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Poop test - what animal?



Messages posted to thread:
DonVathome 21-Oct-10
DonVathome 21-Oct-10
DonVathome 21-Oct-10
Gundy 21-Oct-10
Ki-Ke 21-Oct-10
Gundy 21-Oct-10
itshot 21-Oct-10
GeeQ 21-Oct-10
White Falcon 21-Oct-10
Gundy 21-Oct-10
Griz34 21-Oct-10
Vectrix80 21-Oct-10
HUNT MAN 21-Oct-10
rjc 21-Oct-10
T Mac 21-Oct-10
TSJ 21-Oct-10
Caddisflinger 21-Oct-10
Driver 21-Oct-10
Ranger44 21-Oct-10
Troy 2 flips 21-Oct-10
BIGHORN 21-Oct-10
Shiras@home 21-Oct-10
Norseman 21-Oct-10
nijimasu 21-Oct-10
Ermine 21-Oct-10
Caddisflinger 21-Oct-10
Gerald Martin 21-Oct-10
SITO 22-Oct-10
Outdoordan 22-Oct-10
DC 22-Oct-10
Jammer 22-Oct-10
swampbuck 22-Oct-10
Medicine Bow 22-Oct-10
FXRScotty 22-Oct-10
White Falcon 22-Oct-10
Ole Coyote 22-Oct-10
Ron Reddon 22-Oct-10
DonVathome 22-Oct-10
Heat 22-Oct-10
Buffalo1 22-Oct-10
herd bull 22-Oct-10
nijimasu 22-Oct-10
trackman 23-Oct-10
Bigpizzaman 23-Oct-10
gobbler 23-Oct-10
Canuck 23-Oct-10
wallbldr 23-Oct-10
DonVathome 24-Oct-10
White Falcon 24-Oct-10
scentman 24-Oct-10
standswittaknife 25-Oct-10
Norseman 25-Oct-10
herd bull 25-Oct-10
Gundy 25-Oct-10
Norseman 26-Oct-10

A Badger Tried to Climb my Ladder Stand!
by Bowhuntress
by Bishop Archery

71# Morrison ILF Max 1 limbs.
by pdk25

VPA Non-Vented Broadhead Flight
by Bishop Archery

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From: DonVathome Date: 21-Oct-10

DonVathome's embedded Photo

I know for a fact what animal this came from. The picture was taken in Montana.

Lets hear you guesses!

3 pictures total

From: DonVathome Date: 21-Oct-10

DonVathome's embedded Photo

From: DonVathome Date: 21-Oct-10

DonVathome's embedded Photo

Also how do you post several pictures in the same post?

From: Gundy Date: 21-Oct-10
Dude needs to have some scale.

I'd say field mouse or field moose.

From: Ki-Ke Date: 21-Oct-10
1st clue is that it is very fresh.

From: Gundy Date: 21-Oct-10
Ok since it's on a road, I'd say it's a porcupine.

They love roads for some reason.

From: itshot Date: 21-Oct-10

From: GeeQ Date: 21-Oct-10
I have no idea, but can only imagine the looks on bystanders' faces as DonV is walking down the road taking pics of fresh turds....

From: White Falcon Date: 21-Oct-10

From: Gundy Date: 21-Oct-10
"...DonV is walking down the road taking pics of fresh turds."


From: Griz34 Date: 21-Oct-10
Holy Crap! That picture was taken way in the future, how did you do that?

From: Vectrix80 Date: 21-Oct-10
blue whale

From: HUNT MAN Date: 21-Oct-10
if its a moose it better run from DonV.HUNT

From: rjc Date: 21-Oct-10
A very creative elk. The turd in pic #3 looks like a perfect acorn.

From: T Mac Date: 21-Oct-10

From: TSJ Date: 21-Oct-10

From: Caddisflinger Date: 21-Oct-10

From: Driver Date: 21-Oct-10

From: Ranger44 Date: 21-Oct-10

From: Troy 2 flips Date: 21-Oct-10
A democrat hittin' the road?

From: BIGHORN Date: 21-Oct-10
cow elk

From: Shiras@home Date: 21-Oct-10
DonV poop?

