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is a bear whitetail 2 worth using?



Messages posted to thread:
JohnD 26-Sep-09
Purdue 26-Sep-09
JohnD 26-Sep-09
DLN 26-Sep-09
archer 27-Sep-09
snuffer 27-Sep-09
Majorhuntingfan 28-Sep-09
muzzy100 28-Sep-09
Gundy 28-Sep-09
muzzy100 28-Sep-09
gcoleman 30-Sep-09
BadgerND 30-Sep-09
Billie 30-Sep-09
Arrowflinger 01-Oct-09
x-man 01-Oct-09
bowtech hunter 02-Oct-09
acadianarcher 02-Oct-09
Gundy 02-Oct-09
BubbaFett 04-Apr-11
mathewscountry 04-Apr-11
12yards 04-Apr-11
archery1 04-Apr-11
brunse 04-Apr-11
Teeton 04-Apr-11
TRADSTYK 05-Apr-11
Paradox 06-Apr-11
TALLMAN 06-Apr-11
misfitmedic 07-Apr-11
Mt. man 07-Apr-11
scentman 07-Apr-11
Jbird 07-Apr-11
Meat Grinder 07-Apr-11
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From: JohnD Date: 26-Sep-09
My neighbor gave me q whitetail two with new sights and arrow rest and i was wondering if i should use it or buy a new one?

From: Purdue Date: 26-Sep-09
Compared to a new bow it will be very slow, have 65 per cent let-off, a little heavy, a little noisy, very smooth draw and quite accurate. And it will save you at least $500.

From: JohnD Date: 26-Sep-09
Im going start target shooting with it and get use to it . Then go out bowhunting and see how i like it.

From: DLN Date: 26-Sep-09
killed alot of animals in its day, will kill them just as dead today.

From: archer Date: 27-Sep-09
For treestand hunting it's all you need. When you have money that is not better spent on more important things, you can buy a new bow.

From: snuffer Date: 27-Sep-09
First bow I ever had, 1985 model. Sold it yesterday in garage sale for $5! Killed several animals along the way.

From: Majorhuntingfan Date: 28-Sep-09
I have an old bear pursuit and have shot in a few competitions and it works great. you might want to put a few vibration dampening accesories on for hunting but practice is the main thing. you will need to remember that it drops faster than todays bows so accurate judging is important

From: muzzy100 Date: 28-Sep-09
set a pin for 10 and a pin for 20. it will kill a deer

From: Gundy Date: 28-Sep-09

Gundy's embedded Photo

This is my brother in-law with the deer he got Saturday night. The bow is a 1986 Bear Whitetail II. Kills 'em just like it did 20+ years ago.

From: muzzy100 Date: 28-Sep-09
i love seeing old compounds still killin

From: gcoleman Date: 30-Sep-09
deer is just as dead at 200 foot persecond as he is at 350 fps if you practice and hit him right,,, lots of advertising to day is to catch hunters not kill deer,, I killed many deer in last 40 years of huntin and many with homemade self bows and even the white tail hunter orignal,one of the bear compounds out,, any one remember them they were quite the contraption of pullys and wheels,, remember at one time your bow was state of the art for its time, deer aint changed none lol

From: BadgerND Date: 30-Sep-09
My Bear Whitetail(original) was a Mule deer killing machine. It got stolen in 1977 or '78.

From: Billie Date: 30-Sep-09
Ah! the memories! when I got my first WT2 I was so impressed by the increase in speed over my WT1. It must have been up to 210FPS. It was SO fast that I couldnt count to "one thousand One" before it hit my 20 yard target. It was heavy, and loud and awkward, and I thought it was the greatest step up in archery since the recurve was invented. It was great then. But I would get a newer bow to hunt with now.

From: Arrowflinger Date: 01-Oct-09
Use the old bow until you kill a deer with it. Good woodsmanship and accuracy kills in the woods not speed. Most shots at whitetails are under 20 yards anyway. Use the old bow and enjoy the hunt. Good luck this season!

From: x-man Date: 01-Oct-09
In the woods with ANY bow is better than sitting on the couch.

From: bowtech hunter Date: 02-Oct-09
lol just hope the deer dont die of old age before the arrow gets there. but xman gots it right. I would take a bow from the wallyworld toy isle and shoot suctioncup arrows than stay home

From: acadianarcher Date: 02-Oct-09
shoot it and enjoy. proper shot selection more important than speed.

