Legality of selling a Lion,Tigerskin rug
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Shrpskates 20-Jul-10
RK 22-Jul-10
tadpole 22-Jul-10
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From: Shrpskates
I own a Lion and Tiger skin rug aquired overseas back in the 1950's. Can they be legally sold? Is it legal nowdays to even own them? Any information on this subject will be greatly appreciated!

From: RK
Lion is OK to do anything with and yes you can own it.

Tiger, different matter I "think". I would check with US fish and wildlife. I do think you can sell them. Last summer I went to an auction, huge one, of the estate of a very prominate big game hunter. The sale was advertised in the paper for weeks and the auction held on city property in Fort Worth. There were two tiger rugs for sale at that auction, both in pretty bad shape but nevertheless tiger rugs. They sold both of them. One would think if it was illegal someone would have noticed and called the Feds.

Judging from that auction I would say yes you can sell them. Never hurts to check with the right source though.

Good luck and come back when you find out.

BTW I know somebody that might like to buy them when you get them priced.

From: tadpole
Last I heard..the tiger could be sold only in the state that it died in. No restrictions on the lion.

From: TXHunter
Fuuny you should ask that because I just saw one in an antique shop and was wondering the very same thing.It was obviously real but VERY old and they were asking $2000 for it. Small and in pretty bad shape too...

You really need to check with US Fish and Wildlife service. I used to have an import business that dealt with these skins. Lions are Cities 1 and canbe sold legally with the appropriate permits. tigers are a different matter and I would feel better if you called the experts.

The laws change regularly and i am not up to speed.

Good luck.

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