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Colorado Unit 76 Help?



Messages posted to thread:
Elk Assassin 12-Feb-10
Beendare 12-Feb-10
DonVathome 12-Feb-10
Elk Assassin 13-Feb-10
Elk Assassin 16-Feb-10
ben 16-Feb-10
C Weeks 17-Feb-10
Scoot 17-Feb-10
Rick M 17-Feb-10
Beendare 17-Feb-10
Skeet 17-Feb-10
sticksender 17-Feb-10
deadeye 17-Feb-10
Rick M 18-Feb-10
Txnrog 18-Feb-10
Elk Assassin 18-Feb-10
BuglemIn 18-Feb-10
Stick 18-Feb-10
elkmo 18-Feb-10
DonVathome 18-Feb-10
Norseman 18-Feb-10
MQ1 18-Feb-10
Norseman 18-Feb-10
sticksender 18-Feb-10
DonVathome 18-Feb-10
DonVathome 19-Feb-10
Paul @ the Fort 19-Feb-10
LKH 19-Feb-10
Graveyard 06-Mar-10
Beendare 06-Mar-10

3d range with my daughter.
by Michigan Hunter

Time at the wallow
by Lone Bugle

Four Young Bulls at Treestand Wallow
by CO_Bowhunter

Destroying the Myth
by shb

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From: Elk Assassin Date: 12-Feb-10

I've been a DIY otc'er for my entire 10 year elk hunting career, but with my backyard Northern Gunnison Basin units going limited I need to unload my points this year so I can try to hunt in the Gunny Basin from here on out. Long story short-I am going to pull a unit 76 tag and bowhunt elk the last two weeks of the season with weekends and holidays thrown in for good measure.

Due to a new baby due in late May, I won't have a ton of time to scout this summer, some, but not enough. I would be grateful if anyone has any info to get me started as far as general areas to look for elk, or specific areas if you don't have any plans to return and don't mind sharing. I plan on car camping, so distance from roads is an issue and I am hoping to find a number of reasonably accessible areas to put some boot leather down in this summer. I've gained a bit of knowledge from past threads, but any info to get me started would be much appreciated. Doug Dillingham Ohio City, Colorado

From: Beendare Date: 12-Feb-10
I'll see you there- lets stay in touch

From: DonVathome Date: 12-Feb-10
Look west around Rio Grande Reservoir!

Look HIGH.

Easy to find herds above treeline. Really easy. Get some good optics and look.

Great hunt. Wish I could go back.

From: Elk Assassin Date: 13-Feb-10

From: Elk Assassin Date: 16-Feb-10

From: ben Date: 16-Feb-10
If you do an advanced search and type in 'unit 76' there will be a lot of info there. If you do an advanced search on monster muleys and type in 'rocketman' you'll find a ton of photos and some info too.

From: C Weeks Date: 17-Feb-10
Look at west Pole Creek Mountain drainages.

From: Scoot Date: 17-Feb-10
Doug and others, how many points does it take for a NR to pull a unit 76 tag?

From: Rick M Date: 17-Feb-10
9 minimum and getting worse! 76 has one of the worst points creep in the state.

From: Beendare Date: 17-Feb-10
I don't think that "9 min" is accurate. Its been awhile since I looked but it seems to me most NR drew with 8 a few with 7. Now I do think Rick is correct saying the point creep is especially bad for this unit. I think alot of guys like me are tired of accumulating points and are willing to just use them even if 76 is only avg-compared to other states limited units- and not even close to the prime units I have hunted in NM, AZ and UT

From: Skeet Date: 17-Feb-10
Good luck with your hunt I have 10 nr points and am also looking hard at this unit. (I figure by the time I draw 61 I'll be too old to even hunt it)

Now when you say it is only average are you talking size of bulls or number of elk?

From: sticksender Date: 17-Feb-10
assassin- You didn't say how many resident points you have but if you've been collecting them all 10 years, you might have other alternatives for unit choice if a little more travel distance is an option? In 2009 residents needed 4 PP to draw 76 archery (40% drew with 4pp).

scoot- in 2009 it took 9pp to guarantee a NR archery tag in 76. While 19 of 40 drew with 8pp. With last year being supposedly an "off year", more creep is likely in 2010. If this unit eventually succumbs to the NR 20% cap, the NR minimum pts to draw will get really ugly.


