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Colorado Unit 67 Bow hunt



Messages posted to thread:
adamwipp 03-Feb-11
gotllamas 04-Feb-11
adamwipp 04-Feb-11
kadbow 04-Feb-11
cnelk 04-Feb-11
adbowhunter 04-Feb-11
adamwipp 05-Feb-11
pav 05-Feb-11
DonVathome 05-Feb-11
adamwipp 05-Feb-11
DonVathome 06-Feb-11
adamwipp 07-Feb-11
huntingbob 07-Feb-11
adamwipp 07-Feb-11
adamwipp 07-Feb-11
adamwipp 09-Feb-11

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From: adamwipp Date: 03-Feb-11
My dad, brother and I are going to be hunting unit 67 in the 2011 archery,elk season. We are going to be doing a do it your self hunt and plan on camping some where. I’m looking for any info from any who has hunted this unit! Looking for some public areas to start hunting in? Also looking for places that we can camp? For my brother and me, this will be are first archery elk hunt, so we are not looking for a monster elk, but more for areas where we might see some descent numbers of elk.My dad has been bow hunting over the counter units in Colorado for the last 20 years, and he has been saving points for us for while now. I've been looking at maps of the unit and the southern border looks like it is very high altitude, do we have to hunt in this area or are there elk in some of the lower altitude areas? I am also wondering if any one knows if there are any elk this time of year near saw-tooth mountain or south of there? Thanks for any info. Adam Wipperfurth

From: gotllamas Date: 04-Feb-11
Unit 67 is a draw unit. It sounds like you are going to put in as a group so you all have tags. The only problem I see is your dad has points but you may not. Colorado using the points of the person who has the fewest in group appications. Your dad could have 20 points but if you have 0 so everyone on that application has 0 not 20. If you dad has a pile of point I would recomend putting your dad in for a high point unit and work on getting him a big bull. My two cents.

From: adamwipp Date: 04-Feb-11
My brother and I both have 10 elk points and my dad is planing on putting in for a mule deer tage with his points. Hes hopeing to draw unit 2 rifle elk tag this year. He has 20 elk points. Thanks for advise any way. ADAM WIPP

From: kadbow Date: 04-Feb-11
Why are you going to 67 with ten points? Did you mean 76?

From: cnelk Date: 04-Feb-11
They may be hunting 67 with a ML [during archery] as a NR takes about 9 PPs to draw.

Good idea asking archers that only take about 3 NR PPs!

Can anyone help them out with some info? I never hunted there.

From: adbowhunter Date: 04-Feb-11

Hey man, I have hunted 67 for 15 years now. Be happy to help out, but I am asking the same question as everyone help, why do you want to waste those point on this unit. Last year was honestly the worst year I have had in many. Just seems like this unit is declining in elk numbers. Don't know if the winter a few years ago had something to do with it, but its definitely not on the upswing. Feel free to email me and I would be happy to share more information.

Good Luck!

From: adamwipp Date: 05-Feb-11
Thanks adbowhunter youve giving me some thing to think about. I send you Private Reply about some 67 info

From: pav Date: 05-Feb-11
On, you have an active thread asking for information on a Muzzleloader elk hunt in Unit 67.

Don't know you, but I sent a couple PM's on that thread, trying to help you out.

If you want honest feedback from people, you should learn to ask honest questions.

From: DonVathome Date: 05-Feb-11
Are you muzzy hunting?

From: adamwipp Date: 05-Feb-11
Yes, Sorry I lied about bow hunting this unit. Although if i dont draw i will be trying to get a land owner bow tag. I could not find any info on other hunting forums, and some one posted that i should try this site and re-word my question so that is would say bow hunting, because they give out more bow tags and might have better luck finding some one who has hunted 67 this way and they would have hunted at the same time i am looking to hunt. The reason we want to use are points is because 67 muzzy took min of 8 points last year and we have 10 and cant find any better units that we can all draw. Sorry if I pissed any one off! Didnt me to, just wanted to get some info on unit. Thanks for every who helped out, and if any one would still be willing to give me some info it would appreciated. Thanks Adam Wipperfurth

From: DonVathome Date: 06-Feb-11
I likely would have helped a little more if you had said it but I understand why, I am hesitant to ask about gun hunts here too.

You can draw 76 bow, 67 rifle hunts (3 of 4) can be drawn with 0 points (1 point for sure). This reason would make me very hesitant to burn 10 points to ML hunt. I would go to 76 bow instead. Deer got hammered in 2007 winter - far fewer good bucks there now fyi.

In 76 I saw very nice bucks while elk hunting.

From: adamwipp Date: 07-Feb-11
Thank for the info,ill look into 76, seems to get great reveiws. My problem is talking my brother in to useing his 10 points for a bow hunt. Getting an elk from 100 Yards to 50 yards for a shot with a bow can be a challange I am told. But if 76 is that good maybe i can talk him into it.

Thanks again, Adam Wipperfurth

From: huntingbob Date: 07-Feb-11
Remember scopes are not allowed on muzzies in Co. My self am more accurate with my bow out to 60yrds and cant hit the broadside of a barn with my MZ much past that so I'll stick with the bow. more fun anyways.

From: adamwipp Date: 07-Feb-11
Im alittle off my topic but what do you think about me useing a 3 blade rage on an elk? What broad head do you use

From: adamwipp Date: 07-Feb-11
Huntinbob, Ill feel i can shoot just as good with my bow as my muzzle loader at 40 or 50 yards, but after that muzzle loader starts to have the upper hand. Also muzzle has a little better nock down power at that distance.

From: adamwipp Date: 09-Feb-11

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