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Bear Claw Necklace



Messages posted to thread:
Adventurewriter 11-Apr-10
bowriter 11-Apr-10
Adventurewriter 12-Apr-10
76aggie 12-Apr-10
bigbuckhunter 12-Apr-10
Adventurewriter 13-Apr-10
greatbasin 10-May-10
timberghost 10-May-10
bigbuckhunter 11-May-10
Adventurewriter 12-May-10
moon 12-May-10
moon 12-May-10
Sharp Stick 12-May-10
Bill in MI 13-May-10
Bill in MI 13-May-10
inthegate 28-Dec-10
inthegate 28-Dec-10
inthegate 28-Dec-10
medicinemann 28-Dec-10
inthegate 29-Dec-10

2016 bear hunting rifle
by MarcelCote

Boar & Sow
by MF

Archery Bear, Lake Douglas Newfoundland
by Zack

Black bear hunt Éric Pelletier 2016
by MarcelCote

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From: Adventurewriter Date: 11-Apr-10
Hey I have a bunch of Black Bear claws and am gonna make a Mountain man necklace for fun. I am pretty sure how I am going to make it....would love to see some examples if anyone has one they have made. Believe it or not Boulder Colorado (liberalville) is homebase for me and I think I will start wearing it around town just to see what people say....ha...

From: bowriter Date: 11-Apr-10
Friend of mine, outdoor writer from CA has the most beautifull one I have ever seen. Talked to a jewler frined and asked what it would cost to do one like it. Lost all interest in having one done. All his claws were set in gold. But man it was pretty.

From: Adventurewriter Date: 12-Apr-10
I was thinking of more wrapping the bases in rawhide and a few touches of maybe blue and red earthtone paint....sort of like and Indian might have....I want one to look authentic

Whoa set in gold sounds interesting for sure...

From: 76aggie Date: 12-Apr-10

I would like for you to post pics if you get the necklace done. I have been saving some claws for a couple of years to do just that but just never got around to it and I am not exactly a creative "artsy" kind of guy. Nothing fancy, but something along the lines of what you describe could be interesting and kind of neat.

From: bigbuckhunter Date: 12-Apr-10
i have claws and really want to make a necklace please posts some pics

From: Adventurewriter Date: 13-Apr-10
I have several other projects going right now so it won't be anytime soon but for sure I will post a picture.

I'm not sure I am going to do it like this but if you were to cut maybe 1/4 inch 'wafers' from a small diammeter deer horn for spacers....and a few turquiose beads which should be easy to get online or a local bead shop it should be a good start. Really easy to take copper wire and make a clasp and pound it flat with a hammer so you have two opposing S shapes...

From: greatbasin Date: 10-May-10

greatbasin's Supporting Link

This is a really basic claw necklace I did with canine teeth and lava and coral beads.


From: timberghost Date: 10-May-10

timberghost's embedded Photo

A few months back somebody started a Bear Claw Necklace thread and I posted this photo. This is an bear claw necklace made by an Algonquin Indian from the Eagle Village First Nation near Kipawa Quebec.

Greatbasin, That looks like the bottom jaw to a great white shark !! very neat that took some time to make....


From: bigbuckhunter Date: 11-May-10
those are both very cool.

From: Adventurewriter Date: 12-May-10
Cool stuff....

From: moon Date: 12-May-10

moon's embedded Photo

From: moon Date: 12-May-10

moon's embedded Photo

From: Sharp Stick Date: 12-May-10
Anyone have a good jeweler that can do a good job making a single grizz claw pendant? With just a simple silver or gold cap style…

From: Bill in MI Date: 13-May-10

Bill in MI's embedded Photo

Something like this?

here is mine....side 1

A small piece of inlaid elk ivory.

Bill in MI

From: Bill in MI Date: 13-May-10

Bill in MI's embedded Photo

here is mine....side 2

14k gold, platinum arrow, a ruby in the crude arrow head.

The piece it nicer in person of course and it is not particularly clean or shiny new any more.

So I'd say yes to the question above.

Bill in MI

From: inthegate Date: 28-Dec-10

inthegate's embedded Photo

inthegate's Supporting Link

hi guys! ... i also do claw work in pure silver ... i use gemstones etc, ...

i have a few web shops the main claw shop is: ...

to see the 'sold' claws, double click on the blue 'sales' on the left hand side and it will take you to the claws that have sold ...

i will include pics here too ... it you are interested contact me ... :0)

From: inthegate Date: 28-Dec-10

inthegate's embedded Photo

more styles: some are feminine styles ...

From: inthegate Date: 28-Dec-10

inthegate's embedded Photo

i have taken these pictures in SUPER macro mode to show as much detail as possible but it makes the claws appear 'ruff' ... they are actually hand buffed polished to a beautiful shine ...

From: medicinemann Date: 28-Dec-10
Those are some pretty cool pieces.....I wish I had checked this thread BEFORE Christmas.....

From: inthegate Date: 29-Dec-10

inthegate's embedded Photo

thank you ...

lol ... oh well, maybe next christmas :0) ...

i just listed one in my shop that i set with black diamonds ... it came out nice ...

if you hear of anyone looking to have their bear claw set in a cap ... point them my way ...

happy new year! :0)

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