From: deadeye Date: 17-Feb-10
I was one of the nr that put in last year with 8pp and didnt draw. Will be going to wy this year and dont think I will put in for 76, hope its not a big mistake. I think alot of people will be cashing in this year for this unit.

From: Rick M Date: 18-Feb-10
Assassin, check back if you draw, there should be a few guys on here that can help out since most won't be drawing again anytime soon. I will be cashing in on 76 as soon as I can pull the tag. Good luck

From: Txnrog Date: 18-Feb-10
It's generally going to be an interesting year for guessing the points game. You have ~3,000 archers (res & non) who have been displaced from the gunnison units, assuming half have been accruing points, you're looking at 1,500 people with a couple to many points in their pocket looking to draw. I bet 2nd chance gunny is going to be a crap shoot too since most who hunted there in the past will play that game.

From: Elk Assassin Date: 18-Feb-10
Hey fellas, Thanks so much for those of you who have responded to this thread or the many folks that have PM'd me. I have 6 resident points and am pretty confident that I will draw, although as someone mentioned, there will be the wildcard of all of the Gunny Basin hunters that have been unwillingly displaced who may have a heap of points accumulated. It would truly be a bummer to put in for 76, not draw and not be able to pull a 551 or 55 tag as a 2nd choice. Can't even imagine not getting to hunt elk in the Gunnison Basin, but I suppose there would be a chance of that happening if I put in for 76.

Anyway, still looking for any additional info to put with what I already have to get a good picture of where to start looking as the smow recedes. Thanks guys. Doug Dillingham Ohio City, CO.

From: BuglemIn Date: 18-Feb-10
We drew last year with 8 pp what a rugged place!!!!!

From: Stick Date: 18-Feb-10
So, what you fellows are saying is I am spitting into the wind this year with 7 pps as far as unit 76 is concerned and even next year with 8 it is doubtful. If the unit does start to creep up, I don't think I will be able to catch it. Should I be looking at another draw unit in Co., if so will anyone share what they think is a decent unit other than the obvious ones that I may never have enough points to draw. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated here, since I have been hunting OTC units for so many years.


From: elkmo Date: 18-Feb-10
I spoke with DOW this week and as of now 76 is not 80/20. How does a unit become 80/20 again, it thought it was based on the number of resident point required, right?


From: DonVathome Date: 18-Feb-10
correct elkmo I think 2 years averagin over 5 pnts res.

I know a TON of guys with 7 and I think they will not draw until 2012 at best. Lots of creep. 3 points the last 4 years. Tons of guys bailing off the top and 76 is their only option.

From: Norseman Date: 18-Feb-10
I might "bail" soon with my 14 points

From: MQ1 Date: 18-Feb-10
I think I might cash in with 14 PP!!!!!!!!!!

From: Norseman Date: 18-Feb-10
I will trade my 14 Co PP for 1 more AZ bonus point.

From: sticksender Date: 18-Feb-10
-In 2007 no NR used more than 9 points to draw 76 archery.
-In 2008 several NR dumped as many as 11 points to draw it.
-In 2009 twice as many used 11 points to draw as in the prior year, and two NR actually used 15 and 16 points to draw the tag.

Are you seeing a trend here? ;-)

Elk Assassin, sorry for the posts wandering off-topic. I hope you obtain some good input for your planned hunt.

From: DonVathome Date: 18-Feb-10
2006 some guys with 6 points drew

From: DonVathome Date: 19-Feb-10

DonVathome's embedded Photo

This otta help the odds :)

From: Paul @ the Fort Date: 19-Feb-10
Txnrog. According to Division stats, approx 1700 resident and nonresident bow hunters hunted elk in units 54,55,and 551 in the Gunny basin. If bow hunter numbers are reduced by 50%, then only 850 bow hunters will be seeking other places to hunt, not 1,500. Regards, Paul

From: LKH Date: 19-Feb-10
I've got a dozen pts and if I don't draw my WY tag with max points there, I'll be putting in for 76. I'm 62 and better get it done soon.

Someone gave me a drop camp packer's name and I spoke to the fellow, then lost the note. If you know of one in 76, please PM me.


From: Graveyard Date: 06-Mar-10
I know of 4 guys for sure that are applying for the 2010 archery hunt and each have 12 points.

From: Beendare Date: 06-Mar-10
Seems there is a proposal to have an early rifle tag in 76. Not sure when it will take effect if at all.

Probably be a good idea to tell DOW what a crummy idea this is.

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