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Ok I purchased a Ozonics HR 200
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From: trencher2
As a scent control freak I thought I would give the hr 200 a shot. I have been hunting since Sept 20 every day I go though all the scent free prep you can do and I don't care what your thoughts are on scentlok I use two layers on each hunt and I have great luck with my current scent control system. Well I thought adding the ozonics should just make a good thing better..right. Well the first night out with ozonics I had a doe 20 yards down wind normally she would have passed right through, no she stopped and eye balled me for awhile than backed up and walked off in the direction she had came from. Test one not good. Enter next evening running the machine a small buck down wind 30 yards hangs up when he runs into my drift and backs up and walks back in the direction he came from. I then turned the machine off, one hour later, a doe and fawn come through on the same trail and they pass right through no problem. The next hunt I run the machine on low mode I have good luck with a couple of deer down wind. I guess my findings so far are that with the boost mode it seems to be too much ozone and the deer dont seem to like that extreme amount of scent in the air seems over powering. I run on low mode and seem to have better luck as the deer will maybe nose me a little then move on through. I think if you don't do any scent control the boost mode would be a must and you would have better luck running the machine than without, but for myself I like to hunt high up and stay clean and the machine seems to give me away more than anything else. Could any of you share your ozonics experience with me or let me know if you are using it differntly. Also I put it to the test using my turkey camo I washed everything in scent free deturgent and hung it on the line to dry than hung all close worn on the hunt in a small room 5x5x6 and ran the ozonics machine on boost mode with two battery's for about 7 hours total. Than recharged batts and showered as usual dressed and grabbed the ozonics and headded to the stand I put the machine to boost mode, well I got made by every deer that came to the water hole I was hunting that evening. The 4 deer total, did not snort or blow but really nosed me and all whipped around and headded back in the direction they came in from. So far I'm not really impressed..

From: Target-panic

As a Product Development Leader for Ozonics, I would like to know a little bit more about your set-up and the conditions you are hunting in.

What type of stand? What was the mounting location of the HR200 in relation to your person? What were the detailed weather conditions?

We are interested in understanding the limitations of our product. We have not and can not duplicate in advance every set-up and condition combination. Please let us know the details above, so that we may understand how to make your experiences more impressive.

Here are a couple of scientific facts about O3, it is a naturally occuring element that all animals have smelled before.

The O3 produced by our units has been measured and only remains active in strong olfactorily detectable quanities for a short distance (less than 10 yards) from the output.

Russell Davis TEAM OZONICS 979-285-2400

From: wrangler
I want submit my serial # for warranty on my hr 200

From: Bowfreak

Do you have any concerns with people running their Ozonics units in a ground blind? I am pretty sure I know the answer but I am not convinced it is 100% safe.

From: grizzlyadam
Naturally occurring element that all animals have smelled before?

First it's not an element, and second it only naturally occurs in high enough concentrations to smell when lightning strikes. That smell shouldn't be of any concern to deer right?

High enough quantity to smell at less than ten yards.

How far away is it from you when using it? If it is in a high enough concentration that you can smell it, you better hope you are not in the high risk group for prolonged exposure to it.

I've got something I'm going to bring out that everyone can afford and will make everything else obsolete, that's all I'm going to say about it right now.

From: LBshooter
Ozone does have a smell,and maybe they hear the fan.?

Target-Panic: PM sent!

From: LBshooter
Sounds like trencher2 might have a pro-staff opportunity?

From: txhunter58

I've got something I'm going to bring out that everyone can afford and will make everything else obsolete, that's all I'm going to say about it right now.

When can we expect this groundshattering product to be available?????

From: drycreek
I'm gonna cover my blind with shrink wrap............soon as I figure out how to breathe in there !

I just flushed $200 dollars down the toilet and joined the TEAM LATRINE SCENT staff. I hope you will support me in my new position.

From: mtnman
I became a believer on a four day hunt. Had several deer down wind, some at 10 yards that did not bust. I was amazed. Killed a small 6 point that was straight down wind at 15 yards. All this from a stand only about 12' up.

I had deer 360 degrees all around me I had deisel fuel, saw gas, saw oil, exawst fumes, general body odar and funk pretty much covering me and dud not get winded. This has happened on several occasions so I would conclude that is is very hard to conclude when something works but easier to tell when it does not work so data should only list when something does not work and discount when it does.

"a fool and his money are soon parted" ..... something I learned awhile back growing up.

Grab your blue jeans and old shirt and tennis shoes and a 'stick bow' and YOU can kill's NOT "rocket science"! (save your money)...JMHO

From: Bear Track
Like I have said before here...."The best sense to use, is the one between your ears"

From: cambow
I used one in a ground blind in Sept. over a water hole. I had 5 does and one small buck come in down wind when it was 90 degrees out and I was sweating. The deer had zero reaction. I do usually work the wind like any bow hunter but sometimes, like wind swirling around this water hole when it was hot, you simply can't. Scent lock has not worked for me when i sweat a lot. Ozonics worked for me.

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