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Strother Archery?



Messages posted to thread:
Naples 25-Aug-10
Raghorn 25-Aug-10
lariat 25-Aug-10
miller1 25-Aug-10
Bill in MI 25-Aug-10
Matt 25-Aug-10
Bullhound 25-Aug-10
arctichill 25-Aug-10
Bullhound 25-Aug-10
J.E. Travis 25-Aug-10
Bowfreak 25-Aug-10
Bullhound 25-Aug-10
Bowfreak 25-Aug-10
Raghorn 25-Aug-10
Pitcher 25-Aug-10
x-man 25-Aug-10
Bill in MI 25-Aug-10
x-man 25-Aug-10
Bill in MI 26-Aug-10
Raghorn 26-Aug-10
mtelknut 26-Aug-10
Bullhound 26-Aug-10
lariat 26-Aug-10
x-man 26-Aug-10
Pitcher 26-Aug-10
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From: Naples Date: 25-Aug-10
I don't know much about this company but looking on there website they appear to be descent bows and I've heard good things. Has anyone shot one of own one and what do you think of it?

From: Raghorn Date: 25-Aug-10
I have one, and I'm very happy with it. The performance is outstanding.

A bow with a smooth draw cycle, and a 7" brace hight that has an IBO speed of over 340 fps.

It is one of the quietest bows made, zero shock and vibration.

To me, it has the best grip of any bow on the market. AND, it comes in Predator camo.

Did I mention high quality strings, from the factory ?

Two draw backs; #1 The valley is very short, you have to hold it hard against the back wall. #2 They are so popular, there is a waiting list.

From: lariat Date: 25-Aug-10
I have shot the SR-71. It is a nice bow, and I don't have anything bad to report, but it did not blow me away either.

From: miller1 Date: 25-Aug-10
I shot the Strother Infinity beside the Maxiss 35 and Elite GT 500 and the Strother is the smoothest quietest vibe free bow i have ever shot, i was amazed with it, in the spring i will be getting one.

From: Bill in MI Date: 25-Aug-10
I was able to shoot a Z7, a Maxis, a Strother SR71, Strother Infinity, and a destroyer at a show up in Grand Rapids ealier this year. I proceeded to order an Infinity and love it. Ditto the comments above.

27.5" draw, 66 lb maxed out limbs (you can order 5 lb increment draw weights), 385 gr arrow at 300 fps.

Bill in MI

From: Matt Date: 25-Aug-10
"Two draw backs; #1 The valley is very short, you have to hold it hard against the back wall. #2 They are so popular, there is a waiting list."

You missed the biggest draw back IMO.

From: Bullhound Date: 25-Aug-10

please tell........

I happen to have tried the offerings from Hoyt, Mathews, Bowtech, Athens, NBA, Bear, and Alpine and ended up with a Strother Infinity. If you like a hard wall it is great. The comment about the grip by Raghorn matches my opinion. The Infinity is dead in the hand and vibration free with nothing added to the limbs or string. I'll know for sure how it stacks up after putting it through elk hunting.

From: arctichill Date: 25-Aug-10
I posted my opinion (a positive one) last night but apparently someone feels like my opinion was only worthy of deletion??? I guess you can PM me if you're interested in what I have to say.

From: Bullhound Date: 25-Aug-10
I actually have an SR71 on the way right now as I couldn't resist. I'm wondering if Matt will identify the floating yoke as the draw back???????

jury is still out IMO........

From: J.E. Travis Date: 25-Aug-10

From: Bowfreak Date: 25-Aug-10
I don't think Matt is talking about a floating yoke....

From: Bullhound Date: 25-Aug-10
ok I know a number of folks that have an issue with a floating yoke and thought that might be it.

From: Bowfreak Date: 25-Aug-10
Plus he at least in the past shot Hoyts.....which have a floating yoke.

From: Raghorn Date: 25-Aug-10
Matt, care to elaborate ?

From: Pitcher Date: 25-Aug-10
I just owned and sold a SR71 Rock solid wall and great valley. Nothing quiet and shock free about a bare bow. Super quads did the job to fix that. I shot it for ba while before I decided to sell it. Great shooting and looking bow.

From: x-man Date: 25-Aug-10
The reason they are hard to find isn't because they are so popular, it's because the factory is not equiped to produce bows for the masses, and the owner isn't exactly the best business man to ever grace the planet. Brilliant designer, not so brilliant in the office.

There, I said it so Matt won't have to. ;)

From: Bill in MI Date: 25-Aug-10
But it still doesn't change the current level of awesomeness of my bow ;^)

Please please please my dear bow, don't break and require parts. Please God bless Kevin's business venture and give him the will to stay at one thing for more then 4 years. Amen.

Bill in MI

PS Rob, check your PM's

From: x-man Date: 25-Aug-10
Huh,?? nothing there yet. I'll check again tomorrow, gotta get some zzzz's.

From: Bill in MI Date: 26-Aug-10
yep chk again~

From: Raghorn Date: 26-Aug-10
Pitcher, I've compared my Infinity side by side with a Hoyt Carbon Matrix, and the Infinity won hands down on Shock, vibration, sound and speed. I suspect if your SR-71 wasn't quite and shock free, it was out of tune.

X-man, the owners made a solid business plan with predictions of how many bows a successful start-up bow company would or could sell. The fact that they exceeded those predictions by over 400% is a testament to how popular Strothers bows are. By the way, if you ordered a flagship bow from one of the big three early this year, you would have had to wait just as long.

From: mtelknut Date: 26-Aug-10
I'm shooting a Infinity at 83# getting 316 fps with a 453 grain arrow and the bow is very dead on the shot and quieter than both my son's GTO and my friends Z7. Best bow I have ever shot. I did adjust the valley by moving the draw stops 1/16th of an inch and it holds very nice now.

From: Bullhound Date: 26-Aug-10

I am a little surprised to see the negative comments about this guy and the company. Not sure you know exactly what the circumstances actually are. I've spoke with the owner and have a little different view than you. I'd figure to see this kind of trash talking on AT, but............ oh, WTH

From: lariat Date: 26-Aug-10
Bullhound, I agree with you about negative comments on here as opposed to other sites, and I am not one to join those threads, but I will have to agree with x-man on this one. You will not ever hear me say anything negative about his bows, but I don't plan on buying another for myself.

From: x-man Date: 26-Aug-10
A very close friend of mine is a Strother dealer. He ordered 12 bows right after the ATA show. Six of them were pre-sold with money down. That was the end of January. He recieved the first one the third week of March, the second and third came in April. The other three in mid May. None of which were lefties or special colors. The other six trickeled in here and there between April and June.

If he was the only small dealer this happened to, I'd write it off as a fluke. No bashing here, just pure honesty. I love the mans bows. Heck I'm still an Elite dealer, even after having identical struggles when K.S. was in charge there too.

Strothers bows are world-class bows. Strothers Archery is not yet close to that statis.

From: Pitcher Date: 26-Aug-10

Not running the bow down. It is a great bow and I am sure I will own another Strother soon. But, bare bow the SR is not that quit. Put Quads on it and it is. I have a CM and side beside with Quads and some strigs silencers they are pretty much the same. Have to change the alful string stop on the CM.Grip on the SR is outstanding. I will probably try a Infinity next.

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