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From: StrutNut
You need to work on your programming. You need On Your Own Adventures with Firearms and a separate show On Your Own Adventures with Archery Gear - It is one of the best shows going. I really have enjoyed every episode and would love to see you guys getting more archery shows but I do also enjoy the firearms episodes. It is a show done right, just need more of them or more like them. Federal can still sponsor the firearms show. Just gotta find a good sponsor for the Archery show.

From: Big Fin
Thanks Strut. Just back from twenty days of filming in NM and NV. Both were archery episodes and hopefully they will meet the expectations of the hard core archers who hang out here on Bowsite. Sorry for the delay in the reply. Glad you like what we are doing.

From: dakotaduner
Hands down my favorite show, makes me realize I to can go to other states and hunt on a budget, doing the proper research on hunting grounds it is possible for everyone.

Well done guys

Yes GREAT show !! love it !!!!

From: Big Fin

Big Fin's embedded Photo
Big Fin's embedded Photo
Glad you guys like the show. I am very keen on the opinions that I read over here on Bowsite, not just comments about our show, but comments about what guys like and don't like in any of the shows.

Here is one of the New Mexico archery antelope we shot and filmed. This is the smaller one. IdahoBugler took the big one. I think he posted a pic of his in the 2010 antelope harvest thread.

From: Big Fin

Big Fin's embedded Photo
Big Fin's embedded Photo
And here is the Nevada mule deer that is now taking up residency in my home in Montana. Not a bad two weeks of hunting, even with the disruption of cameras following along and adding complication to the hunting process.

Both hunts were the norm for us. Self-guided on public land. Great fun, even if we don't always shoot the biggest one.

All bucks were taken with Magnus broadheads. I am not the world's foremost archery expert, but those broadheads have made a believer out of me. And no, they are not a sponsor of the show. Like most of my equipment, I use them because they work under difficult conditions we operate under, not because I am paid to use them.

From: TXHunter
Nice animals Randy! You have every right to be proud of your show.And I love your approach to the equipment issue.

From: Rondo
Yep, about the only hunting show I'll watch. Good job.

From: Mgdmorrow
Love the show, being from FL your shows prove you can hunt out of state every year on your own and not having to drop a lot of $$$.

From: 'Ike'
Nice job Randy, congrats...Now for a Sitka Blacktail by bow...


From: Quinn @work
Great show and nice animals. Congrats.

I don't mind the DIY rifle hunts. I have it programmed into my DVR. Hopefully you can add a bunch of archery sponsors so you can have On Your Own Archery Adventures too.

From: Raghorn
*Ripcord rests

*Tight Spot quivers

*Black Gold sightes

"On Your Own" has some great archery sponsors.

and even though Big Fin is a rich Hollywood type, I don't hold it against him. Great buck Randy, I can't wait to see the show.

From: Big Fin
"and even though Big Fin is a rich Hollywood type, I don't hold it against him."

Now that's funny, Dan. My wife wants to know where that "rich" part is. And if I am "Hollywood," things are looking pretty bad down in So Cal.

Thanks for not holding that against me :).

From: Horn Donkey
I've grown up watching hunting shows, and they are all alike except to On Your Own. Favorite show by far. Keep em coming, because I love what you are doing.

From: twojump
I used to only watch Eastmans Hunting TV, but now the DVR is locked on the "On Your Own Adventures"... Great Show! I still will get an episode of The Crush from time to time... but just to see Tiffany! Keep up the great stuff!


From: cadoll
After reading all the posts about all the other hunting shows, I have come to the conclusion that what separates you from the rest is simply HUMILITY. Too many shows Have the STARS mentality. For some reasong this does not sit well with bowhunters. May stem from a little bit of jealousy but irregardless the Stars need to take this into consideration. Just my 2cts. worth.

From: Horn Donkey
When you're on the mountain, there are no stars but the ones in the sky.

From: yrovikle
Way to go Randy! Keep it up! I comment bout your show all the time! (even on elk101's fb site).

its great to see your emotions both elation and frustration when things go good and bad...way more reality than most other shows!

Happy hunting! Joe

From: WVarcher
Just had to say i really liked the ND mule deer hunt, looked just a little cold up there, as always the show is top notch!

Been watching the new episodes this season and they are probably the best that shows what the hunt is really like. Randy does a great job of making his hunts seem achieveable for anyone. DVR is set for this one!

From: C Weeks
Randy is the real deal, I drew a mountain goat tag in Montana last year and he really helped make it successful for a DIY hunter with all the information he provided.

From: Sunspot
Great pics Randy. I have a DIY archery bull elk hunt in area 231 NV. This should be fun and hopefully I connect on a dandy.

From: city hunter
RANDY YOU ARE RICH IM MANY OTHER WAYS . ITS great to see this type of hunting DIY for me it is what hunting is all about , Ive hunted both ways and have taken species both ways , but going out of state , and putting a critter on the ground DIY style is the most rewarding for me.

CADOLL as for the star hunters i see them more as actors selling products.

PS nice mule deer and thanks for the info on New mex lope louis

From: YZF-88
That show was one of two I would DVR when I had cable. Couldn't stand to watch anything else. I think they properly illustrate that the research and preparation are just as much fun and make the hunt (successfull or not) very rewarding for the DIY hunter.

From: MNHunter
For those of you without cable, On Your Own Adventures episodes will be available to watch online in late August

From: Bullshooter
I'm with Horn Donkey. It's my favorite hunting show, mainly because it is public land.

From: longhunter
Randy, nice article in the latest issue of Bugle. Good insights on whitetail deer hunting vs. elk hunting.

Love your show. It's on my DVR so I don't miss an episode.

As a fellow DIY hunter, I appreciate what you are doing.

Keep up the good work!

From: city hunter
good to see so many diy guys

From: Big Fin
Thanks for all the kind comments. I put a ton of faith in what I read here on Bowsite. You guys are serious hunters and that is who we hope our message appeals to.

The first two episodes to air this season were the antelope and mule deer archery hunts from the pictures shown above. Now we are doing two weeks of rifle elk hunts, followed by an archery elk episode.

That archery elk episode, which I think is the best of the year, will be a New Mexico public land elk hunt where I shoot a great bull as he rises from his bed at two yards, after having stood above him for fifteen minutes.

We are filming four archery hunts this year. Archery elk in NM and MT. Archery pronghorn in AZ and NM.

Hope all the Bowsiters have a great season this year. Thanks to Pat and Charlie for running a great site of hardcore archers.

From: midwest
Are you still on the Outdoor Channel?

From: caller79065
Great shot, I dont think you do it much, but dont show recreations or go back and film the stalk after it has been done. Film it like it happened. Im gonna order me an antelope hat!!!

From: Huntography
Been a fan of the show for a while. Gotta love DIY!

One of my most favorite shows.

Plus a real good read in Bugle mag. this month on Randy too.

Good luck, Robb

From: Bowfreak
I like the show too. I think it is a great show and I love the fact that that the format of the show is something most of us can relate to. Thanks for the great show.

From: whitetailer
I love that show............ There are some young guys who also do a show like that, they hunt the UP and MN and the bush in the north, but I do not think, they have the funding anymore............

I love to watch DIY hunts. that is why I like Eastmans Bowhunting Journal and On Your Own Adventures....................

This year I am filming myself, hunting all over the place. That way I will have some laughs at the end of the season..........

Good show, keep it up..........

Watching people talk in a tree stand and shoot deer Boring............

I would like to see the caping and cutting done on the show also, to me that adds to the hunt, and you can learn alot, by watching another guy with a knife

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