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From: bsbowhunter
Has anyone hunted "Brushy Hill Ranch"? A bunch of us that hunt hogs in Calif are looking for some excitement in Texas and this one looked good on line.

From: LSSA
try they have a lot of information on ranches there. go to rate the day lease section or bowhunting reports there ia a thread on brushyhill ranch

From: doeroller
Just returned from a four day hunt for hogs at Brushy Hill Ranch. The accommodations are nasty and there are very few hogs. Our group of four guys saw six hogs in four days and kill two of them. The ranch manager, Nick Anderson, likes to ride the roads with his lights off until he sees a hog and then stalk it. This is done on the same property that is leased to hunters, and while they are hunting the property! You should not have to compete with the ranch manager for animals you have paid to hunt! I would not recommend this ranch for hog hunting. You will be disappointed.

I was there with a group of 6 and we hunted all night Fri into the next morning , all night Sat till 9am and only saw 2 hogs. I believe the ranch is over hunted. There were plenty of Turkeys, deer and predators. While we were there, a couple guys killed a pickup bed full of coons, coyotes and bobcats.....

From: ahunter55

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I'm guessing about the same distance. Shiloh Bowhunting Ranch near Stonewall, Ok.. Lots of excellent DAYTIME Hog hunting over feeders & pre placed stands/Blinds, nice hosts, clean cabins. I've been to 10 diffferent Hog Bowhunting operations & Shiloh is by far the best I've been to. I understand Bowsafari (same area) under new management is very good also. Check em out as they would be worth any extra miles travel.

From: doeroller
Yep. We could have killed a bunch of raccoons and jackrabbits, but I could not see blowing a $25 combined arrow/broadhead on a 'coon or rabbit! We went there (20 hrs. driving) to kill hogs, and the owner, Pete Denney, said he had'em. He did not hav'em. What he had was a dirty, nasty little shack for hunters to stay in, and he had a desire to collect hunter's money! He also had a "ranch manager" named Nick Anderson who likes to hunt on the same property he has leased to hunters. There is no question that the place is overhunted. Those hogs see either paying hunters or "Nick and Company" every night, especially on the full moon. Bad, bad deal! Do not go there! Thanks for the scoop on Shiloh. I will give them a look.

From: doeroller
Has anyone hunted Callaghan Ranch down near Laredo? I hunted there a few times in the late nineties and it was a good time with lots of hogs. We hunted them at night by the full moon. Pretty good lodging, too.

From: CEO
The panhandle and east TX also have good number and good sized hogs. If we were allowed guests on our lease I'd tell you to come on. I'm hunting one right now that is between 350-400#.

From: Muddyboots
Just returned from a 3 day hunt at Brushy Hill. Was treated well and had a clean old ranch house. They do have pigs, lots of pigs (tracks everywhere), but either due to overhunting or the heat they would not be seen in shooting light. I saw one after it was too late to shoot. One pig in three days. I can't recommend them.

From: doeroller
Muddyboots, That was my assessment of the place too, except that we were not offered a clean place to stay. We hunted at night, 10 days ago on the full moon, and the hogs were so spooky you could not get close enough with a bow. The 4 of us saw 6 hogs in 4 nights of hunting hard. Bad experience. Would not go back!

..and to think I thought my little place near Brushy Creek was the only Brushy Hill Ranch in Texas ;-).. we got hogs,too !

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