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Newfoundland Moose Hunt in 2012

This thread designated as DEBATE FREE. All responses must be Constructive and Positive.


Messages posted to thread:
76aggie 11-Oct-10
Bou'bound 11-Oct-10
76aggie 11-Oct-10
Russell 11-Oct-10
MM81 12-Oct-10
sawdust 12-Oct-10
76aggie 12-Oct-10
1Arrow 16-Oct-10
BTM 17-Oct-10
Blacktail Bob 17-Oct-10
Bou'bound 17-Oct-10
Blacktail Bob 17-Oct-10
Bou'bound 17-Oct-10
76aggie 20-Oct-10
flip 23-Oct-10
76aggie 28-Oct-10
flip 28-Oct-10
Coalman 01-Jan-11
bb 01-Jan-11
Coalman 01-Jan-11
bb 01-Jan-11
prevere09 01-Jan-11
Coalman 02-Jan-11
LongbowBob 03-Jan-11
heatmizer 04-Jan-11
standswittaknife 04-Jan-11
dbl lung 04-Jan-11
LongbowBob 04-Jan-11
standswittaknife 04-Jan-11
LongbowBob 04-Jan-11
300 Win Mag 04-Jan-11
newfielander 04-Jan-11
TradTech 05-Jan-11
LongbowBob 06-Jan-11

Giant bull - No tags left
by Shiras

Moose Hunt, Andy Krieger and Mike's Outfitting
by Mike Ukrainetz

Big Alaskan Bull Moose
by Shiras

Wedding proposal moose hunt
by newfielander

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From: 76aggie Date: 11-Oct-10
I am in the initial stages of planning a moose hunt in Newfoundland for the fall of 2012. Can anyone give me any first hand experience with outfitters they have used or outfitters they suggest I should steer clear of. I would appreciate any input you may have.

From: Bou'bound Date: 11-Oct-10
I am heading back to Moose Valley Outfitters for my 6th time in 2012. I will PM you specifics.

From: 76aggie Date: 11-Oct-10
Thanks Bou Bound. I saw a link on another thread that you had posted and they got great reviews along with Lake Douglas Outfitters. Pretty much everything I saw on that link was pretty positive. From what I saw, only one outfitter got slammed. I look forward to your PM.

From: Russell Date: 11-Oct-10
Suggest you review the moon phase before booking your hunt. Full moons are not the best hunting. If using a bow, consider early bow season verses gun season.

Lots of road hunting in the area of Millertown and south. Not my idea of hunting, but the road hunters, both locals and guides take alot of moose that way with guns.

Suggest getting in areas with little hunting pressure, or few other outfitters.


From: MM81 Date: 12-Oct-10
I am going to NF in 2 weeks, Ill be back Oct 31, I will let you know how it goes. I am going with Ray's hunting and fishing, I booked through Mark Buehrer with BSC. Mike

From: sawdust Date: 12-Oct-10
76aggie Just got home last night from Newfoundland on a moose hunt with MVO, top notch outfitter. I had a blast there were a couple other bowsiters in the other camp. I did shoot a 40 1/2" 11pointer on the first day(rifle). The other camp had 2 bowhunters in it and I belive 1 of them killed. Maybe some of those guys will post also. Dean Macdonal runs a very well organized camp and they know what they are doing. Also a lot of moose. sawdust

From: 76aggie Date: 12-Oct-10
MVO seems to ge a lot of good press from American Hunters. Keep the information flowing guys.

From: 1Arrow Date: 16-Oct-10
I just got back from Newfoundland hunting with Dean & Chuck MacDonald at Moose Valley Outfitters (MVO). They did a great job. I got a 11pt Bull on the 3rd morning. 18 yard shot. The video is posted on Bowsite if you want to see and a buddy of mine posted a pic of me and my bull under the Moose section as 'Moose Valley Archery Success!' I had a wonderful time and would recommend them. Good luck with you hunt.

From: BTM Date: 17-Oct-10
I had a good moose-bou hunt with Grey River Lodge several years ago. PM me with your e-mail address and I'll send you my journal.

From: Blacktail Bob Date: 17-Oct-10
They indeed sure do a lot of road hunting in Newfoundland, but there are more moose per square mile on the Rock than anywhere I've ever hunter before. I just returned from there. I did not shoot a moose, but I saw plenty of them. I'd say you probably will not shoot a mature bull, but if you just want to kill a moose, Newfoundland is hands down the place to go. Cheap hunts and plenty of Moose.

From: Bou'bound Date: 17-Oct-10
Bob you may be the only guy to ever travel from AK to NFLD to hunt moose.

From: Blacktail Bob Date: 17-Oct-10

Blacktail Bob's embedded Photo

I didn’t go there to kill a moose. I had a tag just in case I saw a shooter, but I was there primarily to kill a woody.

From: Bou'bound Date: 17-Oct-10
great job!

From: 76aggie Date: 20-Oct-10
Congrats on your moose 1Arrow. I had a long conversation with Dean just yesterday and he told me about your kill. Said you were the only hunter this year who stayed with the bow. Bou'bound speaks highly of them as well. I have heard a lot about the road hunters in Newfoundland. Trying to stick with a fly-in outfit to get away from the crowds. Anyone ever have an experience with Conne River Outfitters?

