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DIY Public Land DOUBLE



Messages posted to thread:
tracker 24-Oct-10
tracker 24-Oct-10
tracker 24-Oct-10
tracker 24-Oct-10
joehunter8301 24-Oct-10
tracker 24-Oct-10
midwest 24-Oct-10
Wages 24-Oct-10
Shaft2Long 24-Oct-10
Beendare 24-Oct-10
tracker 24-Oct-10
Airborne 24-Oct-10
jay.s 24-Oct-10
Straight —» Arrow 24-Oct-10
tracker 24-Oct-10
Kawabunga 24-Oct-10
Outdoordan 24-Oct-10
nijimasu 25-Oct-10
spectr17 27-Oct-10
snapcrackpop 27-Oct-10
tracker 27-Oct-10

South Dakota spot and stalk mule deer
by Dakota

South Dakota spot and stalk mule deer
by Dakota

Wild Skies/Muzzie Mule Deer Archery Hunt

Mule deer up close
by wTk

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From: tracker Date: 24-Oct-10

tracker's embedded Photo

Up until two weeks ago, it had been way to hot here in Southern California to have much deer success. As soon as a cold (actually "cool") front moved in I decided to head to one of my tree stands here in San Diego in the quest to put a little meat in the freezer. As late afternoon approached, I headed up and got settled in one of my stands. Before too long I heard a twig snap, and sure enough, my venison was approaching. An 18 yard shot and I had my doe tag filled.

From: tracker Date: 24-Oct-10
I thought I'd give the doe a little time before climbing down, but before I had much time to even think about it, I heard another, quite different noise behind me. At first I was very cautious, not wanting to make a move, but then I remembered that I just filled my tag, so it really didn't matter much. Just the same, I very carefully stood up and tried to rotate 180 degrees to my right - just to check it out. What I saw was the rear end of something very BIG and hairy - and it wasn't my hunting partner, "wild1". I'm thinking, holy shi*, that's a freakin' wild boar and it's about 30 yards from me. There's been rumors, and recently plenty of first hand accounts, of wild pigs in San Diego county, but I hadn't seen one until just then. It was at a hard quartering away angle, not the best shot available, but I've been shooting good for some time so I decided to take the shot. Thirty-one yards later, the arrow entered past the ham and behind the last rib, burying itself in the chest cavity. Did that just happen...? I sat there for a bit, and as the sun started to set, I decided to come back in the morning before I went looking for a large boar.

From: tracker Date: 24-Oct-10

tracker's embedded Photo

At first light, with some help, I was in the field tracking. The doe didn't make it far, and either did the boar. For those that might be wondering, although I'd never seen a wild hog in San Diego county, I did have a pig tag - just in case.

From: tracker Date: 24-Oct-10

tracker's embedded Photo

Gnarly beast!

From: joehunter8301 Date: 24-Oct-10
you must of had a special tag to shoot that doe???

From: tracker Date: 24-Oct-10
No special tag, either sex tag available to anyone - while supplies last.

From: midwest Date: 24-Oct-10
That is a cool hog! Congrats!

From: Wages Date: 24-Oct-10
>>"What I saw was the rear end of something very BIG and hairy - and it wasn't my hunting partner"

lol, congrats on both critters!

From: Shaft2Long Date: 24-Oct-10
That pig looks huge. You got to have a tag for feral pigs?

From: Beendare Date: 24-Oct-10
Nice hog.

Many may not appreciate what it takes to tag out on public land in Ca- well done!

From: tracker Date: 24-Oct-10
Thanks for the kind words fellas. Shaft, yes you must have a tag for wild pigs. Through the years the cost as slowly gone up, from something like $5.00 to about $19.00 per tag. No season, or limit, but like Beendare said, it's very difficult to whack on on public land in Southern California.

From: Airborne Date: 24-Oct-10
That is Awesome!

From: jay.s Date: 24-Oct-10
Great job tracker! success rate about 5% on deer and probably less on pig, that is Awesome!: ^ }

From: Straight —» Arrow Date: 24-Oct-10
"although I'd never seen a wild hog in San Diego county, I did have a pig tag - just in case"

Don't you love it when a plan comes together!

From: tracker Date: 24-Oct-10

tracker's embedded Photo

Thanks jay and airborne. He ended up tipping the scales at over 300lbs. Notice the 2x4's I used to reinforce the truss while I skinned him.

From: Kawabunga Date: 24-Oct-10
Wow, congrats, what was he eating? Here 300 is pretty uncommon even with all the food sources.

From: Outdoordan Date: 24-Oct-10
Great story, and two great animals! Congrats! I have spent a little time hunting around San Diego County in the past, good job!

From: nijimasu Date: 25-Oct-10
WooHoo!!! Bar-b-q at tracker's house!!!

From: spectr17 Date: 27-Oct-10
Awesome, a 2-fer

From: snapcrackpop Date: 27-Oct-10
Wow, the photo in the back of the truck dosen't look like the same pig. Huge in the shed. Good job!

From: tracker Date: 27-Oct-10
You should have seen him on the hauler. I didn't think he'd fit. It was a job gettin that beast out but he looks great in my freezer. And one day on my wall.

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