
WapitiBob 21-Jul-09
Forest Bows 22-Jul-09
hobbes 22-Jul-09
wyobullshooter 22-Jul-09
wyobullshooter 22-Jul-09
greatwhiteelkhunter 22-Jul-09
TD 22-Jul-09
joshlud 22-Jul-09
TD 22-Jul-09

3d range with my daughter.
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From: joshlud Date: 21-Jul-09
I was wondering if any of you somehow have weighed any of the elk that you have killed and also what is the average weight of a mature rocky mt bull elk?

From: WapitiBob Date: 21-Jul-09

From: Forest Bows Date: 22-Jul-09
600-800 lbs.

From: hobbes Date: 22-Jul-09
The study referenced above shows an average live weight of 620 lbs for bulls and 480 for cows (if I did the math right). That was from 6 animals each. The bulls were ages 1.5 to 9.5 w/ four being 2.5 to 3.5.

From: ELKREAPER Date: 22-Jul-09
That depends on the species of elk, A roosevelt elk is heavier then a rocky mountain. I have hunted and killed each of them and a roosevelt is a bit heavier then a rocky mountain.

From: wyobullshooter Date: 22-Jul-09
It is also a proven scientific fact that the weight of an elk increases at a rate double the distance you have to haul him to the nearest road!

From: wyobullshooter Date: 22-Jul-09

From: ELKREAPER Date: 22-Jul-09
It could be more then double, depending on the altitude and terrain!!

From: greatwhiteelkhunter Date: 22-Jul-09
I wont argue with stats (it’s a waste of my time) but in our area we have killed 15+ elk (both cows and bulls) over 11 years and most I would say were average age (2-4 or 5) and not a one of them would fit in the average size range mentioned above. Most of our cows would always go 600 minimum, most of the bulls, well ok 600-800 that range does fit but not for the cows. I know, I know, I have read all the other threads about elk size and live weight verses meat, and I know many people judge to high but after 37 years of elk hunting I know the difference between an Alpha cow weighing 900+ pounds and a 3 year weighing half that.

I think like others mentioned above depends on area, and other factors but you certainly cant go wrong for planning purposes only to use the weights above.

From: TD Date: 22-Jul-09
I usually round up to the nearest thousand.

From: joshlud Date: 22-Jul-09
I was asking because the bulls in our area at times are huge, I took one last year that was easy pushing 1,000 very possably more and also they are all rocky mountain elk were Im at so the stats that are printed about weight do not always apply sometimes the averages are even close.

From: TD Date: 22-Jul-09
I'm sure between genetics and environment there is a huge range. Look at humans, common sizes range from 5'6" and 130 up to 6'4" and 240 with many many exceptions off the charts in both larger and smaller. And that's all full grown prime adult males, not comparing spikes to 5 or 7 year olds.

A real big bull will be packing quite of bit just on top of his head. Add a big ol belly full of alfalfa and you might add another 50 or more at one sitting. I can see maybe going from 700 to 800+ right there. I'd have to guess a "big" bull would go 800. But just a guess. Guessing weights is a science all it's own, just talk to any bear hunter. =D

Live weight I'm not too worried about and can't really measure anyway. It's whats in the cooler that counts. =D

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Subject: RE: average live weight on elk

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