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hand lotion



Messages posted to thread:
howler 14-Nov-09
bowhunter55 14-Nov-09
Bownara 14-Nov-09
Kevin from Wisconsin 14-Nov-09
Ironbow 15-Nov-09
bb 15-Nov-09
ldsgeek 15-Nov-09
Alzy 16-Nov-09
LostInTheWoods 16-Nov-09
smarba 16-Nov-09
Sage Buffalo 16-Nov-09
TD 16-Nov-09
howler 16-Nov-09
elmer 16-Nov-09
browndog 16-Nov-09
Bowfreak 16-Nov-09
thesquid 16-Nov-09
TD 17-Nov-09
Bowfreak 17-Nov-09
DonVathome 17-Nov-09
70lbdraw 17-Nov-09
KellyHarris@work 17-Nov-09
TD 17-Nov-09
Mike the Cheesehead 18-Nov-09
howler 18-Nov-09
Les Welch 19-Nov-09
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From: howler Date: 14-Nov-09
yeah I know seems a little strange but if you ever been moose hunting and always in and out of the water your hands become very dry and they crack. this happend to me a few years back and after 10 days my hands were very sore and painful, So not being able to run to the nearest drug store to get some lotion you suffer, I don;t want to suffer no more. has anybody else been in this situation. I am looking for some good hand lotion that is scent free or at least perfume free. any Idea's

From: bowhunter55 Date: 14-Nov-09
Primos makes a scent free hunter's lotion with thier silver scent eliminator. Just picked some up today.

From: Bownara Date: 14-Nov-09
Oil Drillers sounds great. must be good if it's from AK. Another one is Corn Huskers lotion!

From: Kevin from Wisconsin Date: 14-Nov-09
I thought this thread was started by Tink.

why scent free?? if you're humping around you'll already stink..

From: Ironbow Date: 15-Nov-09
Silver Scent makes a great scent free hand lotion. Check them out on the web.

From: bb Date: 15-Nov-09
I know people that swear by Bag Balm

From: ldsgeek Date: 15-Nov-09
I have good luck with Udder Cream. My fingers crack every winter and this solves it.

From: Alzy Date: 16-Nov-09
I have a feeling this will be up there on the weird thread list.

From: LostInTheWoods Date: 16-Nov-09
I got a sample from Dalton Archery products that is awesome. It's a dirt flavored lotion and works awesome on the ol' chapped hands. The owner of the company claims that's it's specially developed to help with different skin conditions.

From: smarba Date: 16-Nov-09
Neutragena has non-scented lotion & concentrated hand therapy, both work very well.

From: Sage Buffalo Date: 16-Nov-09

From: TD Date: 16-Nov-09
Another vote for Bag balm. Or pretty much anything with lots of lanolin in it. Lanolin is by far the best thing to soften and heal skin. We used a lot of it in gymnastics. H bar, rings, etc. would rip up the hands pretty bad.

Now, like those guys on Outdoor Channel, if I could just find a good eye liner that doesn't run when I sweat...

From: SERBIANSHARK Date: 16-Nov-09
OMG....Suck it up and bleed a little!!! For pete's sake, I'd get a stick across the face, take 10 stiches on the bench with no novacane, and wouldn't miss a line change.

Hand lotion....?????? Please tell me I'm seeing things and somehow accidentally got on some Richard Simmons household products forum. lol

Hand lotion....I'm dying here!!

From: howler Date: 16-Nov-09
OK hockey puck, its pretty clear you didn't read the first post or don't hunt to far from home much, when your hands are in water they dry out and after a few days or weeks they really get sore and crack and mine got infected and it really hurt. Its something you would want to avoid. I did suck it up and put up with it for 10 days hundreds of miles from any civilazation. stitches are a peice of cake.

From: elmer Date: 16-Nov-09
bb hit the nail on the head....BAG BALM! I've been using it for 25 years. I commercial fished for 4 years and had wet hands all the time. The stuff was awesome.

From: browndog Date: 16-Nov-09
Another vote for the original bag balm. My grandpa used to always have a tin in the barn and another in the medicine cabinet. The stuff is great, and I hate hand lotion.

Back in college I lived in a party house where the carpet was literally crawling with "things" that infected my feet. I went to the doctor and he gave me a couple different ointments that did nothing. At the urging of my grandpa, I tried bag balm and within a week, my feet were totally cleared up. Ever since then, I keep a tin around. Great stuff. It is far from scent free, but worth the stink.

From: Bowfreak Date: 16-Nov-09
I normally don't take lotion unless I am hunting in my blind and might be in for a long set.

From: thesquid Date: 16-Nov-09
Vasoline, Udder Cream, or the best - bear fat.

From: TD Date: 17-Nov-09
Woody, those little buggers are slippery, I sure wouldn't use anything on my hands. They're hard enough to catch as it is.

Unless it's a virus that is...

From: Bowfreak Date: 17-Nov-09
Feral cats are almost impossible to catch with greasy hands.

From: DonVathome Date: 17-Nov-09
Watch 2nd American Pie movie for what not to use.

From: 70lbdraw Date: 17-Nov-09
Corn Huskers lotion is the best hands down!!

From: KellyHarris@work Date: 17-Nov-09
at about age 12 i started using jergans then I turned 17 and met wendy foster LOL

From: TD Date: 17-Nov-09
LOL! Bowfreak ya got me there, but you catch a feral cat with your hands, it'll be way too late for hand cream. I recommend butterfly bandages or staples. And a couple shots for whatever the dirty nasty things are carrying. =D

Likely applies to some of those rugrats too. Don't let those cute little faces fool you.

Kelly, I was wondering when this thread was going to get there... heheheh..."older" women will do that...

From: Mike the Cheesehead Date: 18-Nov-09

I pack a little tube of unscented Vaseline Intensive Care in my elk pack because of the dry mountain air. Dry cracked hands can get pretty miserable.

Don't worry about Serb, he hunts from a Condo with a hot tub! Lol!

From: howler Date: 18-Nov-09
Yeah i was just giving serb some razzberries and I'm sure he was doing the same

From: Les Welch Date: 19-Nov-09
Dead Down Wind makes a great lotion. I used it on my elk hunt this fall.

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