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Devilfan 12-Apr-10
hoytcountry 12-Apr-10
Hawkarcher 12-Apr-10
NvaGvUp 12-Apr-10
Hawkarcher 12-Apr-10
SDHNTR 12-Apr-10
StickFlicker 12-Apr-10
PAGuardian 12-Apr-10
capehunter1 13-Apr-10
From: Devilfan
How much cholesterol does venison have in it? Is it higher or lower than beef?

From: hoytcountry
lower less marbling

From: Hawkarcher
Lower fat but similar cholesterol to beef is what I've read.

From: NvaGvUp
Less than beef by a fair amount. Elk is even better - less cholesterol than white meat turkey!

From: Hawkarcher
That's good that I was misinformed Nva. Love venison of all types.

I just recently researched this issue. I eat a ton of venison (virtually no beef) and I recently had a borderline high cholesterol test. I assumed that since the red meat I eat is low in fat I was fine and could eat it all the time. Wrong. Realize that fat and cholesterol are not the same and are not necessarily correlated. Yes, venison has much lower fat and caloric content, but cholesterol levels are comparable to slightly higher in some cases.

Just google the subject and you will find lots of info. The consensus is that cholestorol levels of venison are comparable to beef.

From: StickFlicker
There are also good and bad cholestorols, with game meet being much higher in the good cholestorols (which help lower the bad cholestorol levels).

From: PAGuardian
SDHNTR is correct. Fats (triglycerides in medical jargon) are different than cholesterol (LDLs and HDLs). With venison being more lean it can help you lose weight but it really is not the cholesterol solution. If you want to lower cholesterol via dietary changes you have to cut back on red meats of all kinds.

From: capehunter1
SDHNTR is absolutely correct on all points. Almost the same exact thing I went through with a cholesterol reading of 288 after eating almost nothing but venison for a year! I changed my diet, reduced my meat intake to 4-5 times a week (with smaller portions), and my cholesterol plummeted over 90 points in just a couple months. Enjoy your deer, but do it in moderation.

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