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Who makes the best Doe in heat scents?



Messages posted to thread:
FullMetalJacket 24-Sep-09
HeadHunter®........ 24-Sep-09
travis@work 24-Sep-09
bowriter 24-Sep-09
scentman 24-Sep-09
Will 24-Sep-09
Wac'em 24-Sep-09
scentman 24-Sep-09
switchback07 24-Sep-09
Grounblind 24-Sep-09
TONTO 24-Sep-09
Orion 24-Sep-09
Crusty 24-Sep-09
FullMetalJacket 24-Sep-09
FullMetalJacket 24-Sep-09
doubledrop 24-Sep-09
Beachtree 24-Sep-09
pappy 24-Sep-09
casshuntress 24-Sep-09
FullMetalJacket 24-Sep-09
RNO 24-Sep-09
pirogue 24-Sep-09
FullMetalJacket 25-Sep-09
petedrummond 25-Sep-09
ShortDraw 25-Sep-09
BowSniper 25-Sep-09
Two Feathers 25-Sep-09
acadianarcher 25-Sep-09
ahunter55 25-Sep-09
bowriter 26-Sep-09
polar@work 29-Sep-09
steelersman 29-Sep-09

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From: FullMetalJacket Date: 24-Sep-09
I purchased some scents from a guy in Pennsylvania a few years back, but for the life of me can not remember his name. It was the real deal "had dirt in the bottle cap"!! You could tell such a difference in smell and color over all of the "Big market boys".

Anyway it got me thinking I should come on here and ask everyone what brand they use.

So..... Success stories, brands, and contact info? Thanks for the help.

From: HeadHunter®........ Date: 24-Sep-09
"Mother Nature" for sure!

I've kind of fallen off the 'scent wagon' for the last few years. Mainly what I use when I buy some I just use for a cover scent and don't expect too much out of them for 'drawing in deer'!

The few I liked a few years ago aren't on the market anymore. "Lee's Pure Deer Urine" out of Michigan...he retired! "200 Proof" by "Buck-Stop" out of Michigan I don't see advertised anymore.....the last Guaranteed scents I bought the last few years (guaranteed to work or money back)....never worked! I won't mention their names!

In 'the old days' "RUT" by Maynard Milligan (spl) and "Tink's 69" ...when Tink still actually owned it were good! and the old Pete Rickards "Buck Lure" back 'in the day'! I've spent thousands of dollars thru the years bow hunting everyday for 3 months each year by pouring the scent out on the ground around 20+ stand sites each year thru time. I was buying a lot of it 'by the case'!... and in 'bulk' when I could!

Now I use a lot of "Scrape Juice" by Muzzy....

From: travis@work Date: 24-Sep-09
Search Jackie`s deer lures on google..he has one of the largest herds in North America..Great customer service, quick shipping and it`s always 100% real deer wiz from a single doe...You just won`t find anything better. I have been using them for about 8 to 10 years

From: bowriter Date: 24-Sep-09
Does that are in heat probably make the best. But I never saw one with dirt in her bottle cap.


From: scentman Date: 24-Sep-09
"Pure heat" from Real Scent, available 2nd week of Oct... collected the second week and shipped directly upon receiving your order. You will not find a fresher "doe in heat" on the market.

From: Will Date: 24-Sep-09
I have used it less the last few years... But of the brands I have tried, only two have I seen clear examples of deer walking along well down range and down wind of the scent (30yds or more) turning and going directly to the scent. I cant say what they really believed it smelled like, but I know for some reason, those deer went to the scent with purpose.

Those two are Buckstop 200Proof on multiple occasions and 1-2X with Special Golden Estrus.

I've not tried em all.. But I will say the buckstop stuff was the one that seemed to work best. I had used it 20years ago with good results several times. Then went to other products based on marketing (hurts to admit) and a time or two the Golden Estrus worked, but no clear results from any of the other products I tried. The last time I used 200proof was 05, that was the last time I was able to find it in a shop :( I missed a great buck that came right to it... I haven't used scent since...

From: Wac'em Date: 24-Sep-09
I use scents from Northern Whitetail Scents. They are a deer farm in NY and sell breeding stock and scents.

I use dominate buck in scrape drippers and during the rut spray doe in estrus on the bottom of boots.

I have actually had bucks follow my foot trail right to my stand and with the drippers they tear up the area and are usually bedded close by.

