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Antelope Jerky Recipes



Messages posted to thread:
arctichill 30-Aug-09
NorthernWY 30-Aug-09
itshot 03-Sep-09
itshot 03-Sep-09
arctichill 03-Sep-09
Matt 03-Sep-09
arctichill 03-Sep-09

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From: arctichill Date: 30-Aug-09
My 13 year old daughter bagged her first big game animal today! She drew a Youth Antelope hunt in NM, which allowed her to take 1 female or immature antelope. I will post pictures and video in the very near future. She harvested the animal with a rifle because I believe her bow set-up is not yet capable of cleanly harvesting Western big game.

She want to share her harvest with all of her friends at school and has requested we process much of the animal into jerky. Do you guys have any great recipes?

From: NorthernWY Date: 30-Aug-09

I think the easiest way to make your own jerky is to buy a package of Hi Mountain Jerky Cure and Seasoning for about 7 bucks. I just follow the instructions with the exception of how long to leave it in the oven at 200 degrees. Instead of the 2 hours they recomend I usually end up drying/baking the meat for about 4 hours. The secret to good jerky is good cuts of meat. Cut out as much of the sinew as possible. Back strap makes phenomenal jerky. Anything you wouldn't cut up as steak should probably be ground up and then made into jerky. I also throw away their seasoning and just use the cure with cavendars in place of their seasoning.

I made some for my little girls. After I rolled out the ground meat I got my wifes cookie cutters out and cut out a bunch of shapes for my kids. They loved it.

If anyone has any good home made cures I'd be interested in finding out how to make my own cure as well.

From: COLOH2OFWLR Date: 03-Sep-09
I use the Hi Mountain Hickory flavor, but I dry it in a dehydrator rather than the oven. For a change, I'll add a little brown sugar and some red pepper flakes to it.

From: itshot Date: 03-Sep-09
never had antelope, but this is good for all venison

1/4" sliced strips, all fat trimmed

24hr wet cure/marinade, preferably spicy

4-5 hrs in 160 degree dehydrator, turn pieces every 45-60 minutes

nothing else like it

From: itshot Date: 03-Sep-09
2nd the Nesco mix, nice step-by-step Ron

From: arctichill Date: 03-Sep-09

I'm sure that's a great recipe, but with a name like Rancid I have to admit that I'm a little skeptical. LOL

From: Matt Date: 03-Sep-09
NM antelope to jerky? Heresy. ;-) That is among the best venison I have ever eaten.

From: arctichill Date: 03-Sep-09
Antelope is awesome, but I've got elk, oryx, and deer in the freezerS and just have no room! Also, my little girl wants to share it with her friends and that's the easiest way to handle that.

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