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1953 Bear Alaskan recurve



Messages posted to thread:
caller79065 02-Aug-09
spikehorn 02-Aug-09
caller79065 02-Aug-09
fatman 02-Aug-09
Fisher 02-Aug-09
Gundy 02-Aug-09
caller79065 04-Aug-09
Gundy 04-Aug-09
caller79065 04-Aug-09
Mike the Cheesehead 04-Aug-09
Gundy 04-Aug-09
caller79065 04-Aug-09
Razorhead 04-Aug-09
Gundy 04-Aug-09
YukonJack 04-Aug-09
caller79065 15-Oct-09
BSBD 15-Oct-09
Gundy 15-Oct-09
LostInTheWoods 15-Oct-09
LongbowBob 15-Oct-09
caller79065 19-Oct-09
Full time 27-Jan-10
caller79065 28-Jan-10
Northlander 26-Mar-10
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From: caller79065 Date: 02-Aug-09
I couldnt seem to get registered on the leatherwall, so i thought i would ask here. I just bought a 1953 45# Bear Alaskan recurve, and the string i got with it was not the right one. Does anyone know what the proper length would be for a 62" bow. About what should the brace height be? Its a very nice bow, and i hope to give it a try for deer this year. Thanks in advance, Ronnie

From: spikehorn Date: 02-Aug-09
58 in actual length

From: caller79065 Date: 02-Aug-09
Thanks, thats about what i thought.

From: fatman Date: 02-Aug-09
Actually, you may want to try to contact Bear Archery for the string length; your bow was manufactured before AMO standards had been established, and some old bows can have funky string lengths. Just hate to see ou buy a string and have it be wrong.

Also, I believe that 1958 was the first production year for the Alaskan...

Good luck!

From: Fisher Date: 02-Aug-09
Probably not a 53. That is a patent date on a decal. use the serial numberto identify. best wishes.

From: Gundy Date: 02-Aug-09
1953 was the patent date. A 62" length indicates a 1958-61 manufacture date. Does it have orange and black glass limbs? If so, it is a 1959-60 bow, which are known as the "Halloween" Alaskans and are the most desireable to collectors.

From: caller79065 Date: 04-Aug-09
Thanks for the input. It is yellow and brown, and has the serial #18638. It is in remarkable condition, whatever the age. There was one of the black and orange ones on ebay, and i think it sold for a little over 125. I didnt get it because it had rests on both sides. Left or right handed. I have been shooting it with a shorter string on it, and it gives it about a 10 in brace height. I really like it, but its an arm slapper. I guess i need to work on my form.

From: Gundy Date: 04-Aug-09

Gundy's embedded Photo

Sounds like a 1961. Nice bow btw.

A 10" brace height is much too high. You want 7.5-8.5" on that bow. A string of 58" will get you in the ballpark. Get a flemish twist, B50 string and you can twist or untwist it to get to the desired brace height.

Good luck, heres a pic from the '61 catalog.

From: caller79065 Date: 04-Aug-09
Thanks Gundy, that is exactly the bow i have. Amazing what you can find if you just ask.

From: Mike the Cheesehead Date: 04-Aug-09

Mike the Cheesehead's embedded Photo

Looks like a good match for my 1958 Bear Kodiak

From: Gundy Date: 04-Aug-09
Nice bow Mike. I always wanted a sowbelly '58. I prefer the "50s style" recurves these days. They're just so classic looking.

Caller, a couple of pointers. Shooting an old bow like this accurately is a heck of alot easier if your arrows are a good spine match. If you are shooting aluminums out of it, 1916s cut an inch or two longer than your draw length with 125 grain tips would be the ticket. Can't help you with wood or carbons. Secondly, better get an arm guard. If you're smackin' your arm with a 10" brace height it's gonna get much worse with a 8". lol.

From: caller79065 Date: 04-Aug-09
Tanks for the advice, all is welcome. I draw about 29 inches, do you think 1916s are stiff enough. I am shooting some old 29 in 2315s out of it now until i can get the proper string and some additional shafts for it. I agree on the arm guard. LOL myself. its funny now, but hurt like hell when it happened. It just about peeled the skin off my arm the first few shots. I think i need to bed my bow arm elbow more.

From: Razorhead Date: 04-Aug-09
Rotate your elbow out, away from the string. Should help with string clearance, but still get a arm-guard!!!

From: Gundy Date: 04-Aug-09
caller, you're drawing roughly 48# so yes I think 1916s would be PERFECT. Plus, a 1916 set up with a 125 grain head would put you in the perfect arrow weight range.

IMO 2315s are too stiff and too wide plus you'll get much better velocity out of the 1916s.

Also, what Razorhead said. If you shoot enough, you'll end up shooting the way he suggested.

From: YukonJack Date: 04-Aug-09
"1953 was the patent date. A 62" length indicates a 1958-61 manufacture date. Does it have orange and black glass limbs? If so, it is a 1959-60 bow, which are known as the "Halloween" Alaskans and are the most desireable to collectors."

Really? I have two of them right now. One 45# spray-painted camo, and the other 50# with nary a mark on it. I shoot them both, and will be hunting with one this fall.

The 45# was given to me from a neighbor who hunted it years ago, right before he died. This was the first bow I learned to shoot, before I had a compound. Now I want to give it at least one last hunt. It's a shooter!

From: caller79065 Date: 15-Oct-09
Update, i got the proper string, some 2312s cut to 30.5 inches and 2 blade Phantoms. Tonight, i got a shot at a doe and hit a tree, then 20 minutes later i had another shot at a doe from 8 yards and made it count. She ran a couple hundred yards, but left a good trail and we found her piled up. I am pumped. I never thought i could actually shoot a deer with a recurve. It was just a yearling doe, but i thought it was awesome. Will try to post photo later. Sorry, but i just had to shout it from the rooftops. I SHOT A DEER WITH A RECURVE!!!!!!

From: BSBD Date: 15-Oct-09
Congratulations! Now you know what it's like to hunt with a real bow, not just something that's legal in archery season.

From: Gundy Date: 15-Oct-09
Nice work!


From: LostInTheWoods Date: 15-Oct-09
Fricken sweet, man! I've always wanted an old Alaskan. Way to go on your first recurve kill! Uncle Ted would say "that was probably your favorite arrow in life....just you and the bow! Just PAAAANG!"

From: LongbowBob Date: 15-Oct-09
The usual figure is 3-4" shorter than the bow length. I always go about 1" longer and then just twist it until I get it right.


From: caller79065 Date: 19-Oct-09

caller79065's embedded Photo

Here is the photo. Im still pumped

From: Full time Date: 27-Jan-10
Does anyone have any idea what the value is on a Bear Alaskan?

From: caller79065 Date: 28-Jan-10
I gave just under $100 for mine on ebay. It is in very good shape.

From: Northlander Date: 26-Mar-10
Mine is a double shelf 62" orange and black pulling 48# at 28". Very sweet shooter, in fact took a doe with it this past fall just to have done it with this bow. She was a complete pass-thru at about 12 yds, ran roughly 20 yds and tipped over. I've always wanted one of these bows and then to have taken a deer with it was cool. I bought mine for $70 on EBay and was thinking of camoflauging it cuz it has some minor stress cracking but it is such a classic look, I couldn't do it.

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