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Need a bow with a 32"+ draw length
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My brother inlaw has expressed interest in taking up archery.....unfortunately he is stupid tall (not a problem I'm used to dealing with!). He is 6'6" with a wing span of 7' even. I haven't measured him yet, but judging by watching him shoot a 29" bow he is going to be minimum of 32 or even 33". He is on a tight budget and simply cannot afford anything new so a good used 4 or 5 year old bow is what we're looking for. I need to know what manufacturers even make draw lengths that long and what models are good, bad, etc.?

Thanks, Russ

From: Ty
Hoyt would be the best IMO. I would look for a used Protec or Ultratec if you get xt 3000 limbs. You can find one one ebay. They will be cheaper after the season or even after Oct 15th when the 2010 modles come out.

From: schorn
I am 6'7" tall. I played basketball growing up and have a wing span at 6'9" to 6'10". I previously shot with a 32 inch draw length PSE Fireflight Express. I just went down to 30.5 inch with loop (D loop) on the string of my new Matthews Reezen as well as new release. I went to The Bow Zone outside of Houston and they helped fit me correctly. I recommend going to a good bow shop, like The Bow Zone, and asking the pros in such shop to help your brother in law.

For those of you who might question the set up, my 20 yard grouping is about 1 inch, my 30 yard grouping is about 2 inches, my 40 yard grouping is about 3 to 4 inches and I am just now starting to shoot at 50 yards. I personally believe the above variance is my inability to hold the bow perfectly still (not enough shooting). I love the bow, the set up and how it feels. Yes, I spent some money, but my last bow was approaching 15 years old. Good luck.

From: Northwoods
Well if you do the standard calculation that your draw length will be approximately your wingspan divided by 2.5 you would be looking at a draw length of just over 33.5".


That's what I was thinking also. I figured if I could find something used around 33" for him then set up a loop and go with a longer release we should be able to make it work. He is brand new to shooting so just getting him going for fairly cheap is very important. Once the fire is lit then he can decide to upgrade.


I will start looking for an older hoyt also. Thanks for the info.

Any other models you guys can come up with let me know.

Thanks again....looking forward to a future hunting companion.

From: PA Swamper
Mathews Switchback LD is a good bow. Not as fast as some but with a 9" brace height it's very forgiving. He'll get enought speed having a 32" draw anyway. It's been on the market for a while and you might be able to find one used.

From: breves
I have a Mathews ovation that is a great long draw length bow. I'm 6'6" and have a 31.5" cam on it right now. It is a long axel to axel bow, but perfect for a guy like him. Winners choice strings and cables just put on it not long ago. It is a 60-70 pound bow, with a 8' brace height. I would sell for $300 shipped to your door. 7852133655 cell

From: slade
I mainly shoot trad, but I still have a Mathews Conquest 32" cam and old faithful is my Blue Mountain Gray Wolf with a E Module 33" cam.

From: Jdog
I am 6'8" and played college ball. I shot a Conquest III for a years and loved it! I now have the Switchback LD and love it as well. Both are available with 32" draw lengths...they are expensive but maybe try watching bow classifieds, craigs list, etc...

From: RNO

RNO's Link
I posted a list to a thread on AT; title of the thread is "long draw guys.....who loves you(not many)"

Yes, several are older bows and I missed a few makes \ models and other posters filled in, so you may want to search for it there. I have copied and pasted my contribution here.

My choice is at the top of this list, Elite XLR. I enjoy shooting this bow. Holds well, smooth draw, good speed and forgiving. They recently updated / upgraded their warranty - buy a USED bow and warranty is transferable!

Check out “The Elite Promise” ….. link provided.

Working with a good shop and shooting everything that fits him will be his best option. Good Luck with the choice.

Elite 09 XLR or 08 XXL = 32

HCA 08 Supreme Pro = 32

Oneida BEII = 31.5 Oneida Osprey & Talon = 32

Parker = 31 Every bow except youth

Martin MOAB - Warthog = 31 Martin Mystic = 32.5 Martin Scepter 4 = 32

MBI = Phoenix & Dragon = 31 (contact site, might go higher with correct cables)

PSE X-Force GX LD = 33

APA 2 bows at 31 Black Mamba XL & Python X

Bear 3 at 31 Gameover - Lightsout - Showdown

Mathews SB LD = 32 Mathews Dren LD = 31

BT 101st & Commander = 31.5 Sniper = 32

Hoyt Katera XL = 31.5 Hoyt 737 = 32.5 Hoyt AM35 = 31 Hoyt Montega = 34

Limb Saver DZ-36 = 32.5

Pearson Z-32 = 31 Z-34 = 31.5

Horton/CSS Edge = 32 Vista & Encore = 33 System = 36

Lakota Bigfoot = 32 Takini – Oglala – Bison = 31

Older Oneida w/correct limbs, cables and string. 2000 BE = 33 2001 - 2003 Oneida BE = 34 Pro Eagle w/ wood or ESC = 32 Tomcat - Phantom - Aeroforce = 34 LFM = 34


Thank you thank you thank you! Awesome list, I'll see him tomorrow and will hopefully have a handful of used bows for him to call on.

From: Lance61650
I am brand new to bow hunting and thought I would get a great deal on craigslist for a bow. I unfortunately did not do my research and bought a great bow that is entirely too big for me. It is a Hoyt Ultratec that is set to a 32" draw. I was under the assumption that it could be adjusted, but after taking it to the local shop, I found that if I was to have the bow adjusted to my length (28 1/2") would cost almost what I have into the bow and would reduce the max weight by 5 lbs. The cams and the string would have to be replaced. So it's really not worth my money or degrading to bow to make it fit me. I think it would be best for me to sell it for what I have into it and hopefully learn my lesson. The guys at the shop tell me it's a great bow and that I did get it for a great price, but unfortunately, it is pretty much useless to me unless I want to throw a beating to my forearm. I have it for sale in their shop, but they let me know that finding someone that is 6'3" or taller that is looking for a bow is pretty rare and the bow might be sitting there for a while. They suggested that I jump on a forum such as this one and search for somebody that might be looking for something that is apparently kind of rare to find. If you havn't found a bow yet, and you are looking for one that has the 32" draw length already set, shoot me an email and I will do what I can to give you any information about the bow. It looks really nice and I am pretty bummed that I can't shoot it. It has fiber optic sights, a quiver, and 4 arrows. It also came with a release.


notfastbutaccurate's Link
You can order last years carbon Matrix in the 32 inch draw. I have one that I am stringing right now. I also have 2 customers that have 34 inch draws and they had to call Hoyt direct and Hoyt then made them bows. They actually aren't very fast and it was a pain getting arrows for them.


two mor that havent been mentioned are the mathews z9 and mr7 both of which go to 32 dl add 1/2 for string loop and the right release youll be there .

From: Bowfreak
You can add the Athens Excell to your list. It will be available in 33" draw. 41" ATA 8" BH, 310 IBO.

From: camoman73
PSE vendetta xl draw goes up to 32 inches awesome bow 328 fps just butter smooth.

From: miller1
2011 Elite Tour goes to 32"

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