Microfiber Fleece vs. Merino Wool
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From: Redneck
Ok. I would like to get some IMO's on which would you prefer a microfiber fleece or a merino wool for a second layer or to be worn as an outer shell on those slightly warmer days. I'm torn between them need some helpfull input.

From: LongbowBob
You'll probably find the fleece a bit lighter in weight than the wool. But don't get near fire if you are wearing it, remember it is basically made from oil and burns like crazy.

I have both and wear both and enjoy both, and see no real advantage either way.


From: Ole Coyote
I find wool to be much better at stopping wind and rain. Fleece let the wind blow thru like it isn't even there and it does nothing to help in a shower. Wool will get wet but quality wool takes a long time to soak thru and even then it will keep you warm. I do like fleece in the warmer days say 50 ish as wool would be a hair to warm for me till it gets into the low 40s'.

Stay well!

From: Alpinehunter
I like windproof fleece better for backpack hunts. Wool is much heavier and drys much slower.

From: radams
I have both a micro fleece and merino wool garment. Both weight about the same on my scale. The fleece is warmer, provided it is layered under a shell or not used in the wind. By themselves in the wind the wool is warmer. The wool seems to take about twice as long to dry out, but insulates better when wet.

In the end I usually end up taking both with the wool as the primary base layer mainly because of it's odor control. If I sweat it up with the fleece on it picks up a stink really quick. However, when stationary I put the fleece on over the wool under a shell layer and I'm good to go.

From: Smitty1994
I have all three. 1. wear my fleece cool days when very activve 2. wear my wool when super cold and bad weather. 3. wear my fleece/wool blend 90% of the time best of both worlds.

sounds like the blend is for you

cabelas sells them, I think they are called guide gear or something like that.

From: Redneck
Thanks fellas for the advise I'm trying to stay as warm as possible this year. Think that fleece/wool blend sounds pretty good I'll check it out.

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