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vanilla extract cover scent
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From: bowfisher
i just saw this on a different site and wanted to ask if anybody has used it before

From: Clutch
Used it Yrs ago--1/2 vanilla n 1/2 water-- wasn't any better then other cover scents at the time or even now--

From: Bill Obeid

You said a mouthful. And you are right ! Let's put this topic to rest forever. Boys.......get as scent free as possible , use the wind as best you can.......and for Gods sakes ..........spend your money on something besides cover scent. I'm going to by my wife some roses for Valentines day..........smells better than fox urine and buys me a few extra days in the woods when I should be at family birthday parties.

From: NYbob
I think it was that father and son team, the father wore glasses and they cooked on their show, they pushed that vanilla stuff. I just ca'nt remember their names!

From: southpaw
I think they were the team fitzgerald or somthing like that dan and guy, they were awesome! im sure alot of high fences but some good footage,I could be wrong!

From: Ty

From: bowriter
It is not a cover scent. It is an attracting scent...a very old one. Does it work? Probably about like anything else. It is also popular as a scent for soft plastic fishing lures, as is WD-40.

Russell Hull from Kansas I believe started the company. It is still made and I use it everytime I go to my treestand. Almost like using it as a drag rag. I spray it on the bottom of my boots and lower legs before walking into my stand. Have had deer follow the smell up to the bottom of my tree and sniff the ladder. So think what you want the stuff works but you don't need to take a bath in it either.

From: guidermd
its called COVER UP, and it is a cover scent, and was made by russell hull of kansas. the bottle i have here next to me is dated 1985, 4 oz and explains how to use it as a cover scent. still smells the same as it did then. it smells just like marshmallows, with a vanilla twist. i used it for decades, it wasn't magic but never gave a negative reaction. it always seemed to have a calming effect on deer after they walked right down my trail. back in the early 80s i wore leather work boots to hunt and they were saturated in cover up, never did a bit of damage and i piled them up horns and all. dan and guy fitzgerald marketed VANILLA KILLA which was nothing more than vanilla extract watered down for $5.95 a bottle at the harrisburg show, watched them sell these for many years across the aisle from my booth. that pair had to be the most annoying two guys in the archery industry, eventually i moved my booth to the main hall from the archery arena. i have used straight vanilla extract for decades as well, never did a bit or harm, but it wasn't magic either. i once took a dump 15 yards from the stand only to have my buddy kill a 128" less than an hour later checking it out........can't seem to find a way to bottle that though:)

From: Double Lung
Cover up? I know people that use it in MN to draw bear into there bait, I wouldnt put it on myself IMO.

From: Bullshooter
My grandfather used to use mint extract. We hunted around mint feilds and I witnessed some pretty unusual mulie behavior

From: Canuck
it is a great bear attractive. I put it in a super soaker high pressure squirt gun and shoot it high in the air around my bear bait (from my tree stand). best regards from Canada!

From: bowfisher
im talkin bout gettin a bottle of cheap vanilla maybe dabbin on boots or pants maybe need to know if it would do anything at all

From: lewis
Hey if it does't work you can always drink it

Used it for bear.Add anise to it and spray all over.You could smell it 50 yards away. Not sure about deer.

From: scentman
Nothin better than Isbells "essence of skunk" cover scent... jusy a dab behind each ear and your good to go.

From: BO-N-ARO
Try vanilla 25 years ago and has honey bees swarming me all afternoon. Last time I tried that.

From: sir misalots
Vanilla works for attracting deer , bears, hogs and bee's. Like everything else, it all depends on the animal, other scents,conditions etc. Ive had deer follow a trail I made with a drag rag and vanilla. But in other situations it can work as a game replellant!

From: 300 Win Mag
Just try it and you might be suprised.

From: whitetailer
I use peanut butter for my cover scent. Cheap, effective and I smear it on the trees, you can laugh, but I have some nice bucks on the wall

From: Jack Harris
I don't know, but I seem to recall Hillary Clinton was able to cover up the death of Vince Foster and the mysterous loss of all her rose firm billing records.... Seems like we should try to find out what she uses. Whatever it was, deer wouldn't have a chance....

From: W
Cut it with water..great curiosity scent.

From: LH
I used it when I put out corn, everytime I put out fresh corn I poured some on a stump or log. Then when I would go hunt it I would put some out in the same place. Deer would usually show up in 15 min to 1/2 hour.LH

From: bowriter
I didn't know you were talking abut Russ' product. I thought you meant plain vanilla extract from the bottle. Cover Up is a cover scent. I doub't Russ still makes it.

he is one sharp guy. He tells everyone he allergic to deer and can't touch them. That way he doesn't have to drag them out or field dress them. :)

After using cover up years ago my dad came up with the idea to use vanilla extract. I once observed two mule deer bucks come from downwind of him, put their noses in the air, and walk right up to him. He proceeded to miss the shot unfortunately. I always figured it was a fluke and have never used it myslef but.....there may be something there.

From: DNG
The fitzgerld attractant was call'd VK, vanilla killa. I used regular vanilla succesfully bringing in deer ,does and fawns mostly. I have never used it as cover sent tho. I agree with Bill o, good call on those well spent on my end as well. Keep your gear,clothes, body as clean and scent free as posible and hunt the wind, havn'used cover scent in years.

From: MadDog
Fitz only went to H Burg two years and he was in the archery builing next to Muzzy and Wasp. That said VK's a good attactent. Check out your local grocery store next to the Choc syrup and Strawberry stuff. I've bought big bottles of vanilla syrup for a few bucks.

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