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Messages posted to thread:
Bowboy 18-Feb-10
sticksender 18-Feb-10
Skeet 18-Feb-10
Big Fin 18-Feb-10
panick 18-Feb-10
Ackie 18-Feb-10
bman9900 18-Feb-10
Frank Sanders 18-Feb-10
Ackie 19-Feb-10
GG NYC 19-Feb-10
Hunts_with_stick 19-Feb-10

A Badger Tried to Climb my Ladder Stand!
by Bowhuntress
by Bishop Archery

71# Morrison ILF Max 1 limbs.
by pdk25

VPA Non-Vented Broadhead Flight
by Bishop Archery

Put Your Video Clip Here!

From: Bowboy Date: 18-Feb-10

Bowboy's Supporting Link

From: sticksender Date: 18-Feb-10
Congratulations to the winners. If they'd ever open those raffles up to non-attendees, I'd buy tickets every year. And I'm sure thousands of other guys from the eastern 2/3 of the country would as well.

From: Skeet Date: 18-Feb-10
I agree its great for the residents but a little hard for others to attend

From: Big Fin Date: 18-Feb-10
Seacat's got a big smile today. Congrats Mark.

From: panick Date: 18-Feb-10
it is open to nonresidents,you just have to be there in person to validate it .Not much going on in Feb anyway,been there twice class act show,never seen so many beautiful women at a hunting show.Its a must see.

From: Ackie Date: 18-Feb-10
Utah Native and yes I think the women here are the best looking! My draw was $100.00 donation

From: bman9900 Date: 18-Feb-10
Yeah, isn't Seacat 2 for 2 the past two years in Utah? The man has the touch!

From: Frank Sanders Date: 18-Feb-10
You've got to be kidding me!!! I'm an outfitter in Alaska and I drew a Once in A Lifetime Tag, for Mountain Goat! One of the primary species I guide for. Wish they were transferable, would trade for a good elk or deer tag!

From: Ackie Date: 19-Feb-10
Transfers would be good! but no such thing!

From: GG NYC Date: 19-Feb-10
yeah, Mark drew a nice muzzleloader tag.

From: Hunts_with_stick Date: 19-Feb-10
Man, I sure hope I have some luck in drawing this year. Although the only luck I tend to have is bad luck?

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