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average cost of a bear mount ?



Messages posted to thread:
Country boy 26-Jan-10
razorhunter 26-Jan-10
Rock 26-Jan-10
TheArc 26-Jan-10
hunter73 26-Jan-10
Ready5 26-Jan-10
KJC 26-Jan-10
TD 26-Jan-10
thesquid 26-Jan-10
gobbler 26-Jan-10
iowaPete 26-Jan-10
hunter73 26-Jan-10
hunter73 26-Jan-10
Stickflinger 26-Jan-10
ShockValue 26-Jan-10
wapiti270 27-Jan-10
Gobblestopper 27-Jan-10
MBguide 27-Jan-10
Eddiebobeddy 27-Jan-10
Country boy 27-Jan-10
bigmike 18-Mar-10
milnrick 18-Mar-10
delmag1942 18-Mar-10
guidermd 18-Mar-10
droptine101 18-Mar-10
ryanrc 18-Mar-10
masemaamed 19-Mar-10
patience2spare 19-Mar-10
tjsna 21-Mar-10
Elkstuffer 22-Mar-10
Elkstuffer 22-Mar-10
4406v 22-Mar-10

2016 bear hunting rifle
by MarcelCote

Boar & Sow
by MF

Archery Bear, Lake Douglas Newfoundland
by Zack

Black bear hunt √Čric Pelletier 2016
by MarcelCote

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From: Country boy Date: 26-Jan-10
What is a reasonable average cost for a bear mount both rug and life sized ? Also what for cleaning a skull ? My local taxidermist wants 900.00 for a rug and 2200 for a full mount. If you add that in to the cost of a hunt you are looking at near 5000 for a guided hunt.

This is almost too much for my budget anymore as I'm on a fixed income. So this spring's hunt may possibly be my last.

From: razorhunter Date: 26-Jan-10
I would think you could enjoy a guided hunt without having a bear skin rug afterwards?? Maybe get a european mount on him?

From: Rock Date: 26-Jan-10
The Taxidermist around here usually charge by the lenght for a rug and the $2K rande for a lifesize depending on if they have to do any custom work on it or the base.

From: TheArc Date: 26-Jan-10
I had a bear skull cleaned and euro mounted for $275. I was quoted $1600 for a rug and passed on it.

From: hunter73 Date: 26-Jan-10
hi country boy good luck hunting near riding mountain national park this spring..

From: Ready5 Date: 26-Jan-10

Ready5's Supporting Link

Take a look at Angelo's Tannery, he's got some good reviews on the Oregon page and his prices look very reasonable. I'm thinking of just having the hide tanned and skipping a rug- He lists the bear pricing at 40.00 a lin/ft. Ready5

From: KJC Date: 26-Jan-10
Be careful when you get a "per foot" quote on a rug. Most reputable taxis I've dealt with measure nose to tail. Some taxis may seem a little cheaper per foot but measure nose to heel.

From: TD Date: 26-Jan-10
My 1/2 body mount a couple years ago on a smaller bear was around $800-$850 if I remember. Some great folks (thanks NYBob, you Jensens are awesome) helped me out with the shipping which was about another $230? $250? something like that. They picked it up in Canada for me brought it into the US and just sent it to me prepaid. And then expected me to be honest about it and reimburse em, LOL! =D Thanks John Henry! And thanks Corey for the mount, came out real nice. He didn't have much to work with as another bear ate him.

Bowsite guys are the coolest.

A bigger bear would make a good rug, I think the smaller ones look best as a 1/2 mount. You'll have the skull either way to have also, but again like the rugs, the smaller ones folks just think you shot a big dog.

Good idea to get an idea about it. But don't count your bears before they hatch! LOL! Always gets me in the end! Karma and all that...

From: thesquid Date: 26-Jan-10

thesquid's embedded Photo

900.00 + 50 for the skull

From: gobbler Date: 26-Jan-10
My last 2 bears I've just got the hide tanned. They look real nice just hanging by the fireplace. Throw in a couple foxes, coons and maybe a coyote, they make a real nice display.

From: iowaPete Date: 26-Jan-10
I think the size of the bear you kill will enter into the cost of the mount. I'm pretty sure that the cost of the form for the mount will go up as the size increases.

Shoot a 120lb bear, and the cost would be pretty reasonable. Shoot a 400-pounder and be ready to pay more.

If you're hesistating on the trophy costs, will it cross your mind as you're staring at a bear you can shoot? Will it cause you to hesitate??

It's good to be considering ALL the potential financials involved, but will you regret taking a trophy animal and NOT doing the mount you want because of cost??

Something to consider...


From: hunter73 Date: 26-Jan-10

hunter73's embedded Photo

here are a couple of my bear mounts my taxidermist charges $1600.00

From: hunter73 Date: 26-Jan-10

hunter73's embedded Photo

From: Stickflinger Date: 26-Jan-10
approx. 1,100 for bug clean skull and rug.

approx. 2,500 for a bug clean skull and full body mount monster bear.

Check out the Bad Taxidermy post. You sometimes get what you pay for.

