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what best way to lure in big buck
Whitetail Deer
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Seen a lot of big bucks this year but every time they seem to be just out of range...any secrets or tricks to bringing them in?

From: StrutNut
C'Mere Deer;)

Sorry but had to do it.

find a beech tree and pick 3 leaves, smear them with peanut butter and put that on your drag when you walk in to your stand. Mature bucks love it!

From: Bou'bound
extend your range........

i shoot with a bow up to 50 yards so don't want to extend past that and i hunt in Illinois baiting is illegal lol

From: JJJ
I second the peanut butter, although I spread mine on oaks!

From: Genesis
+1 Bou

Nobody has ever lost a deer here shooting beyond their range :)

From: Zbone
a hot doe.

From: bigrigNE
Aim higher

From: pappy
go west young man go west!!!

Try luring in a medium size buck first. Once you've mastered that it will come easier. Good luck! C

From: Kicker Point

Kicker Point's Link
If you haven't used a decoy, you're totally missing out. I have had too many great experiences with a decoy bringing deer in to range to even count. Sure, every once in a while it backfires, but not too often. Check the link out, my buddy and I filmed this.

From: elkmtngear

elkmtngear's Link
X2 on this video, the big buck gets pulled away by a hot doe in the beginning, but at the end we have him broadside at 35 yards.

Best of Luck, Jeff (Bowsite Sponsor)

From: tadpole
Best way to lure in big bucks...hmmm, think I would join that Acorn group...I hear they are getting a lot of big bucks.

From: Jack Harris
find a place to hunt where there nobody else does within a few square miles... Good luck with that...

From: Bake
I've had decent luck with a grunt call. Just be aware that some deer like it, and some don't. First week of November I grunted to a young 8 and he turned tail and ran.

Second week I grunted at a big 8, and he came in and I killed him


From: iowa elkbum
Get closer to the deer if you can. Put up a a second stand. The deer probably know you are in that tree. I use multiple stands in the same area. Good luck

From: Iowa bound
See the snort wheeze thread.

From: trethke

trethke  's embedded Photo
trethke  's embedded Photo
decoy definitely worked for me this year. bought it in January on clearance from Cabelas, and it brought this guy in like a rope! I'm hooked!

"The Can"

From: bowhunter55
Take a deer skin,drape it over your shoulders,sprinkle yourself liberally with doe pee(estrous probably works better)bleat like a doe and wait for the big boys to come to you!!:)

Private land with a sanctuary in the middle. Never go there! Do not kill the does! Always play the wind. Hunt the does, BUT do not shoot them. Scout in January, hang stands then as well. Done deal!

Anybody have any private land I can hunt?

From: DaleM
Hunt squirrels with a .22. Seems like the big boys always know when you're not dangerous to them. Seriously though, move the stand closer, hunt higher.

From: J-ROD
Grunt-Fart-Sneeze will bring them in every time!

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