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Famous Hunters?



Messages posted to thread:
Cookson@home 26-Jan-11
bullnbow 26-Jan-11
Cookson@home 26-Jan-11
Heloman 27-Jan-11
Big D 27-Jan-11
Diamond Hunter 27-Jan-11
twojump 27-Jan-11
>>>---WW----> 27-Jan-11
bowriter 28-Jan-11
Gray Ghost 28-Jan-11
Genesis 28-Jan-11
bigswivle 28-Jan-11
Clutch 28-Jan-11
Jbirdhunter 28-Jan-11
Eric Barnett 28-Jan-11
Charlie Rehor 28-Jan-11
300 Win Mag 28-Jan-11
LONEBULL 28-Jan-11
Big D 28-Jan-11
Eric Barnett 29-Jan-11
INbowdude 29-Jan-11
kellyharris 29-Jan-11
INbowdude 29-Jan-11
ridgefire 29-Jan-11
sisabdulax 30-Jan-11
Leadspreader 30-Jan-11
Elkida 27-Feb-11
Leadspreader 28-Feb-11
Steve H. 28-Feb-11
HeadHunter® 28-Feb-11
arctichill 28-Feb-11
Scoot 28-Feb-11
Tom inPA 28-Feb-11
Genesis 28-Feb-11
Cookson@work 28-Feb-11
NUMB 28-Feb-11
whitetailer 28-Feb-11
'Ike' 28-Feb-11
atpextreme 28-Feb-11
Chip T. 28-Feb-11
'Ike' - Phone 28-Feb-11
TD 28-Feb-11

3d range with my daughter.
by Michigan Hunter

Time at the wallow
by Lone Bugle

Four Young Bulls at Treestand Wallow
by CO_Bowhunter

Destroying the Myth
by shb

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From: Cookson@home Date: 26-Jan-11
Have you ever been on a hunting trip with a person who later became famous in the hunting world? If so lets hear about it.

For me it was the first season I switched from the gun to archery gear. I got a few tips from a young guy about an area near Pikes Peak that held elk. My buddy and I went in spent a few days hunting it. Later the tipster showed in camp so we shared camp and a few days in the field. We got into a few elk. We shot a few 3d's together but later went our own way.

I do remember seeing quite a commitment to hunting in this person, but I don't think I expected to see him being such a well known figure.

So Who is it? Our very own "The Elk Reaper"

Aron congrat's. It always nice to see someone having success in an area they have so much passion for.


From: bullnbow Date: 26-Jan-11
could he tackle a silver back gorilla back then as he most likely could now??

From: Cookson@home Date: 26-Jan-11
I don't believe he could have.

From: Heloman Date: 27-Jan-11
I'll second the nod for Aron. On your way, keep up the great work. Great to see a fellow Soldier making good in the hunting industry!


From: Big D Date: 27-Jan-11
I use to run into a fellow; always some big ideas,.. wanted me to put in with him on one deal,.. I just thought he's way to much of a flunky, lacked common sence and in many cases ability. He had no shortage of big ideas, and pie-in-the-sky dreams and seemed more talk (definately more talk) than walk. A big self promoter at the time. He just never gave up. A number of years back my brother called while on a business trip, "Hey you will never guess who I just saw on TV?"

Has his own show, you see him in adds for a number of products Ive seen his name brought up a number of times on different forums. He's done well, and good for him

From: Diamond Hunter (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 27-Jan-11
I shared camp with Fred Eichler once before he got popular.

From: twojump Date: 27-Jan-11
Who was it Big D?

From: >>>---WW----> Date: 27-Jan-11
I spent a month in Alaska with Bigdan. Great guy. Also on the same trip, we ran into Larry D. Jones and his son. There was a rumor that Ted Nugent was just a few miles down the road from our camp. No one even cared to go see him! LOL!

Saw Jim Zumbo last year filming some background shots for a TV show. Right off the road no less! I just waved and kept on driving.

There was a camera man from North American Hunter that was taking still shots up by the National forest campground I take care of. Over by my horse corrals there is this large boulder. He had some dude poseing on top of the boulder kinda like a minute man statue. The camera guy was lieing down on the ground trying to get a good upward angle shot. I bout laughed my tail off.

