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how do you "descent" you camo
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njbowguy 16-Sep-09
FXRScotty 16-Sep-09
Bou'bound 16-Sep-09
bowriter 17-Sep-09
Candor 17-Sep-09
hoytshooter 17-Sep-09
kman 17-Sep-09
muzzy100 17-Sep-09
TradTech 17-Sep-09
PharmDoc 17-Sep-09
From: njbowguy
I am curious as to how you clean your camo after storage. Also what do most people use to wash/dry scentlok or scentblocker clothing between uses?

From: FXRScotty
I store mine whit earth scent wafers then wash with no scent detergent and hang outside to dry. I then store it with fresh earth scent and spray down with scent killer before and after each use.

From: Bou'bound
store it with cedar boughs in a plastic tub

From: bowriter
I wash mine in Tide Free, sun and air dry it, store it in a big cedar chest. Then just put it on and go hunting.

From: Candor
I run an empty load of wash through the washing machine to attempt to rinse the normal clothes detergent, then I wash my hunting clothes with baking soda, line dry them, fold them up and put them in a plastic footlocker that is air/water tight that I leave in the back of my truck. Along with the clothes I add some pine boughs. I like cedar but it tends to get burrs in the clothes.

From: hoytshooter
my scent lok i will wash and dry and place in plastic watertight bags. the rest of my clothes i wash in scent free soap and machine dry then place in a cooler that i added extra clasps and hinges too. last week while hunting for bear i would just hang clothes in pine tree then spray inside and out with odor xterminator used same top and bottom for 5 days no problems

From: kman
Baking soda and line dry for mee too. I also store them in a Tupperware container with a cedar branch in there for good measure.

From: muzzy100
i use all the scent away laundry products and put them in a plastic tub w/ fresh earth wafers. sometimes i thing those wafers are TOO strong,they really make your chlothes smell like dirt.

From: TradTech
Scent free soap, double rinse, hang dry outside, put in 33 gallon totes with 30 gallon bags stretched over top to seal.

From: PharmDoc
Be careful with the Tide Free--- I think it has UV brighteners in it.

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