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Who would you recommend for Mt.Lion Hunt



Messages posted to thread:
bowfinatic 01-Feb-10
CritterGetter 01-Feb-10
Bou'bound 01-Feb-10
kota-man 01-Feb-10
Hawkeye 01-Feb-10
Trophy8 01-Feb-10
arctichill 01-Feb-10
Waterfowler 01-Feb-10
BoostedRob 01-Feb-10
Chris Durando 02-Feb-10
Busta'Ribs 02-Feb-10
kota-man 02-Feb-10
NYATI 02-Feb-10
Beachtree 02-Feb-10
Tyler 02-Feb-10
huntdoug 02-Feb-10
MaBow 03-Feb-10
Bou'bound 03-Feb-10
Waterfowler 04-Feb-10
Extreme Predator 04-Feb-10
Tyler 04-Feb-10
Harvester 13-Feb-10
WVBOW 13-Feb-10
Homebru 19-Feb-10
Bob L. 20-Feb-10
standswittaknife 20-Feb-10
Hoop 20-Feb-10
BoostedRob 21-Feb-10
Hoop 24-Feb-10
Hoop 24-Feb-10
BoostedRob 24-Feb-10

Mineshaft Lion
by FullCryHounds

Four Mountain Lions
by CO_Bowhunter

Cat vs. Avian X decoy
by Mt. man

Alberta Cougar 2014
by SS75

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From: bowfinatic Date: 01-Feb-10
Looking to do some cat hunting in the next year or two. Any suggestions on good outfitters and price range thanks jk

From: CritterGetter Date: 01-Feb-10
PM sent!

From: Bou'bound Date: 01-Feb-10
Tracks N Trails outfitters in AB. hey you never said 10K was too much!

From: kota-man Date: 01-Feb-10
If you gotta have a "Booner" go with Tracks N Trails (about $9500). If not there is a host of others that will do well for you. I just returned from a hunt with John Cassidy, Cougar Outfitters and had a great trip, capping it off with a great cat. I think Cougar Outfitters is now charging $6000.

Most of the stateside guys get $3500-$5500, (The Neilson Brothers -Sunrise, Doyle Worington - J&D Outfitters, Mule Shoe etc.) and are reputable.

From: Hawkeye Date: 01-Feb-10
I also booked a hunt with John Cassidy, and Waterfowler and Kota had successful hunts with him. I agree that TNT is top notch also but a bit more expensive. Again, good state side guys also but after 0-2 in the states I thought i'd try the north country. Even if you don't get one- nearly all cat country is awesome in regards to scenery!

From: Trophy8 Date: 01-Feb-10
Contact Doyle Worbington...J&D Outfitters in CO. Straight up honest guy and works hard for you.

From: arctichill Date: 01-Feb-10
In my honest opinion, Orville Fletcher of New Mexico is the best lion hunter that has ever lived. He may very well still be guiding, but is now well into his 80's. I would recommend him any day. Not sure how to find him, but if you Google him you may be able to find him. I had the honor of hunting with him a few years back and will never forget the experience. He's a true legend.

From: Waterfowler Date: 01-Feb-10
How many times do you want to go before killing a cat? Do you just want to "experience" hunt cougars or kill one?

How much you are willing to spend will more than likely determine your chances. Alberta is about as good as it gets. I'm not saying that as a slam to US guides as there are some wonderful outfitters stateside whom I'm sure can guide you to a nice lion. Some are even members here.

Its better to pay once and get it done than buy a hunt with a "bounce back" and have to go two or three times even at half price. Airline tickets aren't free either are tags & license and a waste of vacation time.

Ask the right questions ( no matter whom you choose)

Get names & dates & call,call,call

If two out of five have to "bounce back" think long and hard.

From: BoostedRob Date: 01-Feb-10
I'm two for two on book cats with TNT, and going back for a third next season. The money you spend with Byron is definitely worth it. The TNT crew is a great group of guys with great hounds, and top notch equipment.

From: Chris Durando Date: 02-Feb-10
Any delay in bringing the lion hide across the border from Canada to the US with CITES? Thinking of 2011 as well.

From: Busta'Ribs Date: 02-Feb-10

Busta'Ribs's Supporting Link

Admittedly, I'm one of Byron Stewart's biggest shills. And I suppose there are other very good lion hunters out there that you should certainly research for your hunt.

But if you want the absolute best chance to kill a huge tom then Byron is your guy. His track record is unmatched and his consistency on top end toms is simply amazing. It is equivalent to a whitetail outfitter that averages 170 class deer. Unheard of.

Expensive, yes. But it will be one and done and you'll have your big tom. And you may be surprised how much fun you have in the process.

It's funny, I booked with Byron because I had a poor 1st Cougar hunt with a less expensive outfitter and I really needed to get a cat and move on to another species. But after doing one hunt with Byron, I absolutely plan on doing it again. It's that good.

Have a look at the link for my hunt story and photos.

From: kota-man Date: 02-Feb-10
Chris...Yes the Cites is now a delayed process as the Cites must now come out of Ottawa. Takes about 30 days.

From: NYATI Date: 02-Feb-10
J&D Outfitters, Doyle Worbington! He has a dozen cats killed this year so far, biggest being a 163lbs and smallest 120lbs.

From: Beachtree Date: 02-Feb-10
Cat Track Oufitters. they have a web page.