From: ShockValue Date: 26-Jan-10
I just had mine soft tanned instead of the rug w/backing and the head mounted. Also got the head cleaned. This was by a Canadian taxi it was around $325 total with shipping.

From: wapiti270 Date: 27-Jan-10
If you like the rug look you might just have the taxidermist mount the head and stretch the hide, but not do the backing (which you don't see anyway if it's hanging on the wall)...would save you quite a bit of money.

From: Gobblestopper Date: 27-Jan-10
$2500 for a full body mount on a big bear with the skull beetle cleaned here in Northern Michigan.

From: MBguide Date: 27-Jan-10
here our taxidermist charges anywhere from 3000-4500 for a full body mount but you get what you pay for and I mean ou get you pay for, he's one of the best bear and deer taxidermist in Canada Boggy Creek Taxidermist

From: Eddiebobeddy Date: 27-Jan-10
I have taxidermy work being done right now in Manitoba by Swan Valley Taxidermy. My bear was 375 lbs. and is just over 6'. They are charging me $3000 with the skull cleaning and I thought it was a bit steep but it sounds fairly in line with some of these quotes.

He's not super cheap but I've seen pictures of his work and it is very good so I'm comfortable with it. It is my best bear to date. Still a lot of money though.

From: Country boy Date: 27-Jan-10
Anyone got a picture of a shoulder mount bear ? I haden"t considered this option. Thanks for all your input and pictures.

From: bigmike Date: 18-Mar-10
I am also having a full bear mount at Swan Valley taxidermy. Yes the cost might be a tad higher, however I've seen the fuinished product and the mount is awsome. It is certainly worth the extra bucks. Big Mike

From: milnrick Date: 18-Mar-10
We paid right at $1100 for the first bear rug and having a second hide just tanned - using a Jacaques Pitre's Tannery/Taxidermy Shop in Caraquet, NB.

We paid around $1600 for a life size mount with skull cleaning - using Dale Robinson in Berwick NB.

We paid 'around' $1900 for two 1/2 body mounts sitting side by side in a 'Cave Mount' with skull cleaning - using Dale Robinson, Berwick NB.

From: delmag1942 Date: 18-Mar-10
Country boy,

Those prices are inline. The taxidermists that I deal with will through the skull cleanup in. If not do it yourself. All you need is a propane turkey cooker and an old dutch oven. About 18 beers of boiling and it is done *minus painting/sealing*!

From: guidermd Date: 18-Mar-10
those prices are right in line. prices vary a few hundred bucks place to place, so less than $300 difference means basically the same price. its probably best to have the mounting money ready when you go on your hunt, that way some unlucky taxidermist doesn't get stuck with work that can't be picked up(see other post on "taxidermist sold my mount") if you don't kill anything, or decided not to have it mounted, you just gave yourself a $2000 treat. that would probably pay for your next bear hunt. i've taken a number of huge bears, and size does matter!! several of my black bears required grizzly forms, so that made a difference. you can always have the hide tanned and leave it at that. or have it tanned and put backing on yourself. best of luck

From: droptine101 Date: 18-Mar-10

droptine101's embedded Photo

I would not look at price but quality of the work. If you get a great price and the mount is done poorly it is worthless. I paid $1500 for this mount which is a high price but it was worth the quality of the work.

From: ryanrc Date: 18-Mar-10
droptine that bear is awesome!

From: masemaamed Date: 19-Mar-10

masemaamed's embedded Photo

Bear Shot this fall $800 for the mount and $50 for the skull.

From: patience2spare Date: 19-Mar-10
Could someone post a pic of their tanned bear that was not a rug? Interested to see what that looks like. Thanks. Pete

From: tjsna Date: 21-Mar-10
My son shot his black bear in 08 took it to the tax. in fall of 09 and it will be done in a couple of weeks. Skull $100 Full body $1300-bear weighed 280 We are doing the base ourselves,will post a pic when we get it home. Chad Johnson,Abingdon,IL is doing the mount and he does awesome work. He just mounted the pending new IL. state record non-typical whitetail..Not a bad mount biggest problem was the guy that shot it as he does not care about how great it looked as he stated "they are just going to tear it apart after I SELL it and make repros"

From: Elkstuffer Date: 22-Mar-10

Elkstuffer's embedded Photo

Here is a shoulder mount for you Country boy. I charged $725 for this mount. A closed mouth shldr runs $575. A rug runs $155 ln/ft measured from nose to base of tail. $150 extra for open mouth. Lifesize is $2450 and 1/2 lifesize $1650 and extra for open mouth. European skulls are $100

From: Elkstuffer Date: 22-Mar-10

Elkstuffer's embedded Photo

Here's one with the mouth closed

From: 4406v Date: 22-Mar-10
I had a 244 lb bear lifesize mounted for $925 it would have cost $800 to have a rug made.Either way INCLUDED having the skull bleached and sealed.For the extra $125 my choice was easy.If it would have been as much as some of you are quoting I would have had a tough decision.

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Subject: RE: average cost of a bear mount ?

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