Do deer eat dried up soybeans?
Whitetail Deer
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From: travis@work
Yes sir...they love them for usually you`ll start getting a few volunteer beans comming up behind the`s like candy to them..i`ve been watching deer for the last couple weeks chomping on them..

YES AND YES AGAIN. The only stage you see a dropoff on deer in soy fields is during the yellow phase.

When their's all about the leaves....when their brown and's about the pods. When yellow.....not so good.

I SHOULD ALSO ADD, that here in Wisconsin...SOY trumps all bar none. Clover, alfalfa, corn, wheat....nothing trumps a good soy bean field. ESPECIALLY EARLY SEASON, AND PRE SEASON.

WW, and corn do well before the winter, even the deer know about carbs i guess. Time to bulk up they figure.....and they know somehow...corn does it for them best.

From: KSArcher
I leave several acres of beans standing every year just for the deer. Huge magnet!! Especially as the weather turns colder.


From: Ron
My cousin planted about 20 acres of beans up in IA a few years a back and it was in an area where he couldn't get the combine into with out tearing it up. He ended up just letting them standing that winter and the deer wiped them out.

From: bill brown
Yes, and you can shoot a deer in a bean field.

From: Preacherman
Got a cut soy bean field right behind my home and there are deer in it every evening. 2 nice bucks. unfortunately it's in the city limits.

From: heartshot
early and late have been my experience

From: tonyo6302
Yes, deer eat soy beans as long as they can. Even in January when the beans are cold and hard.

During the yellow phase, it is the same time that acorns are dropping. That is why some think deer won't eat soybeans when they turn yellow, but it is only because of the deer having acorns to eat at this time. The deer choose the acorns over the beans. It is that simple.

I have hunted places in eastern North Carolina that had no oak trees at all, and the deer never left the soy beans, even during the "yellow" phase.


From: TheIceman
IS a frog's butt watertight?

From: fuzzy
oh H@#@#$ yeah! they do! :-)

From: Preacherman

Good question. I have always assumed hunting was closed inside the city limits. The back of my property is actually the line so that my home is in the county but the field I spoke of earlier and a small woods are in the city. I think I'll check this out as I know who the landowner is and could probably get permission to hunt.


From: lewis
They love em in Tn.

From: Bowmin
I see a lot of yes'. However a couple years ago I tied using soybeans on a feed pile and the deer never hit it. I was really surprised. In MD I see most deer in the beans when the plants are green.

From: trophyhill
i dont know about soy beans but a few years ago my father in law dumped a pot of hot chile beans out on the other side of the fence cause they were to hot to eat (jalapenos, habenaros) and the next morning there was a doe eating them and a 4 point came up and pushed her off of them and finished them off. funniest thing i ever saw a deer do. then the 4 point was licking the cool air trying to get rid of the heat on his tongue. there weren't no water in the near vicinity. too funny

From: zipper
I plant soybeans for food plots every year. They are hard to beat early,(the leaves), and the dried pods late season. Great source of protein to pack on weight and antler ! Alot cheaper than corn as they are legumes and produce their own nitrogen. In late season I have seen them walk trrough standing corn to get to dried up bean pods. I have also watched deer pull the stems out of the ground and eat them after the pods were already eaten. The best bang for the buck in deer food plots, in my humble opinion.

From: BowHunTn
They love em in Tn.. I'm going to plant some next year in 1 of my fields. There where 3 does feeding in my field yesterday. they where feeding on the grass and not feeding on the oats that I had planted. A good note I did get to take the largest doe

From: Knife2sharp
I've seen deer here in WI use them in the yellow phase, but I wonder if they are eating the new shutes or some clover growing between the rows. The only time I don't see deer using them are when the acorns are dropping.

From: Norseman
yes. but not as much as corn.

From: lewis
"yes but not as much as corn" Here's what I do 1 acre 10lbs. roundup ready corn 50-60 lbs.roundup ready soybeans simply broadcast together.Check your soil with a test lime if necessary.Spray with roundup when plants are about 6-10 inches high.Corn loves nitrogen soybeans are legume meaning they produce nitrogen life is good.

From: Norseman
they love beans but they love corn more because it is also cover for them.

Lewis, you have no problem with the corn crowding out the beans when they are young?

From: Bambi Killer
shot a 9 point tonite in dried up beans

From: lewis
At 10lbs.per acre no problem

From: born2hunt
big 10-4 on that! i would rather hunt bean then corn or wheat although they eat it all

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