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Deer & Peanut butter



Messages posted to thread:
Deflatem 25-Aug-09
bowriter 25-Aug-09
Auger 25-Aug-09
bowdaddy 25-Aug-09
SICARIO 25-Aug-09
cope30tyee 25-Aug-09
SC tracker 25-Aug-09
Archerontario 25-Aug-09
BowSniper 25-Aug-09
BowSniper 25-Aug-09
PA 25-Aug-09
Clutch 26-Aug-09
Thunderflight 26-Aug-09
dustyvarmint 26-Aug-09
4406v 26-Aug-09
EHSsg21 26-Aug-09
RonD 18-Sep-09
canyonyoddler 18-Sep-09
Steelersfan 18-Sep-09

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From: Deflatem Date: 25-Aug-09
I have heard deer love peanut butter. My friend in Ky said some folks use it mixed with corn. Any of you baiters got the low down on this?

From: bowriter Date: 25-Aug-09
Woody is right, that is the way it is sually done. make sure it is legal in your state because it is undeniably baiting.

From: Auger Date: 25-Aug-09
LOL Thought this was another peanut butter sandwich thread. PB&D sandwich.

From: SERBIANSHARK Date: 25-Aug-09
To lure deer to a new area, for perhaps a new bait site...PB is a really great way to do it. They seem to smell it from a long ways away.

From: bowdaddy Date: 25-Aug-09
Absolutely,I've got a old cedar snag close to my stand.Unscrew the lid,stick it on the snag,make a few turns,put the lid back on,THEY WILL SHOW UP AND CHOW DOWN.The man who showed me this hunts old school style and hits his limit every year.As far as the hole in the jar he says if a deer ever scratches his nose on it he'll never eat it again.

From: SICARIO Date: 25-Aug-09
Does anyone know if blacktails are interested in PB?

From: cope30tyee Date: 25-Aug-09
I also want to know if it works for blacktails. I've been using mineral licks for the blacktails but want to spice things up a little bit.

From: SC tracker Date: 25-Aug-09
Do you use creamy or crunchy?

From: Archerontario Date: 25-Aug-09
make sure you leave a glass of milk near by man peanutbutter without milk.

From: BowSniper Date: 25-Aug-09
Trouble is, that the raccoons love it even more...

From: BowSniper Date: 25-Aug-09

BowSniper's embedded Photo

From: PA Date: 25-Aug-09
If you get hungery, you can have a little taste too!

From: Clutch Date: 26-Aug-09
First used peanut butter 18 years ago

From: Thunderflight Date: 26-Aug-09
I've never had luck with peanut butter.

From: dustyvarmint Date: 26-Aug-09
Following some of Serb's advice (what is this world coming to) I spread PB on trees (PRIOR to the current baiting ban where I hunt) using a paint stirrer and extra large economy jar of PB.

I now have a site called the Peanut Butter Stand... It worked for what might be called early late season.

happy hunting, dv

From: 4406v Date: 26-Aug-09
You can also mix a little peanut oil with the peanut butter and put it in a squeeze bottle (ketchup bottle)if you use it near your trail camera set up it works extremely well although you will get alot of 'coon in your pictures too.

From: EHSsg21 Date: 26-Aug-09
Where is the best place, cheapest to find large tubs of peanut butter than?

From: RonD Date: 18-Sep-09
Is this for real?

From: canyonyoddler Date: 18-Sep-09
Probably not a good idea if you're in black bear country.

From: Steelersfan Date: 18-Sep-09
So I went out and spread the PB on a few trees/branches with the paint stir thing last week in Aug. All I got was pictures of coons. The PB does smell really good and I though I would have hundreds of photos of deer. But they did not seem as interested as I thought they would be. I'll try again next year. Can't put out anything that could be called bait here in PA 30 days before the opener.

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