From: Gundy Date: 02-Oct-09
These old bows aren't as slow as you'd think. I chronoed the bow pictured above and it chucked a heavy 30" 2117 and 125 tip at about 215. Not bad at all for 65#@29". Shoot some light carbons out of it and the difference between it and todays bows wouldn't be all that great.

From: BubbaFett Date: 04-Apr-11
Thanks for the info. I am in the same situation as the thread starter. I got one of these bows off of a friend a few years ago and I am finally going to try using it. I was ready to drop some cash on a new bow, but after reading this, I think I will give this "old" bow a try and save some money for now.

From: mathewscountry Date: 04-Apr-11
had 1 for one of my first.i think they were one of the most forgiving bows ever.just make sure you check limbs for cracks .probably is none but you never know

From: 12yards Date: 04-Apr-11
Also make sure stings and cables are in good working order.

From: archery1 (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 04-Apr-11
Use it until you just have to have a newer, better, faster bow. Then use it for bowfishing.

From: brunse Date: 04-Apr-11
I passed through many whitetails with a Bear Whitetail II, starting in about '88.

From: HOYTSHOOTER Date: 04-Apr-11
I had a bear whitetail(original) When the whitetail 2 bow came out it was the hottest thing on the market! It seemed like everyone had one. Here's my first deer taken with a whitetail original I was 15 at the time! I'm 38 now!! [IMG][/IMG]

From: HOYTSHOOTER Date: 04-Apr-11

HOYTSHOOTER's embedded Photo

had a bear whitetail(original) When the whitetail 2 bow came out it was the hottest thing on the market! It seemed like everyone had one. Here's my first deer taken with a whitetail original I was 15 at the time! I'm 38 now!!

From: Teeton Date: 04-Apr-11
I used to have a bear polar ltd 2 killed a few deer with it. Now this threads got me thinking, of getting my hands on a oldie and give it a try this fall for whitetail. With a flipper rest and a burger button. You remember them flipper rests and burger button, you old timers and I'm only 45. That's what I had back in the day. Just like having a old car!!!

From: HOYTSHOOTER Date: 04-Apr-11
Teeton, actually I think that was a bear polar in the pic that I killed my first deer with, not a whitetail, although I had owed one of those too.

From: TRADSTYK Date: 05-Apr-11
I bought one in 1990 and went on to kill my best bucks to date. Not fast but very deadly!

From: Paradox Date: 06-Apr-11
Yeah Teeton......I must be old cause I remember a time when release aids were very rare. Flippers and plungers are still pretty popular with the Warf'd recurve crowd but my first compounds all wore them. Maybe we should start a new thread on who can resurrect and kill a dear with the oldest compound bow. Seems to be quite a few oldies for sale on fleabay.

From: TALLMAN Date: 06-Apr-11
Went on a DIY mule deer hunt in colorado, I think it was in early seventies,one of my friends worked for bear archery at the time and brought along a new proto-type called a bear whitetail.He gave it to one of the young kids to use,you know what happened ,170 plus buck,kids first deer.

From: misfitmedic Date: 07-Apr-11
I still have one that I turned into a bow fishing rig

From: Mt. man Date: 07-Apr-11
Turned my old Jennings into my Carp killer. They make great bowfishing rigs too. That nice crisp let-off is good for finger shooting fish.

From: scentman Date: 07-Apr-11
Same as any 20 yr old recurve or longbow... heck yea, critters don't know what your shootin.

From: Jbird Date: 07-Apr-11
it is not the arrow...its the indian

From: Meat Grinder Date: 07-Apr-11
A Bear Whitetail II was my first compound bow. Bought it in 1990. My Whitetail II had 50% let-off. It was a headache to tune, due to not having a cut-out in the riser, and funky little wheels with four or five slots made to adjust the length of the steel cables. Forty-four inches axle-to-axle and heavy.

Took me five years to kill my first deer with a bow. I told myself that as soon as I killed a deer with the Whitetail II, I would reward myself with a new bow. The new bow was a 1994 Browning Maxim. The difference was like night and day. I gave the Whitetail II to a buddy and have never regretted it for a second. They've killed a lot of deer, but if you can afford it, I'd buy something newer and save the Whitetail II for bowfishing. I think you'll enjoy archery more.

Good Hunting. Gregg J.

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