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Harry Drake Bows



Messages posted to thread:
wallace bryant 16-Aug-10
6-Gold 16-Aug-10
mathewsshooter 16-Aug-10
BSBD 16-Aug-10
mathewsshooter 17-Aug-10
barjo4 04-Oct-10
BTM 04-Oct-10
Osr144 13-Apr-15
crookedstix 13-Apr-15
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From: wallace bryant Date: 16-Aug-10

I picked up a Harry Drake Bow recently at an estate sale and was wondering if there is any information out there. I've been on the net and I just see a ton of information about him alone (what an incredible archer). The bow is in excellent cond. no stress, twist, or holes. Want to know if I can use it or should keep it in a safe place.

From: 6-Gold Date: 16-Aug-10
i would say use it, I new Harry Drake back in the day he had a lot of top Ca. archers shooting his bow, Rube Powell shot one for years, 5 time national champion. He also worked for Browning at the end of his career. 6-GOLD

From: mathewsshooter Date: 16-Aug-10
you got a find i have 6 drakes and 20 flight bows

From: BSBD Date: 16-Aug-10
Is it a recurve or compound?

The compounds are more common and not worth too much but some of the recurves are more valuable.

I'm always interested in Drake recurves.

From: mathewsshooter Date: 17-Aug-10
mine is all recurves

From: barjo4 Date: 04-Oct-10
My late father used to saw laminations for a custom bow maker in Illinolis back in the 50s. His friend shot a Drake bow and as I recall, it was extremely flat shooting. This was long before the complicated bows of today. I think the Drake had something like 12 laminations.

From: BTM Date: 04-Oct-10
A friend of mine knew Harry and shot his bows. I sent this thread to him; perhaps he'll chime in.

What little I know about flight bows is that they only have a limited number of shots in them.

From: Osr144 Date: 13-Apr-15
Not all Drake bows were flight bows .Harry sold drake archery to Fasco.He still had control over his flight bow section and after that worked for Browning. Ost

From: crookedstix Date: 13-Apr-15
Someday we should try to correlate some Drake serial numbers with years of manufacture. I just picked up a pretty rare Drake-- Hunter-Flight styling, 60# draw, and 62" long-- and I'd love to know when it was made. Looking at the rest of the industry, I'd guess 1962... but with Drake, he was often a couple of years ahead of the wave, so maybe it's even earlier. The serial number is 7533, and it's a Lakeside sticker. Kerry

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