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Fuse Freestyle youth bow feedback?
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Gobblestopper 07-Jul-10
dustyvarmint 07-Jul-10
keep 07-Jul-10
Gobblestopper 07-Jul-10
Bowfreak 07-Jul-10
Looking at buying my 8 year old daughter a bow. She has shot the genesis and likes it, but I saw the fuse freestyle and thought as a package may be a little better for her.

Any feedback on the Fuse Freestyle? It is 10-25lbs, max draw is 24", and is 29" ata.

Oh, and according to her it is WAY better because it comes in "pink" camo LOL!!

From: dustyvarmint

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We just finished our 4H archery month here. The Freestyle is one of the options a local basement shop will set up to sell or rent to 4Hers.

I spent about 1/3rd of my time repairing bows, but never had to touch a Freestyle which were popular because of the pink. There is a picture in the blog at the link with one hanging from the rack.

happy mentoring, dv

From: keep
I bought one to keep around the house for my kids friends to shoot if they come over and want to learn how to shoot a bow and it's a good bow for starters. For years my kids would have friends ask if they could shoot and none could draw my kids bows. This bow has given me the option to make quick DL and DW changes to make sure I don't miss another opportunity to introduce a kid to the sport. That said, your daughter will surpass the 25# quickly. My daughter shot her first deer at age 9 and was shooting 28# and she's a tiny girl. Look at the youth bows that Diamond, Hoyt and I think Mathews makes one. Some of those have the varying ranges. I would hate to see you buy the Freestyle now and then a year later having to upgrade again.


NO issues there as I would hand it down to a niece. Have two of those that are 4 and 5 so the timing would be perfect.

Sounds like a nice little starter bow. I did read that the stock rest leaves a little to be desired so I'll probably put some kind of capture rest on it.

From: Bowfreak

I bought the Diamond Nuclear Ice for my child. I really like it and it is super adjustable. At the time, the Fuse and the NI were the only 2 bows like this out. IMHO the NI is a much nicer bow.

If I were to do it over again now, I would go with the new Athens Protege. It is pricey but it is IMHO the best kids bow manufactured. There is no kids bows made that has more quality components than this bow....hence the cost.

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