From: Norseman Date: 21-Oct-10

From: nijimasu Date: 21-Oct-10
Definitely wold.

From: Ermine Date: 21-Oct-10
Bighorn sheep

From: Caddisflinger Date: 21-Oct-10
Yeah, now that I think about it, I can definitely see the wold.

From: Gerald Martin Date: 21-Oct-10
Bighorn sheep or mountain goat.

From: SITO Date: 22-Oct-10

SITO's embedded Photo


From: Outdoordan Date: 22-Oct-10
since it is 52 years in the future, I am going to go with Alien's from another galaxy (not illegal's).

From: DC Date: 22-Oct-10
Those pictures look like crap.

From: Jammer Date: 22-Oct-10
No clue but thanks for starting this thread. Now I can prove to my wife that I am not the only guy that talks about dumb shhhhh.

From: swampbuck Date: 22-Oct-10
hershey's kisses?

From: Medicine Bow Date: 22-Oct-10

From: BOWNUT@WORK Date: 22-Oct-10
Milk dudds. If you taste them you can tell.

From: FXRScotty Date: 22-Oct-10
Give us another clue. What do they taste like?

From: White Falcon Date: 22-Oct-10

White Falcon's embedded Photo

Does this help??????????????

From: Ole Coyote Date: 22-Oct-10
First Moose poop now this one, lol, man you need to get out of the house more!!

Stay well!!!

From: Ron Reddon Date: 22-Oct-10

Ron Reddon's embedded Photo

The Time Traveller tells me it is Morlock poop, which puts the time stamp on your photos at just about the right date.

From: DonVathome Date: 22-Oct-10
Sorry never though of scale, still some where right on. That paint is a parking stripe (my guess is 4" wide).

BUT size is comparable to deer poop. And by that I mean it is the same size pellets.

And yes as some noted I did get some STRANGE looks when close up picture!

I will give it some more time and post the true "source".

From: THE ELK REAPER Date: 22-Oct-10
Bighorn sheep

From: Heat Date: 22-Oct-10
Mountain Goat

From: Buffalo1 Date: 22-Oct-10
You must rally be bored to walk up and down roads looking for animal droppings. How did this happen?

From: herd bull Date: 22-Oct-10

herd bull's Supporting Link

reminds me of this for some reason... (see linky).

I will also agree that some of the creatures pictured above could have made those/them. I am also a little bewildered by the sudden fascination of poop.

Seeing as they are the size of deer pellets and it ain't bear or yote or buffalo.... I'm going with something from the sheep/goat family or maybe llama. But I think they're too brown for llama.

From: nijimasu Date: 22-Oct-10

nijimasu's embedded Photo

In Japan they're packaged and sold as candy. Quite yummy, really. Go ahead, try one.

From: trackman Date: 23-Oct-10
I have seen them before they are porcupine eggs

From: Bigpizzaman Date: 23-Oct-10
Swear it wasn't me, haven't been to Montana in some time! :o)

From: gobbler Date: 23-Oct-10
They look like chocolate covered acorns.

From: Canuck Date: 23-Oct-10
Horse of Course

From: wallbldr Date: 23-Oct-10
They're "SMART PILLS", If you eat them, you've gotta be SMART!

Whats all this CRAP about anyway???

Canuck, Horses DO indeed leave ROAD APPLES!

From: DonVathome Date: 24-Oct-10
It is from a bighorn sheep, I watched him poop and wanted to learn. When I was on my one and only sheep hunt I tried to ID deer poop from sheep, I was always told sheep had an acorn look - and it is true in this case.

I watched the sheep poop and went over and took pics - so I can look at them before my next sheep hunt.

From: White Falcon Date: 24-Oct-10
I guess I'm the winner, So what is the Karma give away?? :) :) :) :)

From: scentman Date: 24-Oct-10
I thought is was deer poop after eating "Acorn Rage".

From: standswittaknife Date: 25-Oct-10

From: Norseman Date: 25-Oct-10
Bighorn sheep

From: herd bull Date: 25-Oct-10
standswittaknife & Norseman..... boy you guys are right on top of stuff - LOL.

From: Gundy Date: 25-Oct-10

From: Norseman Date: 26-Oct-10
Big horn sheep or charging moose

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