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Google Earth- Best way to print ?



Messages posted to thread:
straightshooter 14-May-10
WapitiBob 15-May-10
straightshooter 15-May-10
The Old Sarge 15-May-10
WapitiBob 15-May-10
WapitiBob 15-May-10
Elk Hunter 16-May-10
cnelk 16-May-10
Purdue 16-May-10
WapitiBob 16-May-10
straightshooter 17-May-10
GBTG 17-May-10
The Old Sarge 17-May-10
WapitiBob 17-May-10

3d range with my daughter.
by Michigan Hunter

Time at the wallow
by Lone Bugle

Four Young Bulls at Treestand Wallow
by CO_Bowhunter

Destroying the Myth
by shb

Put Your Video Clip Here!

From: straightshooter Date: 14-May-10
Can anyone tell me a good way to print these pictures? I can only get about a half page and not sure how to get closer and a full page. Do you then piece the pics together? Thanks SS

From: WapitiBob Date: 15-May-10
I just print them. They come out fine.

From: straightshooter Date: 15-May-10
Thanks Bob?

From: The Old Sarge Date: 15-May-10

It sounds like a problem with your printer setup or maybe the interface with GE.

If I want the biggest pictures possible, I save the image to a file and edit it with my picture program and adjust the size to whatever I want.

That help?

The Old Sarge

From: WapitiBob Date: 15-May-10
the printer should automatically scale whatever you send it. When the print dialog box pops up, you pick a printer to send it to if you have multiples, then you pick the "preferences" button. Because the document is treated as an "image" it is handled differently then a written paper. Click on the preferences button and it will bring up the options for printing the image. From there, select the best way to print the image. After you select a way to print, it will show the associated paper size.

This might be where your problem is coming from.

From: WapitiBob Date: 15-May-10

WapitiBob's embedded Photo

this may help. Not sure if this is the problem area but it's worth looking at.

From: Elk Hunter Date: 16-May-10
Just wondering if anybody has ever tried downloading a map section to a disk and then took it to Costco and had them print out a map? Cause I know they'll print pictures from a disk so I didnt know if you could do this with a section of GE.

From: cnelk Date: 16-May-10
MSN (Bing)Aerial Maps print much clearer than GE

From: Purdue Date: 16-May-10
I use a Mac and have the same problem as straightshooter. There is no way to get a full page print when working directly from Google Earth.

I just now tried saving the image as a document and then moved the "document" (jpg image) to iPhoto. I next doctored the jpg image with iPhoto's editor (not a requirement) and then printed it.

For the first time I got a full page print of a Google Earth image.

Thanks Sarge.

From: WapitiBob Date: 16-May-10
After further review..... It appears the app won't change the scale of the image. Since the image on the screen won't correctly scale to an 8 1/2 x 11 area, there will be an unprintable area.

From: straightshooter Date: 17-May-10
Thanks to everyone! Have not had time to try sugestions but will soon. Bowsiters are the best!!! SS

From: GBTG Date: 17-May-10
I just take my digital camera on close up setting and take pictures of my screen and then take them to Walmart for printing. I like to use acme mapper I take a picture of the screen in topo then move to satellite on the ecact same area and take a picture. Now I have a picture and corresponding topo of the area. I label them and have different levels of zoom of my area. I carry them in a ziploc bag in my pocket for easy referencing. In GE you can include the longitude and latitude grid for easy navigation.

From: The Old Sarge Date: 17-May-10
Take digital pictures to WalMart for developing? ??? I'm confused ... lol

From: WapitiBob Date: 17-May-10
Do you really need the Sat or Topo map to fill that lower 2"?

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Subject: RE: Google Earth- Best way to print ?

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