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Lifesize Elk Target
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From: cwhiting

cwhiting's embedded Photo
cwhiting's embedded Photo
I wanted to share a good find that I made last year. Since I wasn't willing to shell out hundreds of bucks for a lifesize elk target I found a guy in Montana, company name is Royal elk sewing but he makes lifesize targets out of burlap and all you have to do is stuff it. This target was only $35 and I stuffed mine with 2 rolls of shrink wrap. I was definitely impressed with the durability and its ability to stop the arrow. For anyone looking for a lifesize traget on the cheap, this is the one. I made a frame to hang it by , that wasnt included :)

From: Waterfowler
Whatever you do dont miss you might hit a deer by accident.

From: fawn
I've been using a burlap bag stuffed with scrap plastic for years. If you don't have a feed store nearby, then go to the fabric section and buy some burlap that is 60 inches wide. An elk will take about 2 yards. All you need to do is fold it in half so it is 30 X 72 and mark an outline of an elk. Sew around your outline, leaving a hole on one end to push the plastic in and fill away. Really stuff it tight then hand sew the open end shut. Grocery bags work well for the stuffing as we have a ton of them! If you know a painter, have him save his dropclothes when he is through with them. Do you know anyone in receiving a department? They get lots of stuff wrapped in plastic. You can take a can of spray paint for the rest of the outline of the elk. One word of warning.....this target will only stop field points. Broadheads go through it like a hot knife through butter.

From: brunse

brunse's embedded Photo
brunse's embedded Photo
Four layers of two inch blue foam. It took two sheets that where cut and staggered together leaving the head and neck two layers thick. Glued together with two tubes of liquid nail. Wrapped in 2 rolls white duct tape. Painted at will with spray paint. Easiest to remove broadheads. When it wore out I cut the center out, replaced, retaped, repainted it. Field points are tough to pull out!

From: NP1870
Brunse, very nice! I like the stick for the antler!

From: Rut Nut

I am VERY interested in how you made that target! What type of foam is that? What are the demensions and about how much did you spend in supplies/materials? Thanks for any help you can give me!

Pretty cool, just need the space...

From: BowNFly
you guys did great! I tried to work with some printers last year and they both said it would be extremely expensive to make a lifesize photo or even a lifsize brown blob.

Great ideas

From: Bowhunner
You guys are the reason that the economy is tanking and unemployment is thru the roof. Anything to make Obama look bad. I'm calling the ACLU. You guys are making these targets due to racism.:)

From: Ole Coyote
Hey Bowhunner, please purchase a tape measure and go buy yourself some new undies yours are too tight and you have gone into a totally disillusioned state, LMAO.

Stay well !!!

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