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how do i attract deer to my stand
Whitetail Deer
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guidermd 07-Sep-09
fuzzy 08-Sep-09
DC 08-Sep-09
i have alot of deer in my area but i can never get them to come to my tree stand how do i attract them

It's often not a matter of getting them to come to your stand. It's one of setting your stand in the right place.

The Old Sarge

From: Bou'bound

From: guidermd
install a deer crossing sign. haha. i'd say try moving the stand to the deer instead. if you are seeing consistant activity in a certain area, check the wind, check for a good tree with cover, and move the stand. if you prefer to stay where you are, you can try some scent or bait if conditions are right. good luck.

Hunt the deer not the tree. You need to move your stand to where the deer are going to be.

From: scentman
At the begining of the season I usually have to move my stand 2 or 3 times to get it right. If your stand is out a bit you can usually pattern the deer from there, then make a move as trails, food, cover, and behavior dictate.

From: flyingbrass
move the stand to the deer for sure. I had a stand we called the 5 yard stand because you could only see 5 yards! killed deer, turkey, and hogs and saw other stuff as well!

From: Trophy8
You don't get them to come to find them. Like everyone else mentioned, move your stand.

From: Two Feathers
How much land are you hunting? If you have to pull deer in from neighbors properties to kill them - that's doable.

From: Gampaw
Take a nap. Works every time for me.

From: guidermd
when you wake up from the nap, smoke a cigarette. works everytime

From: thesquid
Best is to move your stand - next best is to use a camara with a good zoom lense, last is to use a drag line with some Trails End 309. Good luck!!

From: kellyharris
you can attract them but the best way to do that is thru vocals... You can either grunt or rattle to help or even do doe bleets...

You may be able to also use scent attractants also??

But the best is move to the thickest area you can find and get on a good trail and you will do just fine.

From: sbbow

From: Predator3

From: Storm
Get drunk the night before and smell like cigerette smoke and Jagermeister, have only 2 hours of sleep and take a nap at your stand. Also, make sure you take a shower with Irish spring soap and throw on lots of Old Spice after shave ... when you get done dry heaving, make sure your scope is clear ... Booner for sure!

From: guidermd
paint your stand yellow so it looks like corn, that should attract them. if that doesn't work, go with the above post, that always works but i have better results with axe.

From: fuzzy

From: DC
guidermd, It was drizzle raining when I went to pick my friend up to go hunting. Our stands were about 80 yards apart on two edges of a clearcut. I left before daybreak to get to my stand and he left later thinking he may push a dear to me. I saw him climb his stand with a "BRIGHT" school bus yellow rain suit on. The kind with the hood. Anyway, I took a nice eight pointer that morning. I do believe he was headed straight for the big yellow blob in the tree. Is that baiting????? He He.

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