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mathews ez7



Messages posted to thread:
buffsnuffer 03-Feb-11
Buffalo1 03-Feb-11
knifer 03-Feb-11
Buffalo1 28-Feb-11
NovemberMadman 01-Mar-11
predator 01-Mar-11
Stik'n String 02-Mar-11
Pig Doc 18-Mar-11
triggerman 19-Mar-11
Pig Doc 17-Apr-11
butcherboy 18-Apr-11
Windwalker 19-Apr-11
hunter 28-Apr-11
Pig Doc 28-Apr-11
Windwalker 28-Apr-11
Blueridge 11-May-11
Gobblestopper 12-May-11
petedrummond 12-May-11
Charlie Rehor 16-May-11
Charlie Rehor 16-May-11
Blueridge 16-May-11
Panhandle Bob 16-May-11
Pig Doc 16-May-11
Crazy Horse 16-May-11
Charlie Rehor 16-May-11
Panhandle Bob 16-May-11
Crazy Horse 16-May-11
Charlie Rehor 16-May-11
Deacon Dave 16-May-11
Panhandle Bob 16-May-11
rooster 17-May-11
Panhandle Bob 17-May-11
rooster 17-May-11
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From: buffsnuffer Date: 03-Feb-11
Has anyone shot this bow yet? I shot the Elite hunter and thought it was VERY smooth. Would love to shoot them side by side.

From: Buffalo1 Date: 03-Feb-11
I have shot every new Mathews, except the EZ7. I will reserve my comments till after I have shot it.

I have,however, pulled an EZ7 that had a 29" draw (I have a 27 1/2" draw) and have stood beside it while it was being shot. No further comments at this time.

From: knifer Date: 03-Feb-11
-i shot an ez7 and an elite pure in one day.-now these are just my thoughts,but i thought the ez7 was just a HAIR noiseier than the pure,-which had just the tiniest bit more vibe than the ez7-definitely not worth worrying about,barely worth mentioning.the pure was clearly faster and to me the valley was a tad nicer on the let-down.both bows were absolutely awesome and it was a VERY tough choice.-i went with the longer ata pure with a little more speed.-my taxes ever come back,im gettin an ez7 too.back-up,treestand,-and jus cuz i want one !!

From: Buffalo1 Date: 28-Feb-11
Shot an eZ7 this past Saturday. It was a 60# @ 28". Smooth, quiet and completely free of vibration. SCARY AWESOME !!

From: NovemberMadman Date: 01-Mar-11
Just bought one last week. I had the Z7, Z7 Extreme and the EZ7 side by side. I walked away with the EZ7. I know this will ruffle some feathers on here but the Extreme was my last choice. The EZ7 was the slowest (321 FPS vs 333 FPS for the Z7) of the three but for me other factors sold me besides the speed. This bow is unreal smooth!!

From: predator Date: 01-Mar-11
I waaaaant one!

From: Stik'n String Date: 02-Mar-11
I just received mine this week. My God, but it is smooth and dead in the hand. It literally puts my Drenalin to shame.

From: Pig Doc Date: 18-Mar-11
Picked mine up today, 30" draw 65# limbs. The draw cycle is extremely smooth and like S'n S said it is dead in the hand. The 32" ATA fits me better than the 30" on the Z7. I really liked the Z7, but i love the eZ7!

From: triggerman Date: 19-Mar-11
i have to agree , i have shot all the z series bows, barring the z9. this is the one that made me retire the drenlin after 4 years. the z9 is crazy smooth with the brace height being 8 3/4, the draw cycle is shorter.only draw back is the loss of a little speed at 312. i was torn between the two, but you really cant lose with either so i choose the EZ7. anyone who likes smooth will love this bow.

From: Pig Doc Date: 17-Apr-11
I've had mine for about a month now. I have shot 30" draw length bows for the last 30 years. The eZ7 at 30" felt too long so I put a 29.5" cam on it. It is a smooth, quiet tack driver and by far the nicest bow I have ever owned. Can't wait to take it turkey hunting!