From: Tyler Date: 02-Feb-10
Leroy Neilson I took a big tom with him this year reasonable priced i am young cant afford to hunt BC or Alberta even tho i am canadian

From: DENNISOMFS Date: 02-Feb-10
I'm with Tyler (and actually from Tyler!)...The Neilson's , Leroy or Lloyd (Sunrise Outfitters in Utah)...spectacular country...hard hunt with lots of cliffs and cliff dwellings!

From: huntdoug Date: 02-Feb-10

huntdoug's embedded Photo

got it done with Leroy Sunrise Outfitters Utah

From: MaBow Date: 03-Feb-10
A MT Lion hunt is one of those hunts that you should do it right the first time. If not it gets real expensive going a second or third time to get it done. I know it took me 3 tries to get a cougar. For what it cost to go on 2 hunts I could have paid less to go to Alberta once. You may go on one of the inexpensive hunts and shoot a nice cat but they usually have only about a 60% success rate and they do shoot alot of smaller cats. So choose wisely.

From: Bou'bound Date: 03-Feb-10
Tyler you were lucky as you were one of the about 50% at best that seem to get one with Leroy on trip 1. Lots of guys on here have hunted there and to a man they have praised his issue there. the fact is though the hit rate on cats over the past few years on the hunts that have been reported back here from out there, including input from hunters who speak to how those before them made out, is about 50%. So at that rate someone hunting with Lloyd or leroy or whoever they use is going twice. even at a bounceback rates the incidental logistical costs are not cheap and when time is factored in as well as opportunity cost it gets more expensive than just what you fork over to the outfitter.


I agree with MAbow. it took me 4 trips from 2002-2005. the outfitter cost was 3000, free, free, and 1500. the incidental logistical costs from four trips to UT, rental cars, hotels, food, tips etc. that were not covered in the outfitter tab for the four hunts was probably 5,000 over the four years. in the end the lion cost me about 9,500 then. add in four plus weeks of vacation vs. one and the costs really add up.

now if you look at your lion as a search and destroy mission, that is get it booked, tree it, kill it, mount it, and count it......... then go big the first time.

if you look at your pursuit of a cat as an adventure that could last an hour a day or a month and you want to enjoy the uncertainty and anticipate of when success will happen over a number of years and spend a lot of days in the field go "mid range" on costs and see what happens. you may get lucky or you may travel across the country 2-3-4 times.

if i had to do it now, starting from scratch, i would go high end............experience a sure thing barring a cataclysmic occurance which could happen anywhere...........and move onto another species the next year vs. repeating an attempt at a cat.

From: Waterfowler Date: 04-Feb-10
Just mailed my check to Byron Stewart, for his first opening is in the 2012 season. Whats that tell you ?

I got a tom my first time (a few weeks ago) but am looking for a "larger" specimen for a particular mount I have in mind. Judging by Byrons photos I should be in good hands.

From: Extreme Predator Date: 04-Feb-10
Bobby Farmer ..SE Utah and Colorado.

He got a collared one of 15 inches 2 miles east of me in Beaver CANYON, Sm County, COL Archer used a recurve.

From: Tyler Date: 04-Feb-10
bou bound. I went with leroy on 3 seperate trips im 19 years old and cant afford to drop 10 grand on one hunt thats why i choose the risk of a "non guaranteed" hunt. hunting is hunting there is lots of luck involved. i killed my cat on the 14th day of hunting. I can say both Leroy and I worked hard at it and i have many many great memories of all my trips. although my total cost of cat hunts added up to just under what a "90%" success rate hunt would cost i have no regrets. i would rather work for my animal then be on call for good snow and have a one day hunt. just my opinion. everyone is different. I also got to experience this with my dad who came along with me on the third hunt and got my kill on video.The original post was someone looking for a good outfitter and price range i just put in my two cents from my experience. bottom line is Leroy is a great guide.


From: Harvester Date: 13-Feb-10

Harvester's embedded Photo

Lobo Outfitters, Pagosa Springs Colorado

From: WVBOW Date: 13-Feb-10

I have been doing some research, and may end up going with these guys.

Harvester, great picture!


From: Homebru Date: 19-Feb-10
Depends what you want. homebru

From: Bob L. Date: 20-Feb-10
I know a good lion guide and great all around guide in eastern Nevada. Pm me if you are interested. Honest hard working guy. Bob

From: standswittaknife Date: 20-Feb-10
try to look up the Canterbury's in Howard Colorado. very good cat hunters.

From: Hoop Date: 20-Feb-10
I would check out HanA outfitters .Andy killes some big cats every year and knows what he is doing. Or give him a call 505 470 1145.

From: BoostedRob Date: 21-Feb-10
I've hunted with H & A before (not for lion), but can't say I'd recommend them.

From: Hoop Date: 24-Feb-10

Hoop's embedded Photo

2008 Cat from H an A.

From: Hoop Date: 24-Feb-10

Hoop's embedded Photo

From: BoostedRob Date: 24-Feb-10
It depends on what you're looking for. If you really want an "un-biased" opinion and recommendation, contact Phil Soucy ( Not only does he handle more lions than anyone in North America, but he has a wealth of knowledge and knows these cats like no one else. I know of a lot of outfitters from Canada to New Mexico that use him. He helped me make up my mind. Each outfit has their pros and their cons.

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