From: SERBIANSHARK Date: 24-Sep-09
I piss in the scapes and it works the best.

And I've tested it against the real thing.

From: scentman Date: 24-Sep-09
Why am I not surprised Serb;?)

From: switchback07 Date: 24-Sep-09
Mike's Magic, the freshest urine you can buy..

From: Grounblind Date: 24-Sep-09
James Valley lethal weapon

From: TONTO Date: 24-Sep-09
I have had several bucks follow a drag rag directly to my tree on a few occasions. Most of these followed Buckstop 200 proof, and a few really liked the Milligan brand. They will actually work!

From: Orion Date: 24-Sep-09
James valley by far the best don't get any on your pants leg or you will be watchin' your behind all day long.

From: SERBIANSHARK Date: 24-Sep-09
AS FOR BUYING SOME.....James valley is real good.

From: Crusty Date: 24-Sep-09
James Valley....I agree

From: FullMetalJacket Date: 24-Sep-09
Thanks guys for the suggestions.

Bowriter.... you ain't right! :~)

From: FullMetalJacket Date: 24-Sep-09
Bob Kirschner Deer lures is who I was trying to think of. Anyone else used his scents?

The Trail Maker that I had from him was awesome!

From: doubledrop Date: 24-Sep-09
I have seen some incredible results with Mrs.Doe Pee's doe urine. I am like most of these guys when I am skeptical of many and don't really like using any of them too much. A little goes a long way.

From: Beachtree Date: 24-Sep-09
James Valley, Jackies, Mrs.doepee,hoosier trapper supply, all very good hoosier trapper much cheaper. 6 to 7 years ago james valley was unreal last couple years not so much .

From: pappy Date: 24-Sep-09
mother nature

From: casshuntress Date: 24-Sep-09
Peak Estrous from Nature's Essence. Out of NY I think. Their cover scent is also great and smells sort of like rotting apples. Works in IL.

From: FullMetalJacket Date: 24-Sep-09
pappy.. I've tried to lasso a hot doe before so that I could tie her to my tree, but it hasn't worked yet! So I've got to have an alternative to mother nature.

You think a pee here --> sign would work?

From: RNO Date: 24-Sep-09

RNO's Supporting Link

Stonycreek is out of PA.

From: pirogue Date: 24-Sep-09
So it looks like James Valley has a few votes. Where can you buy it?

From: FullMetalJacket Date: 25-Sep-09
pirogue. After reading all of the reviews I also came to that conclusion.

I found in on Lancaster Archery web site, or you can buy it direct from James Valley.

From: petedrummond Date: 25-Sep-09
Actually the scent that I used that seems to work best is that stupid and cheap "trails end 307" that smells like anise oil, something dead, and piss. Had several bucks trail me right to stand. Go figure. Also had luck laying a trail with doe and buck scent rags. Simulates a small buck going off to mate a doe. My advice is to buy cheap pee since there is no data to indicate deer are pee afficiodos. I even pee in my own scrapes. Seems to work. It is for sale. Bottled fresh with two varieties, "regular" and the "morning after beer" high test. Bring you own bottle.

From: ShortDraw Date: 25-Sep-09
Code Blue Standing $35 a bottle but worth it!

From: BowSniper Date: 25-Sep-09
James Valley is good stuff (both their "Lethal Weapon" and "Full Draw"). Also a big fan of Mrs.DoePee

From: Two Feathers Date: 25-Sep-09
Another fan here of James Valley.

From: acadianarcher Date: 25-Sep-09
IS real urine lure available all over the USA. Here, in Nova Scotia Canada they made it illegal to use the real thing, only the fake stuff.

The province is free of chronic wasting disease and so the ban on using real doe urine was put in place last year. The hope is that this will keep th eplace free of CWD

From: ahunter55 Date: 25-Sep-09
I have used Buck Stop, Pete Richards & Tinks 69 with good success with all of them.

From: bowriter Date: 26-Sep-09
Never found anything better than my own urine. All I used for the last 10 years or so.

From: polar@work Date: 29-Sep-09
James Valley Full Rut,the only thing i've seen that pulls a buck attention off of a hot doe and draw him to a mock scrape,by the way that 18"9pt is home on my wall

From: steelersman Date: 29-Sep-09
tinks 69

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