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condensation inside binoculars? ?
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My binoculars got wet and now have moisture inside and I can't see out of them. What can I do to dry them out?

Thanks for the info!

Shoot str8. And stay safe Jeff

Put them on the dash of your vehicle, park it facing into the noonday sun, roll up the windows and leave it as long as possible. Check binos and repeat as necessary. Don't leave certain other things in the vehicle, if ya know what I mean ...

Seriously, it's worked for me a number of times on film and digital cameras, walkie talkies AND binos.

The Old Sarge

From: Bou'bound
leave them in the sun or in a hot car, but why bother. it is just going to happen again. you need to get some glass that will not allow this to happen.

you are fighting a losing battle here.

... of course, if they were under warranty not to fog, send 'em in without doing anything.

From: NvaGvUp
What brand? Good binoculars should never do that!

Nikon action I believe. I know you get what you pay for..but I also know how hard I am on my glasses.

Thanks for the help. I'll try to heat em up some to are. If not, I'll start looking!

Shoot Str8 and Stay Safe! Jeff

From: TD
Once they get water inside it's nearly impossible to get it all completely out. No matter how you try and dry them, chances are when you change temps or altitude they will fog again. Maybe not as bad as when they first got wet, but they will fog again.

If you're in the middle of a hunt you do the best you can. If they are decent glass and under warranty I'd send em back. Had a pair of Zeiss do that many years ago. They replaced them no charge.

I would send them back too because most good companies care about their reputation and won't charge you anything no matter how old the binocs are when they fog up.

Put them in a freeezer zip lock bag filled about 1/2 full of white uncooked rice!!!! leave them in there for about 1 week. It worked with my wifes Droid phone twice!!!!!!!!!

From: DonSchultz
Try the rice trick. I've heard of that working for electronic several times. Get a BIG bag of rice and fully bury the binocs in it.

From: RUGER1022
I have sent 2 pair of bino's in to Nikon . One pair was repaired < my fault > and the other pair were replaced with a new pair . No charge too .

From: kellyharris
Yeh Nikon should replace no charge or maybe 50.00 at the most...

From: bb
You shouldn't be getting any moisture in the binocs. They should be sealed with an inert gas to prevent condensation. If they are getting condensation in them, the best thing to do is send them back to the manufacturer if they are still under warranty and assuming the manufacturer is sealing them to begin with. If they aren't under the warranty your best bet is to throw them away and buy a new pair preferably one that is sealed with an inert gas. You may get them dried out but the minute you have any humidity and temp changes, you will have the same problem. I know you probably don't want to hear this, but at this point , they're no good.

From: Broken Cedar
The Nikon Action series is an entry pair of binos and are not sealed and purged against moisture. You will always have this problem. Sorry!

From: SlipShot

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Old I.T. trick to dry phones or other electrical items when they get wet that I have done. Place the item (binoculars)in a large zip lock bag. fill bag with un-cooked rice. Leave for 24 hours. You can leave longer but I have found that 24 hours seems to work for most everything. The rice will pull the moisture out of the binoculars. A better and more expensive way is to do the same thing with silica gel packs if you can find them. I have provide a link to Popular Mechanics describing what I just explained.

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