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Largest Spike Buck Ever
Whitetail Deer
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TheIceman 19-Dec-09
badlander 19-Dec-09
pappy 20-Dec-09
thesquid 20-Dec-09
From: TheIceman
Sorry, I do not have the picture but I am hoping someone does. There was a picture on the web awhile back of a buck in Texas? that had main beams only and they were around 25" or so. Anyone have the pic? Or any other large spikes would be good. My son and I are having a debate as to the largest spike ever.

From: badlander
Check out the thread "wow"

From: pappy

pappy's embedded Photo
pappy's embedded Photo
where is the pic

From: thesquid
Brother has one 13" on one side and 12" on the other - - I'll have to see if he still has the rack and / or a picture.

WOW!!!!!! Twenty-Five!!!!!!!!! I'd love to see that one!!

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