From: bowriter Date: 28-Jan-11
I spent 20 years in hunting camp with famous hunters and a couple governors and one, I'm pretty sure, hooker.

From: Gray Ghost Date: 28-Jan-11
When did Elk Reaper become famous? I must have missed that part. He'll always be just a big kid who hunts and shoots better than most, to me. ;-)

BTW, he's only half the size he used to be, and probably a lot healthier, too.


From: Genesis Date: 28-Jan-11
I hope the governor and hooker are two different people.....

From: bigswivle Date: 28-Jan-11
I have been in camp with some guys who thought they were famous.

From: Clutch (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 28-Jan-11
Blk bear hunted with Myles Keller-- great guy--- also whitetail hunted with (HTC) Charlie Rehor--and text a guy named Genesis a few times--also ate at the same table as BPM-- last but not least medicineman, actually talked to this guy for several seconds by phone---:^) :^)

From: Jbirdhunter Date: 28-Jan-11
Aron, can I have your autograph? ;)

From: Eric Barnett Date: 28-Jan-11
Back in the mid 80's Big Dan used to come to our annual archery shoot in Thompson Falls,Mt. Back then he was just some guy from the other side of Kalispell that liked to hunt elk..... Oh wait he still does... somethings never change!

From: Charlie Rehor Date: 28-Jan-11
Clutch: U bout dun it all!! LOL! HTC

From: 300 Win Mag Date: 28-Jan-11
Was the Hooker the girlfriend of the Governor? Seemed to be a lot of that going on in new york a while back...

From: LONEBULL Date: 28-Jan-11
Saw Jim Zumbo bounce an arrow off a wall, then stick it in the back wall of an archery shop one time. He was so embarrassed that he put his bow away and left as fast as he could. Maybe that's why I only see him rifle hunting on T.V.

From: Big D Date: 28-Jan-11
twojump .... "Who was it Big D?" I was worried about being called on it,.. and maybe shouldnt have posted. From what I can see he has worked hard and done well, and I wont take that away from anyone. I still wont post his name,.If you and I ever met I would share ,.. More intresting to me that he did as well as he did.

From: Eric Barnett Date: 29-Jan-11
Back in the mid 80's Big Dan used to come to our annual archery shoot in Thompson Falls,Mt. Back then he was just some guy from the other side of Kalispell that liked to hunt elk..... Oh wait he still does... somethings never change!

From: INbowdude Date: 29-Jan-11
Had a drink this month with Kelly Harris, his hot wife and the kids, Medicineman, Redman and Greendeem. Great guys and would share a camp with them anyday. Oh yeah hunted antelope with M.R. James and spent some time in Africa with E. Donnall Thomas, Jr. Insulted Tom Nelson in Yellowknife, NTW, shared a flight with Bob Foulkrod, peed in the same trough with Ted Nugent, and hunted hogs with Ahunter55 (needs to update his handle to Ahunter68).

From: kellyharris Date: 29-Jan-11
The most famous people I have gotten to hunt with was the kids from youth season by far!!!

This is the list of famous bowsiters;

my daughter Morgan aka noodle2000 Autumn aka bowsite GEOFF RYAN - aka bowsite Nontypical

I have also hunted with Medicinemann, tradtech, jayg, Ohiodeerslayer, buci313, serbiabshark. got5alive, some more just dont know there handles.

Inbowdude- My hot wife luckily gets that front tooth put in in 3 weeks and hopefully she will work on that diet and lose that extra 80lbs and gets rid of that adult acne?????

From: INbowdude Date: 29-Jan-11
ROFLMAO, Kelly, I'm so glad to hear she's getting that tooth back! LOL, way too funny!! See you down the road sometime.

From: ridgefire Date: 29-Jan-11
what the heck does ROFLMAO mean anyways

From: sisabdulax Date: 30-Jan-11
Rolling on the floor laughing my A** off

From: Leadspreader Date: 30-Jan-11
well i dont like to brag but.................. i consider myself quite an accomplished hunter hahahaha just kidding, i guess im famous for some things haha, but my hunters safety teacher was Bruce Cull and ive seen him hunt with none other then Ted Nugent himself, and im proud to say it too!

