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two headed deer killed
Whitetail Deer
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From: HerdManager
Not buying it. You can see the head on the left is just stuck between the legs of the other deer. The hide is even a different color.

From: Reaper
Not buying it. To many holes in that story.

Some people will believe anything. Others will believe only what they read. lol

It is absolutely a fake; there have been posts on a number of other web sites regarding this hoax. Actually, that Seabrook/San Leon paper has run hoax stories in the past, reminiscent of the Onion.

From: Bou'bound
it is possible though with all the inbreeding behind the fences in TX and close contact of diseased animals congregated around the bait piles.

I would imagine there are a great number of deformed deer out there somewhere, as with almost any species. But a head at each end ... and it survived more than a few days past birth?!!

Tell me you're not serious ...

The Old Sarge

From: Gundy

Gundy's embedded Photo
Gundy's embedded Photo
Not uncommon. I caught this one on a trailcam not long ago.

From: Reaper
it is possible though with all the inbreeding behind the fences in TX and close contact of diseased animals congregated around the bait piles.

Does everyone believe that every ranch in texas is high fenced. LOL And of those places that are high fenced few are under thousands of acres. Nobody high fences 30 acres and stocks it with deer. It's not a stock pond for crying out loud.

From: neverdull
wow, a push me pull you deer! bet dr. doolittle would like to see that. that is if anyone remembers dr. doolittle.

From: Wood
Don't know about deer but I saw a 2 headed calf in the musium in Boise when I was a kid. (long time ago)


It's still there. It didn't survive but a few hours or a day or so at most. I remember seeing it for the first time when I was in Cub Scouts in '56.

And both heads come out the same end. :0)

From: oldgoat
I believe it, why just last night I saw a "man eating chicken" too. We were at KFC's and there it was

From: JamesV

How would you ever get a shot at a buck with 4 eyes and 2 noses. The regular ones are too smart for me.


From: bigbucklb
If it had antlers on one head and none on the other did I use my doe permit?

From: tobywon
At least I wouldn't have to use my butt out for field dressing

From: elkhunter5x5
wow i would hate to run into that deer in the woods ,that would be the meanest deer in the woods not being able to take a dump

From: J-ROD
That is probably the most fake looking picture I have ever seen LOL!!

From: bobbin hood
Poor deer. Doesn't know if he's coming or going!

From: big ter
is that real?

Absolutely false/photoshopped/etc. End of subject.

Occasionally animals are born premature or born dead at term with two heads but this is rare. For an animal to have two heads and survive would be astonishing but not only does that deer have to heads, it has two front halves. Where does this deer defecate/urinate? It has twice the ability to intake calories so where would the waste go? On top of that this is not a young animal so for a deer to somehow get past all of the last comments i made, how did it survive this long? Science is factual, this picture is not.

From: Scoot
Wow! What's amazing here is that anyone is even discussing this in a way that suggests they actually considered it as possible. No way, no chance, no point in discussing further.

From: tobywon
Never crossed my mind that anyone would actually consider that photo real or think that the comments were serious.....LOL

From: ruletherut90
bumpinblaze4x4, although i agree that it is fake there many animal that are born and live for a while although usually short ever year,its actually more common than you would think one you look at the numbers

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