From: flip Date: 23-Oct-10
I have a trip planned in Alberta for next year. I was pretty much set on NF, but chickened out after the thought of swithing planes 3 mtimes and getting my gear there.Much more afraid of that than having a bull blowing snot at me at ten yrds!Guess we all have our fears?Any way, I had checked out Connie River after a lead that I believe came from here. I liked what I heard and liked the idea of their bow camp with a limited #of bowhunters per year.I did want to talk with more references though and seemed to have trouble getting them.I was about a pen swipe away from booking with them.Good Luck!

From: 76aggie Date: 28-Oct-10
Thanks Flip. I have also spoken with Victor at Conne River and they deserve strong consideration. I met a guy earlier this year who has hunted with them multiple times and gives them high marks. I share your concern about the lost luggage. I think I can get there on Air Canada all the way with only one stop in Montreal. If I build in an extra day in NF that may help in gear failing to arrive with me on time. Good luck in Alberta.

From: flip Date: 28-Oct-10
Am planning on sending my backup bow ahead of time some way to take away the worst nightmare.I can hunt in any cloths or use anothers gear but must have one of my bows!

From: Coalman Date: 01-Jan-11
Looking to contiue this discussion... Any updates on hunts booked with Newfoundland outfitters. Ready to book fall of 2011. My reseach points to Moose Valley (very responsive), Patey and Son's (multiple camps)or Ray's. West Wood has limited dates for later season only.

From: bb Date: 01-Jan-11
I would try not to fly through Montreal if you can help it, The only trouble I ever had getting there with my gear was at a stop in Montreal, They were so bad with the luggage, I missed my connecting flight. It's where I had to clear customs. Of all the airports I have gone through, that was the worst.

From: Coalman Date: 01-Jan-11
Thanks bb. I live in Rochester, NY and will drive 2 1/2 hours to fly out of Toronto on a direct flight to Deer Lake.

From: bb Date: 01-Jan-11
Larry, It's worth checking out Victoria Outfitters, they are a sponsor on this site. I have had good hunts with them.

From: prevere09 Date: 01-Jan-11
what is the process/cost to get your meat back to the states?

From: Coalman Date: 02-Jan-11
Approximately $250 for processing and packing at the butcher depending on how much meat you want to bring back. I am expecting updated rates via refer truck early and week and will post. This option appears to be the most economical and makes sense for those flying out on a commercial airline.

From: LongbowBob Date: 03-Jan-11
I'm going with Victoria Lodge this fall. they are a sponsor here and I'm being hopeful.


From: heatmizer Date: 04-Jan-11
Coalman, I drove up from Groveland it was a great drive. Was able to bring 2 moose home with me. I would suggest the drive we had so much fun just getting there. We used Victoria Outfitters also, Dave is a great guy. Best trip of my life

From: standswittaknife Date: 04-Jan-11
Went to Victoria Outfitters. Really don't like when the prices are not advertised.

From: dbl lung Date: 04-Jan-11
I went to Victoria Outfitters this past fall. Defintely an outfitter you should talk with. Dave does a great job and really cares about his clients' success. I will go back! As far as getting your meat back, my friends and I drove. Probably the cheapest and safest way to go.

From: LongbowBob Date: 04-Jan-11

A 6 day hunt was $4k. I bought 2 extra days that cost me $600.


From: standswittaknife Date: 04-Jan-11
not all that bad for a good moose hunt!

From: LongbowBob Date: 04-Jan-11
The moose are smaller, but Alaska or the Yukon will cost you around $15-20k.


From: 300 Win Mag Date: 04-Jan-11
Whitefeather Lodge is also a Sponsor here. Good recommendation and a LOT shorter ride (And a LOT LESS BUMPY) to the lodge! PM me if ya neeed more info, been to both places. Joe.

From: newfielander Date: 04-Jan-11

newfielander's Supporting Link

Hello from the Rock!! Guys if you are looking for a great bow hunt for a nice bull moose,than look no further,my name is Deon Dicks, I guide for White Feather Lodge, and I can assure you that if you can shoot a bow anywhere from 50 yards or less than man I got a hunt for you,just ask Charlie Rehor,who I believe is part owner of this site. The only thing thats more important than a good guide is, if you can shoot and you make sure and wear fleece cloths!!Leave the guiding to the guide and never doubt his ability.Ask Charle,I'm sure he will give you first hand experience. Heres an edited teaser of Charlies hunt that will get your heart pumping!Also Charlie as footage of his hunt on here as well.!/video/video.php?v=459270579589

From: TradTech Date: 05-Jan-11
longbowbob - You'll love Dave. He's a great man. He's hunted with me in TN the past 2 years and is on his way again this March.

bb has hunted with Dave for years in NF with nothing but positive comments for each and every hunt he's been on. I'm still working on the wife to work out the particulars...those being coming up with the cash to put my moose hunt together. LOL

bb says the black bear up there are absolutely huge and Dave has great stands set to kill one of those bruins as well.

Good luck!

From: LongbowBob Date: 06-Jan-11
Thanks for the reassurance Trad. 253 days to go.


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