From: Elkida Date: 27-Feb-11
I met Ted Nugent in an archery shop once and listened to him speak to a pretty good size crowd. Sometimes I think he's a little over zealous, but for the most part I think he is a well spoken proponent for our sport and it would be hard for most anti-hunters to argue his points.

From: Leadspreader Date: 28-Feb-11
I agree with Elkida 100%, Ted Nugent has done a lot for hunters, even if you dont like him, hes done more then a lot of us can dream of.

From: Steve H. Date: 28-Feb-11
"Insulted Tom Nelson in Yellowknife, NTW, shared a fight with Bob Foulkrod"

Do tell more!

From: HeadHunter® Date: 28-Feb-11
I know most...and some I like! "The Big Head Syndrome" of a few don't impress me and some of the 'celebs' I'd never hunt with!..."You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all the people all the time!"........

I would share a camp with Mitch Rompolla and Noel Feather though........


From: arctichill Date: 28-Feb-11
The five "celebrities" I would like most to share a camp with are as this order:

1) Mike Mitten 2) Aron Snyder 3) Dwight Schuh 4) Larry D. Jones 5) Cameron Haines

From: Scoot Date: 28-Feb-11
arctichill, I like your list. It'd be fun as heck to spend a week on a mountain hunting with any of that crew. I'd love to bend Mike M's ear... Mike Eastman would also be fun to share a campfire with.

From: Tom inPA Date: 28-Feb-11
Jake Ensign. He let me carry his bow once. :-)

From: Genesis Date: 28-Feb-11
I slept in Cam Foss (aka BowhunterCam....aka Cam 1/2)bed before he completed his RASS...Rangerfinder Archery Sleep Slam.

Haven't gotten an invite to his new place yet....hhhmm?

From: Cookson@work Date: 28-Feb-11
Either way! its just for fun

From: NUMB Date: 28-Feb-11
This is my first time posting on this site but I have read alot and learned alot from you guys but I got the privalege to hunt with a wounded warriar a couple of times this year and plan on doing it more. My hats off to all the Men and Women that do what they do so we can

From: whitetailer Date: 28-Feb-11
I would like to share a camp with Mike Mitten......

From: 'Ike' Date: 28-Feb-11

'Ike''s embedded Photo

I have...Nobody knew!

From: atpextreme Date: 28-Feb-11
I have hunted with a few, none of which i could call hunters but a few i would recommend for the adult film industry amateur of course. lol

From: Chip T. Date: 28-Feb-11
When will the Mash reruns end? Please!!!

From: 'Ike' - Phone Date: 28-Feb-11
Chip you can always change the channel...On a side not, One got to meet Jake, Matt, Bill (BB) Nva, Hollywood and several others including Dwight and Cameron.

From: TD Date: 28-Feb-11
In my mind there are "famous" and "celebrity" and there is a difference, usually having to do with their agent or publicist. Or just simple self-promotion.

Met and hunted with a several "celebrity" bowhunters. Some not as famous much less as good as their egos would have you believe. Several were real nice folks. You could see how they were popular. At the top of my list of celebrity bowhunters I think I would like in camp but never met would be Fred Eichler.

Have met, hunted and talked on the phone with several "famous" bowsiters, Bigdan and Jake probably more along the lines of famous outside our little group.

But none that I can recall that weren't famous already before I met em. But I still have few years left in me I hope.

That means one thing. Some of you guys better get off your butts and get busy! Despite the rumors, I ain't gonna live forever. You got some road to start makin' up.....

From: DENNISOMFS Date: 28-Feb-11
....hunted with a number of notables, but the one I remember the most was just meeting Fred Bear at the airport in King Salmon back in the early 80's...we talked about our hunts (he and his group had a pile of caribou and moose antlers!)...true gentleman of the sport! ...but I can say one thing for sure..all the others I've hunted with including govenors, rock stars, writers (you too, Charlie R.), and TV personalities, all put their pants on the same way the rest of us do and for the most part, love the hunt the way we do!!

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