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130" 8 point



Messages posted to thread:
Lordsarcher 17-May-10
Genesis 17-May-10
MNRazorhead 17-May-10
bill brown 17-May-10
Sage Buffalo 17-May-10
Lordsarcher 17-May-10
Lordsarcher 17-May-10
MNRazorhead 17-May-10
Genesis 17-May-10
Brigham54 17-May-10
Foodplot 17-May-10
midwest 17-May-10
goosedog 17-May-10
Trapper 17-May-10
bowtechcountry 18-May-10
Cedars Edge 19-May-10
Sage Buffalo 22-May-10
Carpn 22-May-10
wapiti270 23-May-10
Charlie Rehor 23-May-10
JUSTHUNT1 24-May-10

The Lakosky's Whitetail Management
by Hagy

Early Season Doe
by Basinboy

Coues Deer with Diamond Outfitters of AZ
by DiamondOutfitrz

Bloodtrail 39 Kill Shot
by Pat Lefemine

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From: Lordsarcher Date: 17-May-10

Lordsarcher's embedded Photo

Just trying to figure out how to post pictures. And hopefully show off my 2004 deer.

From: Genesis Date: 17-May-10
I gotta say that guy looks larger than 130...Congrats!

From: MNRazorhead Date: 17-May-10
It worked. I agree with Steve, that looks like mid-140's, maybe high 140's.

From: bill brown Date: 17-May-10
That is a pretty nice buck. I tend to agree with Genesis.

From: Sage Buffalo Date: 17-May-10

Sage Buffalo's embedded Photo

That's why pics are so deceiving. The buck is missing width on its spread.

Here is a picture of my buck last year that is mid-130's.

From: Lordsarcher Date: 17-May-10

Lordsarcher's embedded Photo

Sage Buffalo is correct the spread is only 12&6/8". He only had 1" deduction. I am really proud of the deer because it was my first wall hanger. In fact the four point in the left of the pic has a 15" inside spread.

From: Lordsarcher Date: 17-May-10

Lordsarcher's embedded Photo

sorry, forgot to rotate the pic.

From: MNRazorhead Date: 17-May-10
Wow, amazing what a different camera angle will do. Very nice buck!

From: Genesis Date: 17-May-10
That buck still looks over 130!

You can get alot of score on a 12-14" spread

From: Brigham54 Date: 17-May-10
I always said its easier to score em once they are in your truck!!!! nice trophy for sure.

From: Foodplot Date: 17-May-10
Width is only one measurement.I have seen several deer over 200 inches with under a 17 inch inside spread.

From: midwest Date: 17-May-10

From: goosedog Date: 17-May-10
Beautiful deer, makes the wait for next season that much harder!

From: Trapper Date: 17-May-10
Nice buck!Great job. I was fooled too. I started a post on wisconsin forums. Called "Let's have some fun" had 37 posts to it. Average guess on my buck was 138. Actual was 129 7/8.

From: bowtechcountry Date: 18-May-10
nice you should be proud

From: Cedars Edge (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 19-May-10
beautifull buck I would be proud as a new pappa even if i had no idea what he scored congrats!

From: Sage Buffalo Date: 22-May-10
I agree with the others. To be honest, scoring deer is a good way to gauge size but it's virtually meaningless.

For example, the buck in my picture had been seen all summer on our game cams.

I hunted him all during archery and got close on a couple of occasions but it never worked out. I am talking 12+ hour sits because he was coming out at random times. I was obsessed. I had it bad.

Well, I picked up my Muzzelloader and wouldn't you know it he came into bow range and I shot him. I actually missed and then he came back out 2 minutes later with his buddy who told him the coast was clear. Too funny. It's on video and I can't for the life of me understand how he didn't hear me reloading at 40 yards!!!

I was so stoked to have him o the ground because I have so many pictures of him. He was just a stud of a buck. He looked like a thoroughbred out there.

I will disagree with other above. It's hard for a buck to score really high with a 12-13 inch spread. My buck has 12 inch G2's and G3s. Had he had a 17 inch spread he would have been mid-140s and 22" spread mid-150s.

From: Carpn Date: 22-May-10
Nice buck for sure...does look bigger than 130....If he is 130 with a 12" spread then he woulda only been 135 with a 17" spread....As long as all other measurement remain the same. Congrats on a neat deer

From: wapiti270 Date: 23-May-10
Nice whitetail, but a creepy looking pronghorn mount.

From: Charlie Rehor Date: 23-May-10

From: JUSTHUNT1 Date: 24-May-10
A friend of mine shot 15 point buck that was a 7x8 and had 14" inside spread and he grossed 181". His main beams curled up and were as tall as his G4's. I agree with Genesis. I agree with Foodplot also for a change. Nice buck man, he looks bigger than 130

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