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Bulls of the San Juan Elk Ridge



Messages posted to thread:
c3 27-Sep-10
MF 27-Sep-10
Mt. man 27-Sep-10
Ki-Ke 27-Sep-10
Scoot 27-Sep-10
elkmtngear 27-Sep-10
SlipShot 27-Sep-10
Norseman 27-Sep-10
Bake 27-Sep-10
addicted2elk 27-Sep-10
Les Welch 27-Sep-10
buglemaster 27-Sep-10
Deacon Dave 27-Sep-10
midwest 27-Sep-10
NovemberMadman 28-Sep-10
Bowboy 28-Sep-10
Owl 28-Sep-10
Fish 28-Sep-10
Norseman 28-Sep-10
arctichill 28-Sep-10
nukedog 28-Sep-10
Ron G 28-Sep-10
2Rocky 28-Sep-10
Heat 28-Sep-10
hunter47025 28-Sep-10
c3 29-Sep-10
TD 29-Sep-10

3d range with my daughter.
by Michigan Hunter

Time at the wallow
by Lone Bugle

Four Young Bulls at Treestand Wallow
by CO_Bowhunter

Destroying the Myth
by shb

Put Your Video Clip Here!

From: c3 Date: 27-Sep-10
I finally put together a video of all the bulls I filmed on my San Juan Elk Ridge archery hunt. It's a bit rough, but you'll get the idea of the kind of hunt I had :)

Cheers, Pete

From: MF Date: 27-Sep-10

From: Mt. man Date: 27-Sep-10

From: Ki-Ke Date: 27-Sep-10
Heck of an experience...

From: Scoot Date: 27-Sep-10

From: elkmtngear Date: 27-Sep-10

elkmtngear's Supporting Link

Amazing footage, great work!

Best of Luck, Jeff (Bowsite Sponsor)

From: SlipShot Date: 27-Sep-10

From: Norseman Date: 27-Sep-10
Wow....thanks so much Pete! Great footage. That was darn good fight going on up there. Amazing more bulls aren't killed doing the rut.

From: Bake Date: 27-Sep-10
Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!

I had to go check the Elk meat pole thread for kill photos

I recognized the one you shot from the video, and while I was watching the vidoe, when that dude showed up I thought "Look at those thirds!! I'd be reaching for my bow!!"

Awesome stuff.

Just to witness the fight too. How far away from the fighting bulls were you? Looked like it was taken through a spotter?

Thanks for posting


From: addicted2elk Date: 27-Sep-10
oh purdy good......nothing rough at all about that.

From: Les Welch Date: 27-Sep-10
Awesome, thanks Pete. With only 2 points, Utah is a ways off for me....still can't wait.

From: buglemaster Date: 27-Sep-10
Very nice work Pete! Thanks for sharing with us.You Utah guys really have a good thing going!

From: Deacon Dave Date: 27-Sep-10

Great job! Thanks for sharing.

From: midwest Date: 27-Sep-10
great stuff!

From: NovemberMadman Date: 28-Sep-10
Very cool Pete. What kind of camera do you use? Most all of these clips are really crisp and clear. I loved the bugling bull while he lays in the wallow. Thanks for sharing.

From: Bowboy Date: 28-Sep-10
Very nice Pete!

From: Owl Date: 28-Sep-10
Well done. I can only yet imagine how cool it was to gather that footage. Dig the score, too.

From: Fish Date: 28-Sep-10
Thanks for posting Pete, awesome film

From: Norseman Date: 28-Sep-10
WE want a volume II!!!!!!!

Do you have more video of the countryside?

From: arctichill Date: 28-Sep-10
Great video. I would rather watch that footage than any Mossback or Primos video!

From: nukedog Date: 28-Sep-10
That is one of the best home made elk videos I have seen! Really enjoyed it, thanks!!!!!

From: Ron G Date: 28-Sep-10
Very nice! Thanks for putting that together and sharing it!

From: 2Rocky Date: 28-Sep-10
Very well done! That video perfectly shows what is so exciting about bowhunting elk. You nailed it.

i missed out on the results from your hunt...where can i find it?

From: Heat Date: 28-Sep-10
That was some of the best footage I've ever seen! Thanks for sharing your hunt with us. I missed elk season this year, so I appreciate your contribution very much!


From: hunter47025 Date: 28-Sep-10
Thanks Pete

From: c3 Date: 29-Sep-10

c3's Supporting Link

Thanks folks! Believe me it was more fun to be there than watch. Though it did turn out about as well as I could have expected. Not bad for a DIY solo effort.

I have a post in the Utah forum here:

and a detailed post of the whole season from drawing this spring to scouting to the hunt on Monster Muleys here:

I'm not done telling the whole story over there as I've been super busy, but I'll get it all typed up and all the photos posted some time in the next week or so.

Bake, I shot the fight sequence through my spotter with a Tines Up style scopecam adaptor. Just wish I had a better fluid head for that type of thing. They're too heavy to carry around though.

Cheers, Pete

From: TD Date: 29-Sep-10
Pretty cool. Very well done, thanks for the ride, it was a great one!

Congrats on the hunt too!

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Subject: RE: Bulls of the San Juan Elk Ridge

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