From: butcherboy Date: 18-Apr-11
I shot the Z7. Z7 Extreme, and EZ7 side by side as well and chose the Extreme. The EZ7 was very smooth and nice but I like a shorter bow. It would be my pick if it was shorter. Wonder if I could switch out the cams? Might just have to look into that.

From: Windwalker Date: 19-Apr-11
I've had mine for a month and it is the best bow Matthews has produced in my opinion and I have owned nearly all of them at one time or the other.

From: hunter Date: 28-Apr-11
I gave up on mathews got an elite hunter and elite pulse better than any mathews i ever had and i had just about all of them i am know a Elite die hard shoot one feel and hear the differance elit will win.

From: Pig Doc Date: 28-Apr-11
Good for you. Nothing bugs me more on Bowsite than guys coming on a thread about Brand X saying "mine's better". There are a lot of good bows out there and I'm sure Elite is a good one but why don't you start an Elite thread if you want to talk about your bow.

From: Windwalker Date: 28-Apr-11
I agree with Pig Doc; also Hunter needs to mature.

From: Blueridge Date: 11-May-11
Looks like a great bow. Seriously thinking about ordering one. I'm not a speed freak, other aspects of this bow really interest me. Owned alot of diff bows, still love the Mathews tho.

From: Gobblestopper Date: 12-May-11
A buddy of mine is about as cheap as they come and has always down-talked mathews because of the price. His PSE Axe 6 was starting to bug his shoulder so he went in and shot about everything in the shop. My jaw about hit the floor when he laid down almost a grand and walked out with a new EZ7. He gets a different bow about every 6 months (always buys leftovers), but said he was going to shoot this one for a few years. I've shot pretty much all the new flagship bows this year and the Ez7 is the smoothest all around that I've shot.

From: petedrummond Date: 12-May-11
My groups are much tighter at 40 yds with the ez7 than the z7, I own both. Ez7 is longer and a bit heavier. Not too hard to get a three inch group at 40.

From: Charlie Rehor Date: 16-May-11

Charlie Rehor's embedded Photo

I just got my EZ 7 set up for my bear hunt in two weeks. Man it is a really smooth drawing bow. Can't wait to get her in the field! C

From: Charlie Rehor Date: 16-May-11

Charlie Rehor's embedded Photo

Other side!

From: Blueridge Date: 16-May-11
I just read a complaint that it was very top heavy? I thought the Magnum was, but haven't found an eZ to shoot/handle yet.

From: Panhandle Bob Date: 16-May-11
Sweet Rig Charlie! Good luck on your bear hunt.

From: Pig Doc Date: 16-May-11
They are not top heavy IMO.

From: Crazy Horse (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 16-May-11
Charlie what quiver is that?

From: Charlie Rehor Date: 16-May-11
Switch: I do not use red pins on my sight any more because they are the first to blur as we get older. I now alternate green and yellow pins which don't blur as much as red (thanks to my Bowsite Eye Doc Genesis for that advice). The red outside ring is one of three colors you can get with the Black Gold Ascent (Green, Yellow and Red)and I got the red to match the bow.

Crazy: TightSpot, really like everything about it. I almost always shoot with my quiver on the bow.

From: Panhandle Bob Date: 16-May-11
4 colors Charlie :) White also...

From: Crazy Horse (mobile)Sent from Mobile Phone Date: 16-May-11
Great looking rig! Thanks guys.

From: Charlie Rehor Date: 16-May-11
Panhandle Bob: Please post another picture of your Tactical!! Way cool! C

From: Deacon Dave Date: 16-May-11

Man that's a pretty bow. I hope you arrow a beast with it. We'll be waiting for pictures. DD

From: Panhandle Bob Date: 16-May-11

Panhandle Bob's embedded Photo

Just for you Charlie...

From: rooster Date: 17-May-11
Awesome bow Bob and Charlie. Now, do you guys have shoes and purses to match them as well? Accessorise, accessorise!!! LOL MO

From: Panhandle Bob Date: 17-May-11
Awe come on Mace, it's a murse and flip flops :)

From: rooster Date: 17-May-11
Nice!!! pictures please!

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