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Gunnison meat processor



Messages posted to thread:
outback2hunt 10-Aug-09
OHBowhntr 10-Aug-09
BOBSTER 11-Aug-09
OHBowhntr 11-Aug-09
Txnrog 11-Aug-09
OHBowhntr 12-Aug-09
mtnview 12-Aug-09
ACC elkhunter 12-Aug-09
mtnview 12-Aug-09
outback2hunt 12-Aug-09
midwest 12-Aug-09
Txnrog 13-Aug-09

3d range with my daughter.
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From: outback2hunt Date: 10-Aug-09
Can anyone recommend a quality meat processor in Gunnison, CO? Thanks.

From: OHBowhntr Date: 10-Aug-09
I'll be watching this one as well.....

Colorado guys, others who've hunted this general area???

From: BOBSTER Date: 11-Aug-09
There is one that I have used four different times in Gunnison. I can not think of the name right now, but will try and find some info on it. I can tell you it is an old building on the corner off the main drag through town. It is not your normal processor. You will see people dropping off the animals on the side or around the back. The inside is a store that sells hunting clothing and other items. If I find any info, I will post more. Bob

From: OHBowhntr Date: 11-Aug-09
Bob, I you can get a name, that would be great, I did a search, and found nothing......

From: Txnrog Date: 11-Aug-09
Berfields is the one you are referring to just of 50 on the west side of town. As mentioned looks more like an auto shop than meat market - the meat turns out good though.

There is another one on the north side of town just off 135 behind the town & country vet (oddly enough). Either one you have to call and might not get into immediately, esp during archery season, their hours are kinda 'as needed'.

Any of y'all who will be in 54/55 want to ping me, I'll be up in 55 most weekends of the season.

From: OHBowhntr Date: 12-Aug-09
Thanks Roger, got it, called them, nice people, and decent price I'd assume $1.09/#.

Berfields 970-641-5782

From: mtnview Date: 12-Aug-09
I have used and would recommend: Guerrieri 970-641-0644. PO Box 1015 Gunnison CO 81230.

They are about 2 miles north of Gunnison on the highway to Crested Butte, Hwy 135. They are in a grey cinderblock building on the right side of the highway, frontage road, and usually have a banner or sign visible from the highway. They did an exceptional job for us on two elk in 2007.

Having visited Berfields, I personnaly would not take my harvest to them for processing.

From: ACC elkhunter Date: 12-Aug-09
mtnview, did they use plastic in wrap process? what kind of # charges do they have? always looking for alternitives.

From: mtnview Date: 12-Aug-09
Yes, he meat was wrapped in plastic sheets, then paper wrapped. I am unsure on the per pound charge, but it was $150-175 per animal. One was a large cow and the other a mature bull. It was the best cut and wrap job I have ever paid for, and I believe the processing is directly related to the quality of your table fare.

From: outback2hunt Date: 12-Aug-09
Good info, thanks. Is the Guerrieri processing the same Steve Guerrieri that operates the Lazy F Bar Ranch and outfitting?

From: midwest Date: 12-Aug-09
"Having visited Berfields, I personnaly would not take my harvest to them for processing."


From: Txnrog Date: 13-Aug-09
Guerrieri is the one I referred to north of town. Have gotten deer and elk done at both, product has been fine. plastic and paper wrapped, better attention to trimming at both than a couple of the processors I've used in denver.

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Subject: RE: Gunnison meat processor

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